Tom and Jerry

Season 1 Episode 14

The Million Dollar Cat

Aired Unknown May 06, 1944 on CBS
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Tom is chasing Jerry as usual until a telegram arrives. Interested, Tom goes to read it. Not understanding, he puts it back down and starts to walk away, but immediately reads it again, realizing that it states that he inherited one million dollars! Jumping for joy, Tom bounds all over the house. Confused, Jerry reads the letter, then does the same for one reason: Tom can't do any harm to Jerry, or any living creature for that matter, or he'll lose all of the money. Jerry takes full advantage of this and does his best to make Tom's rich life miserable.


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  • Specifically, this is the first original Tom and Jerry cartoon ever watched

    In 1997, i find a old-videotape of Tom and Jerry cartoons, but i believed was the 1975's Tom and Jerry series. But per chance, i have the originals made during the 40's-50's and it's very hilarious, but also, what a chance that created before the time.

    Well, The Million Dollar Cat is the first of the original Tom and Jerry cartoons than i watch. Same the story was classic, it's funny. Tom herits by the wishes of Aunt Harriet the sum of 1,000,000$ but with a condition, that Tom not hurt or kill a living creature, particularly a MOUSE.

    It's in this videotape with a great print (more better than DVD's) but with a poor sound that i discover the zany antics of the original Tom & Jerry made by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, but consequensly, this video series are very longtime out-of-print and very hard to find, despite the repeated demand to restored and remastered all Tom and Jerry cartoons UNCUT and in a better condition than we have on DVD now!moreless

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