Tom and Jerry

Season 2 Episode 3

Slicked-Up Pup

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 1951 on CBS
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Slicked-Up Pup
Spike is giving his son, Tyke, a bath. Once finished, he leaves him on the porch to go get some meat. But he doesn't go too far before Tom and Jerry's chasing antics cause Tyke to fall into the mud and get dirty again. After ordering Tom to clean him up, Spike warns him that if he's dirty again by the time he gets back, he'll pound him to pieces. Upon hearing this, Jerry attempts to get Tyke dirty himself in order to get Tom into trouble.moreless
  • If Spike's son Tyke isn't still clean by the time Spike gets back, Tom will be in a whole 'lotta trouble!

    Spike just gave his son Tyke a bath, making the little pup shine, but when Tom and Jerry's chasing antics has Tom accidentally send Tyke flying into the mud, Spike isn't happy. After rubbing the mud off him, he warns Tom that if Tyke isn't still clean by the time he gets back, he'll let the cat have it! Jerry heard the whole thing, and does his best to get Tom in trouble by making Tyke dirty. Tom does his best to prevent this, but he can't help it when he unintentionally gets everything from tar, to chicken feathers, to all different colors paint all over him. As a last resort, he tries to clean Tyke by throwing him in the washing machine, but Spike returns, obviously angry, and tosses Tom into the washing machine, instead. With Jerry, Spike and Tyke all waching with grins on his face, it's yet another unhappy ending for poor Tom!moreless

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