Tom and Jerry - Season 2

CBS (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Sleepy-Time Tom
    Sleepy-Time Tom
    Episode 1
    Tom and his friends come back from a night of partying. Exhausted, Tom falls asleep right on the windowsill. But when Mammy Two-Shoes catches him sleeping by daytime, she wakes him up, tells him to go on mouse patrol, and warns him that if he falls asleep again, he'll be in trouble. Jerry easily takes advantage of this, as he tries to get Tom into just that trouble by luring him to sleep over and over again.moreless
  • His Mouse Friday
    Episode 2
    When Tom becomes lost at sea, he washes up on a deserted island. On the island, he runs into Jerry, who's posing as a cannibal.
  • Slicked-Up Pup
    Slicked-Up Pup
    Episode 3
    Spike is giving his son, Tyke, a bath. Once finished, he leaves him on the porch to go get some meat. But he doesn't go too far before Tom and Jerry's chasing antics cause Tyke to fall into the mud and get dirty again. After ordering Tom to clean him up, Spike warns him that if he's dirty again by the time he gets back, he'll pound him to pieces. Upon hearing this, Jerry attempts to get Tyke dirty himself in order to get Tom into trouble.moreless
  • Nit-Witty Kitty
    Nit-Witty Kitty
    Episode 4
    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, with Mammy Two-Shoes cheering him on. But when she attempts to crush Jerry herself by whacking him with a broom, she accidentally whacks Tom on the head instead. This causes Tom to suffer a case of amnesia, and he begins to act like a mouse. So both Jerry and Mammy individually try to cure him.moreless
  • Cat Napping
    Cat Napping
    Episode 5
    It's a sunny day, and Tom walks out into the backyard with some lemonade and a pillow, ready to relax to his heart's content on a hammock. But when he finds out that Jerry is already sleeping there, he tosses him off. A fight then ensures for who gets the hammock.moreless
  • The Flying Cat
    The Flying Cat
    Episode 6
    Tom is chasing both Jerry and the house canary, but the two go out of reach by taking refuge in the canary's birdhouse. Tom tries everything to get up to them, but everything fails, ultimately resulting in him crashing through the whole house. When he comes out the other side, he has pink lace attached to him. Tom realizes that he can actually use the lace as wings to fly; a new weapon in his quest to get to Jerry and the canary...moreless
  • The Duck Doctor
    The Duck Doctor
    Episode 7
    It's the time of year for ducks to be migrating, and little Quacker is among them. Unfortunately, Tom is out hunting ducks, and manages to shoot Quacker's wing, causing him to fall. Delighted, Tom goes after him, but Jerry saves him, doing his best to heal Quacker's wound and keep him safe from Tom at the same time.moreless
  • The Two Mouseketeers
    Taking place in medieval times, Tom is ordered by the tyrannical king to guard the banquet table with his life, especially from the Mouseketeers, or it's off with his head! The two Mouseketeers, Jerry and Nibbles, heard every word of it, but still try to get to the banquet table to feast. They manage to stay secret, but not for long. When Jerry uncorks a wine bottle, the bottle itself goes flying into Tom's face. With that, the battle between Cat Guard and Mousketeers is on!moreless
  • Smitten Kitten
    Smitten Kitten
    Episode 9
    Jerry gets annoyed when he sees Tom fall for a female cat once again. With the help of his evil self, he remembers all of Tom's past relationships and all of the trouble that they caused him.
  • Triplet Trouble
    Triplet Trouble
    Episode 10
    Tom is using Jerry as a paddle-ball, when the doorbell rings and Mammy Two-Shoes brings in three cute kittens. Mammy is about to go to the store to get some milk for them, when the kittens attempt to blow Tom up. Mammy turns around at the noise, only to find Tom in a position which looks like he's going to hurt the kittens. After giving him a whack, he warns him that if the kittens are harmed by the time she gets back, it'll be trouble for Tom. But once Mammy leaves, the kittens to everything they can to provoke Tom, as well as Jerry. So the two rivals team up to get back at them.moreless
  • Little Runaway
    Little Runaway
    Episode 11
    When a baby seal escapes from the circus, it's befriended by Jerry. Tom hears that there's a big reward for the return of the seal, so he tries to catch it, with Jerry doing his best to protect it.
  • Fit To Be Tied
    Fit To Be Tied
    Episode 12
    When Spike hurts his foot by stepping on a tack, Jerry pulls it out for him. Grateful, Spike repays him by giving him a bell, telling him to just ring it whenever he's in trouble. Felling confident with the protecting, Jerry rings the bell when Tom comes after him again. Spike arrives in a flash and beats Tom up, forcing him to become Jerry's servant. But when Tom reads in the newspaper about the new leash law for dogs, he snags this opportunity to get back at both Jerry and Spike.moreless
  • Push-Button Kitty
    Push-Button Kitty
    Episode 13
    Mammy Two-Shoes is tired of Tom lazing around doing nothing. She soon gets a package that contains a robot cat, saying that it's going to replace Tom in the mouse catching business. Tom laughs at this until the robot cat catches Jerry and tosses him out of the house in an instant. Sad about this, Tom packs up and leaves. Meanwhile, Jerry keeps making multiple attempts to get back into the house, but the robot cat stops him every time. Finally, Jerry finds a way to outwit it; by using three wind-up mice...moreless
  • Cruise Cat
    Episode 14
    A luxury cruise ship is bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, and Tom is the ship's mascot. The captain tells Tom that if he sees one mouse on the ship, he'll be kicked off and replaced with a new mascot. Of course, Jerry, who's on vacation, then discovers the ship and decides to climb aboard. So Tom does his best to get him off.moreless
  • The Dog House
    The Dog House
    Episode 15
    Spike is building a dog house of his very own. Though unfortunately for him, Tom and Jerry's chasing antics keep destroying his efforts over and over again...
  • The Missing Mouse
    The Missing Mouse
    Episode 16
    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, when he knocks him into a wall. The radio then reports that a white mouse had escaped from a laboratory, and it had consumed enough explosives to blow up an entire city. At that same moment, white shoe polish falls off a shell and douses Jerry, thanks to the knock into the wall. Not noticing this, Tom quickly bars all of the doors and windows in order to keep the said white mouse out. After putting together the radio report and the fact that he's covered in white shoe polish, Jerry decides to pretend that he's that white mouse and give Tom a good scare. It works, but he's soon found out, so Tom kicks him out of the house. But at the same time, the real white mouse walks in...moreless
  • Jerry And Jumbo
    Episode 17
    It's nighttime, and a circus train is passing through town. But a baby elephant is sleeping too close to the edge of the car he's in, and tumbles out, rolls down the hill, into a house, and right into Tom's basket. Not noticing out of tiredness, Tom curls up on top of the elephant, who's under the blanket. It manages to make a quick getaway, then sucks up Tom's milk with it's truck. Thinking it was Jerry, Tom marches into the kitchen. Jerry was actually drinking milk, but is wasn't Tom's. Still thinking he did it, Tom prepares to smash his bowl on him, when the elephant comes to his rescue. The two then hide from Tom in the closet, and decide to play a trick on him; Jerry paints the elephant to make him look like a super-sized version of himself...moreless
  • Johann Mouse
    Episode 18
    The narrator tells the story of a waltzing mouse named Johann (Jerry) who lives in Vienna in Johann Strauss' home. Tom tries to catch Jerry each time he's dancing to Johann Strauss' piano music, but when a day arrives in which Johann Strauss is absent, Tom decides to learn how to play the piano in order to raise his chances of catching Jerry...moreless
  • That's My Pup!
    That's My Pup!
    Episode 19
    Spike and his son, Tyke, are watching Tom and Jerry's chasing antics. Spike then decides to teach Tyke on how to really be a dog. First lesson? Chasing cats. Object of the lesson? Tom, of course.
  • Just Ducky
    Just Ducky
    Episode 20
    Six eggs of a mother duck have just hatched. Delighted, the mother duck goes swimming, with five of her ducklings close behind. But unfortunately, the last duckling can't swim, and becomes sad. Jerry finds it, and decides to teach it how, but Tom then finds it as well, and decides to eat it. Jerry then does his best to protect the sad duckling from that terrible fate.moreless
  • Two Little Indians
    Two Little Indians
    Episode 21
    Scoutmaster Jerry has his hands full when two little orphans from the Bide-a-Wee Mouse Home come to stay with him. Outfitted in Indian feathers and diapers, the two little mice are quite bold and reckless, and end up getting both Jerry and the sleeping Spike involved in a hair-raising battle against Tom.moreless
  • Life With Tom
    Life With Tom
    Episode 22
    The third episode composed primarily of flashbacks, Tom settles down to read Jerry's book, entitled Life With Tom.
  • Puppy Tale
    Puppy Tale
    Episode 23
    After Jerry rescues a sackful of puppies from a storm swollen river, one of the puppies follows him home. Tom, being the cat that he is, doesn't want any sort of dog around.
  • Posse Cat
    Posse Cat
    Episode 24
    The ranch cook tells Tom that he won't be getting any more food unless he gets rid of Jerry. After making a deal with Jerry to split the food, they stage a fight that gets rid of Jerry. Tom gets fed, but then double-crosses him.
  • Hic-cup Pup
    Episode 25
    Tom accidentally gives Tyke the hiccups when he, also accidentally, awakens him from his nap. Spike is not pleased about this, and won't stop standing over Tom until he gets rid of Tyke's hiccups.
  • Little School Mouse
    Episode 26
    After being chased by Tom once again, Professor Jerry escapes into his classroom (mouse hole). Once there, he proceeds to teach his only student, Nibbles, how to outwit a cat. And the subject for the lesson is none other than Tom.
  • Baby Butch
    Episode 27
    Butch is going shopping... in an alley. He finds what he can in trash cans, and takes them with him. But a bottle of fresh milk on a doorstep catches his attention, and he goes over to get it. But Tom opens the door and takes the milk before Butch can. Butch then sees a cooked chicken on the windowsill, and proceeds to takes that, only to have the window slammed shut on his fingers before he can. Determined, Butch dresses up as a hungry baby in order to get into the house and snatch the chicken, as well as all of the other delicious foods that could be there...moreless
  • Mice Follies
    Mice Follies
    Episode 28
    It's icy fun in the kitchen, as Jerry and Nibbles turn the floor into an ice-skating rink by freezing overflowing faucets.
  • Neapolitan Mouse
    Neapolitan Mouse
    Episode 29
    While touring Naples, Italy, Tom and Jerry are befriended by an Italian mouse named Topo, a champion of justice who helps his new friends fight off some tough Italian dogs.
  • Downhearted Duckling
    After reading the book, The Ugly Duckling, a duckling feels sad because he thinks he's ugly, too. While crying, Jerry finds him and tries to cheer him up. But it's no good, as the duckling is so sad that it willingly sacrifices itself to Tom. But Jerry won't let him, and does his best protect him from Tom, whose interest in eating the duckling perked up.moreless
  • Pet Peeve
    Episode 31
    Husband and wife are complaining about the large bills, and realize that they're all from cat and dog food. So they make up their minds that either Tom or Spike has to go, and tell them that whoever catches Jerry first gets to stay.
  • Touché, Pussy Cat!
    Episode 32
    Nibbles' father sends him to Jerry for Mouseketeer training. Nibbles does his best, but fails miserably, resulting in Jerry sending him home. But before Nibbles can do anything of the sort, Tom attacks out of nowhere, and Nibbles courageously fights back. What will be the result of the battle?
  • Southbound Duckling
    Episode 33
    Little Quacker is stubbornly convinced that all ducks fly south for the winter, and refuses to stay home with his domestic buddies. To complicate things, Tom is hungry for a duck meal.
  • Pup On A Picnic
    Pup On A Picnic
    Episode 34
    Spike and his son, Tyke, are on a picnic, but happen do have one in the same place in which Tom and Jerry's chasing antics are going on, and the two groups collide. It's then an array of food fight fun as Tom, Jerry, Spike, and Tyke, as well as an army of ants, vie for control of the picnic basket.moreless
  • Mouse For Sale
    Mouse For Sale
    Episode 35
    With white mice being the new rage, Tom paints Jerry white and sells him for a bucketful of money, which he hides under the carpet back home. Everything is going great for him, until the lady of the house finds the money and buys Jerry back.
  • Designs On Jerry
    Designs On Jerry
    Episode 36
    Knowing that he can make a lot of money this way, Tom designs the ultimate mouse trap. But after he goes to sleep, the mouse in his blueprints comes to life and warns Jerry about the upcoming threat that this mouse trap puts upon him...
  • Tom And Chérie
    Episode 37
    Hopelessly in love with a female mouse named Lilli, Jerry uses Nibbles as an errand boy to send letters back and forth between them. Unfortunately for Nibbles, he has to deal with Tom during these back-and-forth trips.
  • Smarty Cat
    Smarty Cat
    Episode 38
    Tom and his alley cat palls are going through home movies, and Jerry wants to watch them, too. But Tom and his buddies don't want him around and toss him out the window. Annoyed, Jerry decides to get back at them by waking up Spike and angering him by showing him how he's depicted as a big goof in those movies.moreless
  • Pecos Pest
    Episode 39
    Jerry gets a telegram from his Uncle Pecos that says that he's going to spend the night with him before his big debut on TV. Arriving quickly, he gives Jerry a demonstration of his guitar skills. But when one of his guitar's strings snap, he fearlessly walks up to Tom and pulls one of his whiskers to replace it. Annoyed at first, Tom soon becomes afraid of Uncle Pecos, whose guitar strings are always snapping, and it's always Tom's whiskers that he targets to replace them.moreless
  • That's My Mommy
    That's My Mommy
    Episode 40
    When a duck egg hatches right in front of Tom, the ducking believes that Tom is his mother. Only problem is that Tom wants to eat him. Jerry sees this and does his best to stop him, while at the same time, trying to show the duckling who a real mother duck is.moreless
  • The Flying Sorceress
    When Tom is scolded by his owner for always breaking things while chasing Jerry, he decides to get a job. He soon finds one that sounds good to him, but it turns out to be the job of a witch's cat. After a scary ride on the witch's broom, Tom gets the job and the witch goes to bed. Tom then decides to take the broom himself, and ride it back home to give Jerry a good scare.moreless
  • The Egg And Jerry
    The Egg And Jerry
    Episode 42
    A CinemaScope remake of the 1949 episode, Hatch Up Your Troubles.
  • Busy Buddies
    Busy Buddies
    Episode 43
    Jeannie is a babysitter whose primary interest is talking with her friends on the phone. The baby she's supposed to watch over is always getting into mischief, but when Tom and Jerry try to keep the baby out of trouble, Jeannie always scolds them for bothering the baby.
  • Muscle Beach Tom
    Episode 44
    Tom and Butch both try to impress a female cat with their muscle building abilities, with not only each other, but Jerry, for competition.
  • Downbeat Bear
    Downbeat Bear
    Episode 45
    Tom and Jerry hear on the radio about a bear that escaped from the circus who always dances whenever music is playing. When the bear finds it's way to their house, and music starts playing, it takes Tom as it's reluctant dancing partner. Amused by this, Jerry does his best to keep the music going so he can continue to watch Tom get helplessly thrown around by the dancing bear.moreless
  • Blue Cat Blues
    Episode 46
    Tom is sitting on the railroad tracks, feeling miserable about losing his girlfriend to his rival Butch again. Feeling sad for him, Jerry narrates the whole story as he watches on.
  • Barbecue Brawl
    Episode 47
    Spike's perfect pool-side barbecue with Tyke turns into a disaster when Tom and Jerry come crashing through with their usual chasing antics.
  • Tops With Pops
    Tops With Pops
    Episode 48
    This is a CinemaScope remake of the 1949 episode, Love That Pup.
  • Timid Tabby
    Timid Tabby
    Episode 49
    George, Tom's fraidy-cat-look-alike cousin, comes for a visit. Jerry has no knowledge of this, however, so when he sees George freak out upon seeing him, he decides to scare him some more, but not always working as he sometimes gets Tom. The two cats then decide to team up to give Jerry a scare of his own.moreless
  • Feedin' The Kiddie
    Feedin' The Kiddie
    Episode 50
    This is a CinemaScope remake of the 1949 episode, The Little Orphan.
  • Mucho Mouse
    Mucho Mouse
    Episode 51
    Taking place in Spain, Meathead the Cat is ordered by his owner to catch El Magnifico (Jerry) at once, but Meathead says that's impossible because of El Magnifico's world-renowned escaping skills. So the owner decides to call up Tom, the "Olympic, U.S. and World Champion Mouse Catcher", confident that he will be able to do the job.moreless
  • Tom's Photo Finish
    Tom's Photo Finish
    Episode 52
    When Tom frames Spike for stealing food from the fridge, he only ends up getting caught on tape by Jerry. Jerry decides to use this footage to try and get Tom into trouble.
  • Happy Go Ducky
    Happy Go Ducky
    Episode 53
    When the Easter Bunny leaves an egg for Tom and Jerry, it hatches into Quacker. The little duckling insists on swimming as much as he can, eventually flooding the entire house in order to do just that.
  • Royal Cat Nap
    Royal Cat Nap
    Episode 54
    The king is about to take a nap, and tells Tom that if he hears one sound and wakes up, it's off with his head! Jerry and Tuffy of course do their best to make that scenario happen.
  • The Vanishing Duck
    The Vanishing Duck
    Episode 55
    Little Quacker plays a singing duck, who becomes Jerry's partner in crime when the two of them discover the delights of vanishing cream.
  • Robin Hoodwinked
    Robin Hoodwinked
    Episode 56
    Daring mice Jerry and Tuffy try to break Robin Hood out of prison, but in order to do that, they have to get past the guard, Tom.
  • Tot Watchers
    Episode 57
    Babysitter Jeannie, still attached to the phone, unintentionally forces Tom and Jerry to take care of the baby, who still keeps getting into mischief.