Tom and Jerry - Season 1

CBS (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Jerry's Cousin
    Episode 57
    A bunch of alley cats are betting beaten to a pulp, and it's all at the hands of the super-strong Muscles Mouse. He also happens to be Jerry's cousin, and gets a telegram from Jerry asking for help on dealing with Tom. Muscles heads off to Jerry's and easily makes a good bodyguard for him. But Tom won't give up easily, and makes multiple attempts to get rid of Muscles for good.moreless
  • Jerry and the Goldfish

    Jerry is visiting his new friend, Goldy the Goldfish. At the same time, Tom hears a delicious recipe on the radio involving fish, and decides to cook it right away. So he runs over to Goldy, picks him up bowl and all, and puts him to a boil on the stovetop. When Jerry sees this, he does his best to protect Goldy from being cooked, with Tom after them the whole time.

  • Casanova Cat
    Casanova Cat
    Episode 55
    Tom is once again trying to impress a female cat (Toodles). He forces Jerry to do embarrassing things a-plenty, which angers him to no end. As a result of this anger, Jerry calls Butch so that both him and Tom will have to battle it out for who gets Toodles.
  • Cue Ball Cat
    Cue Ball Cat
    Episode 54
    In a pool room, Tom sets up a game of Pool to play by himself. But when his game disturbs Jerry, the chase begins again... only this time, it's pool ball style.
  • The Framed Cat
    The Framed Cat
    Episode 53
    When Jerry gets framed for stealing a piece of chicken, Mammy Two-Shoes has Tom go after him. Angered by this, Jerry frames Tom for stealing Spike's bone... and the frame-ups continue as a result.
  • 9/16/50
    Taking place in front of a huge audience at the Hollywood Bowl, Tom is conducting an orchestra. But Jerry wants to conduct it, too, resulting in a fight between the two rivals for the conductor's position.
  • Safety Second
    Safety Second
    Episode 51
    It's the 4th of July, and Nibbles is looking forward to an exciting day with lots of fireworks. But Jerry is against this, considering safety first. Nibbles still sneaks out the fireworks anyway, which eventually leads to an explosive battle against Tom.
  • Jerry and the Lion
    Jerry and the Lion
    Episode 50
    When Tom hears on the radio that a ferocious lion has escaped from the circus, he immediately shuts all the windows, grabs his gun, and prepares for the worst. Jerry hears this, too, and actually encounters the lion in the basement, who turns out to be harmless and only wants food and a way to get back to the jungle where he belongs. So Jerry decides to help him out, but the two have to watch out for a cautious Tom.moreless
  • Texas Tom
    Texas Tom
    Episode 49
    It's the Texas desert, and Tom, Jerry, a female cat, and a bull are all involved in cowboy craziness.
  • Saturday Evening Puss
    Mammy Two-Shoes goes out to play cards with some friends, so Tom calls his friends over for a party at the house. Unfortunately for Jerry, the partying disturbs him greatly, so he does his best get in contact with Mammy to tell her about the party before Tom and his friends catch him.moreless
  • Little Quacker
    Episode 47
    When Tom snatches a duck egg, he quickly cracks it open onto a frying pan in preparation to cook it. But instead of a yolk, a little duckling named Quacker pops out. Upon seeing that Tom is trying to cook him, Jerry comes to Quacker's rescue and does his best to protect him from Tom.moreless
  • Tennis Chumps
    Tennis Chumps
    Episode 46
    Tom is competing against Butch in a tennis tournament, but bad luck keeps falling upon the two throughout the game. Jerry, of course, decides to use this to his advantage.
  • Jerry's Diary
    Jerry's Diary
    Episode 45
    Tired of chasing Jerry, Tom settles down for the rest of the day, and happens to come across Jerry's diary. Going through it, clips of the two rivals' past adventures are shown.
  • Love That Pup
    Love That Pup
    Episode 44
    When chasing Jerry, Tom misses his target and mistakenly grabs Spike's son, Tyke, instead. After snatching his son back, Spike beats Tom to a pulp. Realizing that he's safe around them, Jerry cuddles up against the two dogs. Tom then attempts to come up with a plan to catch Jerry without either Spike or Tyke noticing.moreless
  • The Cat and the Mermouse
    Tom falls into a lake and sinks to the bottom. Once there, it's an underwater adventure as he attempts to catch a mermouse (Jerry), with various events happening along the way.
  • Heavenly Puss
    Episode 42
    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, when during the chase, a piano comes tumbling down the stairs, smashing into Tom and killing him. Tom then floats up the gates of Heaven, but the gatekeeper refuses to let him through since all he did was attempt to catch Jerry for most of his life. He does say, however, that if he can get Jerry to sign a Certificate of Forgiveness within one hour, he will be allowed passage into Heaven... otherwise, he'll have to go to Hell.moreless
  • Hatch Up Your Troubles
    A woodpecker egg hatches after rolling up to Jerry's door. Jerry puts the woodpecker back in it's nest, but when the woodpecker notices Tom, it starts to head toward him...
  • The Little Orphan
    The Little Orphan
    Episode 40
    Nibbles the Mouse is sent to Jerry's place by the Bide-a-Wee Mouse Home to spend Thanksgiving with him. The big Thanksgiving meal is all set up, and Jerry and Nibbles go to feast. But this wakes up Tom, and a battle soon ensures between the three.
  • Polka-Dot Puss
    Episode 39
    Mammy Two-Shoes is about to put Tom out for the night, but since there's a lightning storm going on, Tom fakes being sick in order to stay in. Mammy falls for it, and allows Tom to sleep indoors. Tom is delighted that his trick worked, but Jerry is annoyed at this, so he paints red dots all over Tom's face to make him actually look sick. Tom falls for this, so he succumbs to letting Jerry take care of him... in quite a brutal way.moreless
  • Mouse Cleaning
    Mouse Cleaning
    Episode 38
    Mammy Two-Shoes has finally finished cleaning the house, but Tom and Jerry's chasing antics get it all dirty again. Mammy cleans it up once more, then tells Tom that if the house is dirty yet again by the time she gets back from the store, he'll be kicked out. Jerry sees this as a perfect opportunity to be rid of Tom, so he does his best to makes the house as filthy as possible.moreless
  • Professor Tom
    Episode 37
    Tom is doing his best to teach a younger cat how to catch a mouse, but the youngster isn't able to focus very well. When Tom finally tells the young cat to do a test run by catching Jerry, the little one determinedly sets off. But Jerry sees that the young cat likes mice despite his teachings, and takes advantage of this and uses it against Tom.moreless
  • Old Rockin' Chair Tom
    Mammy Two-Shoes is being "attacked" by Jerry again, so she once more orders Tom to get rid of him. When he epically fails once again, Mammy decides that Tom is too old to work in the mouse-catching business anymore, and brings in a younger, faster, and more hyper cat named Lightning that disposes of Jerry in an instant. Proud of the new cat, Mammy tells him to take good care of Tom, and goes to bed. But when Lightning frames Tom for raiding the refrigerator, Tom gets kicked out of the house, as well. So both Tom and Jerry come up with a plan to get rid of Lightning once and for all.moreless
  • The Truce Hurts
    Episode 35
    Tired of fighting, Tom, Jerry, and Spike sign a truce to never harm each other again, and to be best buds. They do everything together, including protect each other from harm. That is... until they start to fight over a hunk of meat.
  • Kitty Foiled
    Episode 34
    Tom has finally caught Jerry and is about to eat him. But the house canary can't bare that and comes to Jerry's rescue. With that, Tom goes after the both of them, but the teamwork between Jerry and the canary outdoes Tom completely.
  • The Invisible Mouse
    The Invisible Mouse
    Episode 33
    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, when Jerry dives into a bottle of ink to hide. Not noticing, Tom dashes off in which he thinks is the direction the mouse went. When Jerry emerges from the bottle, he finds the bottom half of his body invisible! He then realized that the ink he was in is invisible ink, so he covers his whole body in it and goes after Tom, planning on giving him a good scare.moreless
  • 8/30/47
    Mammy Two-Shoes is sick and tired of Jerry, period. So she enlists both Tom and Butch to catch him, saying that whichever cat is successful in the capture gets to stay in the house, and whoever fails gets kicked out along with Jerry.
  • Salt Water Tabby
    Salt Water Tabby
    Episode 31
    Tom is ready to have some fun in the sun at the beach, and proceeds to woo a female cat (Toodles). But when he finds Jerry in a lunch basket, the chase begins again, with beach pranks galore.
  • 6/14/47
    Jerry drinks a potion that makes him grow super-strong. He decides to go after Tom because this time, he's stronger. Once the potion wears off, Tom drinks some of it himself and grows bigger and super-strong. But he then immediately shrinks to half the size of Jerry, then to the size of an ant, and runs away from Jerry, who proceeds to chase him with a fly-swatter.moreless
  • The Cat Concerto
    The Cat Concerto
    Episode 29
    Tom is on stage in front of a huge audience, about to play a piece on the piano. He gets off to a good start, but hitting the piano keys wakes up Jerry, who's sleeping inside the piano, and sends him flying. Annoyed, Jerry does his best to get back at Tom and ruin his performance.moreless
  • Part Time Pal
    Part Time Pal
    Episode 28
    Tom is told by his owner, Mammy Two-Shoes, to guard the refrigerator for the night and keep Jerry away from it, or else he'll be thrown out of the house. Upon hearing this, Jerry outwits Tom, but goes too far... to a point where Tom falls into a barrel of cider and gets drunk. The drunk Tom is nice to Jerry, but makes a mess in the kitchen, among other things that are against Mammy's orders. So Jerry does his best to snap Tom out of it before the cat gets into some serious trouble with Mammy.moreless
  • Cat Fishin'
    Cat Fishin'
    Episode 27
    It's beautiful day at a lake... one that's surrounded by a fence that's plastered all over with "keep out" and "no fishing" signs. Not to mention the bulldog (Spike) who guards it. But that doesn't stop Tom, as he takes a chance by sneaking in to go fishing anyway, using Jerry as live bait...moreless
  • Solid Serenade
    Solid Serenade
    Episode 26
    It's a moonlit night, and Tom wants to impress a cute female kitten (Toodles). So he brings a guitar, ties up Spike, the one guarding Toodles' property, and plays a serenade for Toodles. Unfortunately for Jerry, who happens to dwell close by, the serenading disturbs his sleep. More annoyed than ever, he decides to do all he can to ruin Tom's night.moreless
  • Trap Happy
    Episode 25
    When Tom loses his patience with chasing Jerry constantly, he hires a mouse exterminator (Butch) to get rid of Jerry once and for all. Once Butch arrives, everything goes according to plan... but not for long. Jerry quickly gains the upper hand, backfiring all capture attempts upon both Tom and Butch.moreless
  • The Milky Waif
    The Milky Waif
    Episode 24
    A baby mouse named Nibbles is sent to Jerry's mouse hole by the Bide-a-Wee Mouse Home with a request to take care of him. Since Nibbles is always hungry, particularly for milk, the two sneak over to a sleeping Tom's dish to steal some of his milk. But unfortunately, Tom wakes up and chases both mice, with Jerry doing his best to protect Nibbles.moreless
  • 3/30/46
    Tom is love with a white cat (Toodles) and does everything he can to please her. But Jerry is annoyed that Tom is ignoring him, so he sends a fake love letter to Butch that says it's from Toodles in order to break up the romance.
  • Quiet Please!
    Quiet Please!
    Episode 22
    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, but with all the ruckus, Spike can't get any sleep. At last, Spike grabs Tom by the collar and warns him that if he hears one more sound, he'll pulverize Tom. Upon listening to this, Jerry does the best he can to make a racket and ultimately wake Spike up...moreless
  • Flirty Birdy
    Flirty Birdy
    Episode 21
    Tom finally catches Jerry, but just when he's about to eat him, an eagle swoops in and snatches up Jerry for himself. Tom tries to get Jerry back, but the eagle won't allow it. So Tom comes up with a plan to trick the eagle into giving Jerry back by dressing up as an appealing female eagle...moreless
  • Tee for Two
    Episode 20
    Tom is at a gold course having fun golfing. But Jerry happens to live in one of the golf holes, and is annoyed whenever the golf ball falls on his head. Tom then decides to turn Jerry into a tee, among other things. Jerry keeps getting more and more annoyed, and does his best to get back at Tom.moreless
  • Mouse in Manhattan
    Episode 19

    Jerry decides to move out of the country and into the big city. He writes a note for Tom, telling him about his departure. He arrives in the city to have bad luck everywhere he goes. Jerry sees that the city is just not for him, so he goes back to the country, tearing the note he wrote for Tom to shreds. He then gives Tom a nice big kiss before happily walking into his mouse hole.

  • The Mouse Comes to Dinner
    Tom calls his girlfriend (Toots) on the phone and invites her over for dinner. She gladly accepts, and comes over quickly. Tom uses Jerry as a servant to serve all of the food. This annoys Jerry greatly, so he does his best to ruin the evening for Tom.
  • Mouse Trouble
    Mouse Trouble
    Episode 17
    Tom finally receives a book in the mail that he'd been waiting for called How to Catch a Mouse. He attempts all of the tricks in the book on Jerry, but every single one of them backfires.
  • Flying Sorceress
    Episode 16
    Tom steals a witch's flying broom so he can scare the wits out of Jerry.
  • Puttin' on the Dog
    Episode 16

    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, but makes the big mistake of chasing him right into a dog pound. Tom barely escapes with his life. Knowing that he's safe there, Jerry relaxes with one of the dogs (Spike). Annoyed by this, Tom sees a plastic dog head, and puts it on, deciding to use it to disguise himself as a dog in order to sneak into the pound and catch Jerry.

  • The Bodyguard
    Episode 15
    In a heroic effort, Jerry rescues Spike from the dogcatcher. Delighted, Spike repays him by saying whenever he needs help, just whistle; then dashes off. Feeling pleased with himself, Jerry is walking along but runs into Tom, who quickly lures him between two slices of bread. Jerry quickly whistles, and Spike comes to the rescue, pounding Tom's head into the mailbox. After giving him a warning, he dashes of once more. Tom soon figures out what's going on, and devises a plan to prevent Jerry from whistling...moreless
  • 5/6/44

    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual until a telegram arrives. Interested, Tom goes to read it. Not understanding, he puts it back down and starts to walk away, but immediately reads it again, realizing that it states that he inherited one million dollars! Jumping for joy, Tom bounds all over the house. Confused, Jerry reads the letter, then does the same for one reason: Tom can't do any harm to Jerry, or any living creature for that matter, or he'll lose all of the money. Jerry takes full advantage of this and does his best to make Tom's rich life miserable.

  • The Zoot Cat
    Episode 13
    Tom goes to the house of a female cat that he's in love with (Sheikie) to give her Jerry as a gift. But Sheikie not only denies the gift, she calls Tom names including corny, and slams the door in his face. Heartbroken, Tom returns to his usual routine of chasing Jerry, but when he overhears on the radio that he can look cool by wearing something called a "Zoot Suit", he immediately makes one and returns to Sheikie. This time, the female cat is spellbound, and happily takes him inside for a dance. Annoyed by this, Jerry does his best to ruin Tom's enjoyment.moreless
  • Baby Puss
    Baby Puss
    Episode 12
    A little girl dresses up Tom to look like a baby. Jerry thinks this is hilarious, so when the girl leaves, he whistles to three alley cats to come see in order to humiliate Tom.
  • 6/26/43
    It's not an ordinary cat-and-mouse chase between Tom and Jerry now. This time, it's an all-out war! Using everything from hen grenades to cheese graders to wooden boards to dynamite to fireworks, Tom and Jerry battle each other to the very end...
  • The Lonesome Mouse
    Episode 10
    After being framed by Jerry for breaking a vase, Mammy Two-Shoes permanently kicks Tom out of the house. Jerry is overjoyed that he has finally won. He indulges in all of Tom's pleasures, such as his milk and bed. But as time goes by, Jerry begins to feel lonely without Tom around and comes up with a plan to get him back into the house.moreless
  • Sufferin' Cats!
    Sufferin' Cats!
    Episode 9
    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, but Jerry runs straight into another cat (Meathead). Meathead wants to eat Jerry, but Tom steps in and snatches him back. The two cats fight each other over Jerry, as the clever mouse runs away to hide. Eventually, the two cats cause more harm to each other than to Jerry, and receive a good whacking by the mouse himself as the episode comes to a close.moreless
  • 10/10/42
    Tom is chasing Jerry on a farm, and Jerry hides behind a hen. The hen gets startled when Tom comes running over to where Jerry is, so she gives Tom a barrage of pecks on the head. Jerry dresses himself up as a chick to further disguise himself, and acts like he's one of the hen's. The rest of the chicks think Jerry is just another one of them. While Tom keeps trying to get past the hen, Jerry relaxes as he now knows that he's safe with the protective bird.moreless
  • 7/18/42
    Tom and Jerry are at a bowling alley. Tom attempts to run Jerry over with a bowling ball again and again, but misses with every attempt, also getting himself hurt in the process.
  • Puss 'n' Toots
    Puss 'n' Toots
    Episode 6
    Mammy Two-Shoes brings home a cute little female kitten whom Tom immediately becomes smitten with. Tom tries to act cool around the kitten and presents her with gifts, and who else would want to sabotage this but Jerry?
  • Dog Trouble
    Dog Trouble
    Episode 5
    Tom is chasing Jerry again, when they run into a bulldog (Spike). Spike gets angry and starts to chase Tom and Jerry. So instead of chasing each other, they decide to team up for the time in order to get back at Spike.
  • Fraidy Cat
    Fraidy Cat
    Episode 4
    On the radio, Tom listens to The Witching Hour, a radio show that tells scary stories that almost give Tom a heart attack. After seeing Tom's reaction to the radio show, Jerry schemes a way to scare Tom some more. He moves everything in the house to make it seem like a ghost is in the house.moreless
  • 12/6/41
    It's Christmas Eve, and Jerry is playing around the Christmas Tree. Jerry accidentally wakes up Tom, and a chase begins, ultimately taking Jerry out into the snow, and Tom shutting him out. Tom starts to regret this, however, and at the same time, Jerry starts to freeze...
  • The Midnight Snack
    The Midnight Snack
    Episode 2
    Jerry decides to have a midnight snack, but Tom prevents that from happening and has a snack himself. Mammy Two-Shoes thinks it was only Jerry and orders Tom to go after him.
  • Puss Gets the Boot
    Episode 1
    Tom's owner, Mammy Two-Shoes, warns Tom that if he breaks one more thing, he'll be thrown outside. Jerry takes advantage of this threat and does everything he can to frame Tom by breaking multiple objects.