Tom and Jerry

Season 1 Episode 57

Jerry's Cousin

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 1951 on CBS

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  • Hilarious episode

    I seriously love this episode! It's so funny and so exciting. I really wish I can see more of Muscles, he's really awesome.
  • With Jerry's Cousin Muscles on his way, Tom better watch out!

    A slew of alley cats are getting beaten to a pulp, and it's all in the hands of Jerry's super-strong cousin: Muscles Mouse. Muscles gets a telegram from Jerry asking for help dealing with Tom. After giving the alley cats another scare, Muscles packs his bag and is on his way. Meanwhile, Tom keeps throwing dynamite into Jerry's hole, and the clever mouse has to keep taking cover behind a chair. But Muscles finally arrives, and picks up the last piece of dynamite that was thrown, walks outside, and shoves it into Tom's mouth. He then warns the cat that if he ever sees him picking on his little cousin again while he's around, he'll show him no mercy. After Muscles tosses Tom into a cuckoo clock, the cat does his best to train and punp himself up. After he's confident he's strong enough, Tom confronts Muscles, and bashes him on the head. But Jerry's cousin counter-attacks with a super-sized fist, sending Tom flying once more. The cat keeps trying to eliminate Muscles, with everything from bowling balls, to even professional cat thugs. When nothing else works, Tom bows down at Muscles' feet. Muscles then departs, leaving Jerry with an outfit matching his own, so Tom won't ever bother him again. (at least until the next episode)
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