Tom and Jerry

Season 4 Episode 4

The Karate Guard

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • Oh, the shame.

    I just watched this "episode".. a cartoon short to be exact.. on Youtube. It was not great at all. In fact, it was horrible. I miss the technicolored Tom and Jerry cartoons, and just when there's a new cartoon out (not really new now), it attempts to give Tom and Jerry a modern American feel to it which is just.. horrible. The shades in the color are horrible, the plot is horrible, it's just horrible.

    Well, let's start. Jerry is trying to learn karate. After failing, some spirit of some sort.. of the typical chinese man (I'm not Chinese so if you think that offended me, it didn't.) gives him a bell thing. Everytime he hits it, the dog attacks Tom in the most cruel way imaginable. It's just awful because it doesn't bring good action like the old cartoons where Tom is winning, then is losing, then is winning, and then in the end someone loses or both wins or none.

    Watch it, and see for yourself.
  • This is nothing like the old Tom and Jerry... The people who think the new Tom and Jerry is perfect are nerds who live in the attic or the basement...

    This episode was so bad, I had two thumbs down at the start.
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  • This is funny karate episode!

    This episode is verry funny. I lke this because Jerry doesn't know how to karate and he don't have match to Tom so he got a thing like a bell to call the dog so to protect Jerry to what Tom wants to do to him. Tom always want to get and bother Jerry because they looks like enemy but they're not.
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