Tom and Jerry

Season 4 Episode 5

The Magic Ring (Feature MOVIE)

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 2002 on CBS

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  • In other words: That's a great start for a spectacular cartoon show

    Each time i watch the first episode of a popular TV show, i considered this like a event. In this fact, we're the famous Tom & Jerry cartoon debut "Puss Gets the Boot". Originally, Jerry has no name yet again and Tom is called Jasper. Too, this pilot cartoon are brillant, great and awesome. The music are quietly splendid and repect really the scenes and the cat and mouse characters developped awesomely. "Puss Gets the Boot" is a cartoon that recommanded for someone hope to watch the early first Tom and Jerry episodes. Honnestly, i like the style of the first cartoons with a Tom walk in his fours paws and a mostly innocent Jerry mouse unfortunately disappear in 1943 with a most standard Tom and Jerry style. And of course, that's the first Hanna/Barbera cartoon teamed, same that directed by Rudolph Ising, worked long ago for the WB and MGM Bosko cartoons and MGM Happy Harmonies cartoon series