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  • One of my all time favorites

    Back in the day when cartoons like this, along with looney tunes and very many other classics were good. Love the slap stick humor and all the creative ways that tom, jerry, spike, butch, nibbles, and other characters would tag team and outwit eachother. The funniest part that makes it the most entertaining is that tom often times gets himself in jams because he doesn't look before he leaps or because jerry sets him up sometimes too. Cartoons like this kinda remind me of the three stooges, but with their own characters and plots
  • The Original Violent Material

    We have two cartoon characters constantly beat the shit out of each other. How can you NOT love that?
  • Violent sometimes, but still good.

    Tom & Jerry is one of the best of the BEST!

    This show actually was part of my childhood, no doubt about it. Hanna-Barbera and Chuck Jones are the real legends behind the beloved series. The 80's Tom & Jerry one was awful, (saved for The Tom & Jerry Kids one), but I really liked that flying episode one and Gene Dietch? wrong guy for the job. I can't help, but feel really sorry for Tom in this one. Of course, we all can't forget former Tom & Jerry character Clint Cobbler who senselessly beat-up Tom, since Tom obviously hasn't done anything wrong to him. To add insult to injury, Gene even made a messed up episode called "Tom's Basement", which was banned, along with "Blue Cat Blues". The one episode I liked from him was "Sorry Safari". But all in all, Gene Dietch serves as an example of what NOT to do as an animator. Two new Tom & Jerry shows were a big disgrace to the original series, such as this one. Anyways, this show will always be part of my childhood.
  • Sad Ending

    This show was great, except for the last episode, "Blue Cat Blues" where Tom and Jerry kill themselves with a train running them over. I'm not writing down the plot, so you may as well Google it. I will say this:

    Tom falls in love with a female cat, but no matter how many gifts he gave her, a black cat gives her gems and better gifts. When he goes to the train, Jerry, weirdly, starts talking and trying to make him go, but to no avail. Eventually, Jerry joins him.

    All I'm saying, but except for the last episode, this show was an AMAZING classic.
  • Classic Concept

    Various ep (09-14)
  • old versus new

    yeah, I agree that the old episodes are much better and have much more heart put into them. Anyways, it all comes down to the cartoonists everything is mass production.

    Anyways, I still like this, and I always will even though I am over 30 now.
  • Funny show!

    I love this show! It is an old show that has gone on for a long time. The plots are when Tom ( a cat) chases Jerry ( a mouse). The plot isn't repetive and never gets old. This show has clever ideas for Jerry to beat up Tom and always win. I give it 1,000, out of 10!
  • great show

    tom and jerry its a classic and the most funniest show the new episodes are getting a bit shitty but the old ones just cant stoped being watched its so funny when the people get hit or jerry sneaks some plan
  • great show

    tom and jerry its a classic and the most funniest show the new episodes are getting a bit shitty but the old ones just cant stoped being watched its so funny when the people get hit or jerry sneaks some plan
  • Childhood memories can never die

    Ohhhhh I wish they never ended the shows. I have to admit I cried when it ended. I grew up with the show. Even my parents remember growing up with it. It was the rare type of funny violence that somehow kids knew not to do. Over or not, they will always have a place in my heart. In fact, I named my cat Tom.
  • Very funny

    Love this show so funny.
  • jerry is my favourite

    OMG, i love Tom & Jerry, GREAT cartoon out hehe :P
  • Along with Lonney Tunes, this classic show is well... Classic.

    The only issues I have to address is. They Don't talk! Why don't they talk?!? Also why are they in different houses and places with mothers that you can or can't see. It's a mess. Everything else is wonderful. 93/100 Awesome.
  • The best cartoon there is!

    My rating is for the Fred Quimby episodes. I'm not surprised Tom and Jerry has won so many awards, the show certainly deserves them. It has excellent quality, fun and hunour to it which is for people of all ages. I can remember from being a five year old and watching this continuously on weekends whilst my parents slept in. Tom and Jerry is easily the best cartoon by far. I can't quite remember what the name of my favourite episode is, but it's where Tom is playing the piano on stage and all Jerry wants is to cause trouble...
  • A clever title goes here!

    I don't relly like the new ones i think you should play the old ones there more funnier
  • Very clever and fun.

    I love it. Let me tell you the story about this show. Tom and Jerry is a series of theatrical animated cartoon films created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, centering on a never-ending rivalry between a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry) whose chases and battles often involved comic violence (despite this they sometimes become allies to defeat a 'greater enemy' such as Spike the dog). Hanna and Barbera ultimately wrote, produced and directed 114 Tom and Jerry shorts at the MGM cartoon studio in Hollywood between 1940 and 1957, when the animation unit was closed. The original series is notable for having won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film seven times, tying it with Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies as the theatrical animated series with the most Oscars. A longtime television staple, Tom and Jerry has a worldwide audience that consists of children, teenagers and adults, and has also been recognized as one of the most famous and longest-lived rivalries in American cinema. In 2000, TIME named the series one of the greatest television shows of all time.

    Beginning in 1960, in addition to the original 114 Hanna-Barbera cartoons, MGM had new shorts produced by Rembrandt Films, led by Gene Deitch in Eastern Europe. Production of Tom and Jerry shorts returned to Hollywood under Chuck Jones's Sib-Tower 12 Productions in 1963; this series lasted until 1967, making it a total of 161 shorts. The cat and mouse stars later resurfaced in television cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and Filmation Studios during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s; a feature film, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, in 1992 (released domestically in 1993); and in 2001, their first made-for TV short, Tom and Jerry: The Mansion Cat for Boomerang. The most recent Tom and Jerry theatrical short The Karate Guard (2005), was written and co-directed by Barbera.

    Today, Time Warner (via its Turner Entertainment division) owns the rights to Tom and Jerry (with Warner Bros. handling distribution). Since the merger, Turner has produced the series Tom and Jerry Tales for The CW's Saturday morning "The CW4Kids" lineup, and a string of Tom and Jerry direct-to-video films all in collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation. The animation was very entertaining and it brings me back to the old school stuff. People. This is definately a must watch.

  • Part Of My Childhood

    One of the best cartoon I've ever watched. Still enjoy when ever I tune to this on TV. :)

    It's targeted for kids so I'm rating this as a child :)
  • Greatest cartoon ever!

    The greatest series of cartoons ever made, until Chuck Jones took over. My 10 out of 10 is for the Fred Quimby episodes and the magic of Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Nibbles and the other brilliant characters.
  • It's a true classic cartoon, but...

    If you would expect a show about a cat chasing a mouse, you would think the plot is always the same, which it is, which is why my score is little down. I'm not into shows that have a repetitive plot, but Tom and Jerry has a little more purpose to the episodes. The new stuff that Tom and Jerry are in, are definetly not as good as the old classic stuff. They show multiples of re-runs on Cartoonetwork during weekdays, which is a good thing cause CN has lost it's edge so much, it's starting to hurt the viewers. Tom and jerry is a good show in my opinion, I recommend this classic to anyone, young or old. Final Grade: C
  • The foundations of the good cartoon that we have today.

    This is a big foundation of the cartoon industry. This show has a cat and a mouse, Tom & Jerry, who always fight around. May be simplistic, but this show doesn't just include whacking each other, it had great things! I liked it's humor, and it's great jokes. Some are innuendos or references to the world events. Art is great, animation is FANTASTIC. This show is somewhat interesting when talking about how they made this show back then. I'll give this a 10. Most simplistic yet perfect cartoon.
  • Childhood memories

    Just looking back at this brings back memories, Loved this show as a kid and still love it now.
  • Without Tom and Jerry, cartoons wouldn't be good.

    This is, of course, the most influential cartoons of all time. Without this, Looney Tunes wouldn't be funny, Ed, Edd n Eddy wouldn't have its over the top cartoon violence, and TV would most likely be a wasteland. It might be over 70 years old, but it's still the most violent shows ever. Tom and Jerry is the best cartoon of all time, period.

    By the way, I'm talking about the original Hanna-Barbera shorts here. These master cartoonists were only rookies when they first started Tom and Jerry, but they quickly went into animation history.

    Now, the Chuck Jones shorts (the 1960s shorts) were not good. The violence seemed too cute, Tom looked like The Grinch, and Jerry looked like a girl. I prefer the originals (1940-1957).
  • one of the best old school cartoons ever....

    The show is about a cat(Tom) constantly trying to catch a mouse(Jerry) & always failing. Also, each ep seems to have a different setting(house, farm, etc.). T&J is a fabulous show! i watch it every day at noon on Cartoon network. All the eps are hilarious^^ it's incredible that the show ran for 40 years(1940-1980; way before i was born lol). I'm thankful that CN stills shows this. if i ever have kids one day, i'll definately show Tom & Jerry to them. This shows gets an A+++! bye! werty xcvbn xcvbnmsx c dwde huc duc hndswd hsuqwd hwuqdqwd xhwsx
  • Tom and Jerry is easily one of the best and most influential shows to ever exist.

    If any show is to be credited for influencing and breaking ground for so many shows, and actors it should be Tom and Jerry. The show is about a mouse being chased by a cat, but is outwitted by the mouse all the time. The show influenced such things like MAD, and actors like Woopie Goldburg for comedy. The show utilizes slapstick humor, and it is some of the best I have ever seen. Throughout each episode the slapstick gets funnier, and better that is guaranteed to make anyone and everyone laugh. The characters are all lovable and each have their own personality and humor to them. The artwork looks greatand improved over its running on TV, and the animation while repetitive, is still really great. For 40 years this show brought groundbreaking comedy that can make anyone of any age laugh themselves silly. I have seen this show back on CN from 1 PM to 2 PM, so if you are looking for endless slapstick humor that will make anyone laugh this is the show for you then.
  • This is an awesome show and besides Spongebob Squarepants is my only favorite cartoon.

    Tom and Jerry is a hilarious show that even adults will enjoy. The mouse is just so clever in his plots to get the cat. And when the cat tries to get the mouse, he fails every time because the mouse is also clever in avoiding attacks from the cat. Every time Tom tries to use some kind of object to catch Jerry, Jerry cleverly maneuvers around it and then uses his own object against Tom and it always works. He is just too skillful to be caught. And it's not that Tom is dumb. The things he does to catch Jerry are pretty devious, but it always backfires because that little Jerry is just so sharp-minded, and Jerry takes advantage of that. There are some episodes where Tom's owner comes in the house or the bulldog Spike comes along and Jerry uses objects to get Tom into trouble. And when he does, it is not Tom's fault at all. It is Jerry's fault. He is the one doing all the evil tricks. He is a devil. Then Tom's owner tells Tom to stop or he will go in time out, and the dog tells Tom that if he messes with his son again, he will beat him up into pieces. The owner and the dog don't know that Jerry is the one who messes up the house or messes up his son puppy. Tom takes the blame for it. Tom then tries to get Jerry back, but Jerry uses Tom's weapons and objects against him in another way that either gets him in even more trouble with his owner or Spike, or if they are not in an episode, Tom is always the one that just ends up getting hurt. The fact that Jerry always wins and Tom always loses is the whole point of the show. That's the fun of it, and that's what builds suspense. If Tom ever won, they might as well just not even have created this show. It would be pointless. Although Jerry always winning and Tom always losing is the whole point of the show and what makes it fun, it can bother you, anger you, and get on your nerves because Tom is always so close, but that dang Jerry turns it around and Tom NEVER catches him. So this show is both entertaining and bothersome at the same time. This show is so funny and will make you laugh so hard. Sometimes you can't breathe or will cough. The ways that Tom gets hurt are just hysterical. One time a bomb or bomb fuse will explode on him and he turns all black, one time paint pours all over him, and a whole lot more. I can't even explain this show. It is just so funny, awesome, and classic. It is full of surprises. While most episodes are funny, entertaining, and enjoyable to watch, some of them are just boring and stupid and you will immediately just change the channel in hatred and disappointment. Like you wouldn't expect that to happen with this show. But hey, sometimes the writers run out of ideas. I have one Tom and Jerry DVD at home. Overall, you should watch this show. You will be very satisfied.
  • This show may be old, but that dosen't mean that it has lost its appeal in any way. It combines the fun and laughter that comes from a cartoon cat and mouse, with music that dictates the movement of the characters and what happens in the episode!! So Cool

    So cool! Every episode is very funny. Some episodes have you laughing your head off! I have no idea how they drew so well and managed to keep it so fresh and vibrant through-out every 5 to 10 minute episode. Its hilarious and is a must see for everyone!

    RATING: 10/10

  • The oldest show still run on Cartoon Network today.

    Even though this show was made back before WWII started, this show is still a favorite after 68 years. This show is about Tom, a stupid, clumsy cat and Jerry, a kind, loving mouse who used to be best friends. Tom, and Jerry try to outwit each other by doing all sorts of crazy stunts that lead to injury. These stunts are hilarous! The stunts will keep you hooked, and wanting more. The humor in this show is excellent. It is really funny seeing Tom mess up all the time. Back then, they did not have sensory's. What I mean is, is that they did not have any editing back then to cartoons. They had the show in its entirety. If Tom, and Jerry was made today, they probably would have blocked out all of the violence. The music in this show is solid. Even though the music is outdated, the music is still good. Overall, timeless classic, lovable cvharacters, solid music, hilarious humor. I'm really happy this show is still running. Even my parents enjoyed this show during their childhood.
  • Not the best of shows,Classic. I Rate it.

    Not surpurb.
    I Rated it.
    Graphics: 6/10: Brilliant job, even if they had to draw it.

    Adventure 8/10: It would be better if tom won more than once.

    Sound: 3/10 No good sound. Musics on balley type and the could talk a bit better and put better expression in instead of a constant shout of help.

    I Rate it a 5.6.


    It Shall Be No MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bleirk

    oh my god :o I don't get it ?
    but so funny about it?
    it's just a stupid cat with a stupid mouse
    put them together and u get tom and jerry
    my gosh
    it is like always te same :o
    the mouse runs away and the cat runs after him
    i mean.
    For children it's OK i mean i understand it if they like but but if you are a teenager or something it is like so stupid.
    I really hate it when it's on tv
    I'm sorry but I just gave it a two or something.
    Its humor is low , and it's not original annymore. it's rather boring.
  • man this show is old

    this show must of been created before my grandma was born or grandpa I think and it is one of the best old cartoons of all time the best never ending battle of a mouse name Jerry and a cat name tom and their battles like never end and it makes me laught I watch this all the time when I was a kid and it still on it is not the worst the cartoon it is the best ever and it will still be on and long on my dad even watch it even watch it when he was a kid and it will still be on when we all have kids I think
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