Tom and Jerry

Season 1 Episode 3

The Night Before Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1941 on CBS
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The Night Before Christmas
It's Christmas Eve, and Jerry is playing around the Christmas Tree. Jerry accidentally wakes up Tom, and a chase begins, ultimately taking Jerry out into the snow, and Tom shutting him out. Tom starts to regret this, however, and at the same time, Jerry starts to freeze...moreless
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  • this was a good ep

    in this chrismas special of tom and jerry its snowing out and jerry acidently wakes up tom and the chase begins they start going all over the place jerry electricutes tom and also hits him with a boxing club that came out of a present. and then jerry runs and he gets throw out side through the mailbox thing in the door and then jerry he is freezing out side and he is going to die sorta but then tom starts to go comfort himself by the fire and then tom starts to feel remorse and then he runs out side in the snow to save jerry and he looks like popcial and he is put by the fire and then tom gives him a candy cane and then jerry takes out the mouse trap in his milk andthen jerry takes the chesse off the trap and then it plays a chrismas song. this was a good epmoreless
  • A very special episode of Tom & Jerry.

    This episode of Tom & Jerry is very very touching! First we see Jerry fooling around with the Christmas presents (stuffed animals, dolls, ornaments, etc.) which is amusing to watch. Next he wakes up Tom, and the cat and mouse fight begins. Eventually, Jerry jumps out through the door's mailbox slot, Tom blocks it, and begins to take a nap by the fire. The chorus sings "Silent Night" and Tom begins to feel worried about Jerry. Eventually, he "saves" him, and warms him up by the fire. I really enjoyed watching this episode, and it definitely showed the caring side of Tom and even Jerry.moreless
  • It\\\'s truly touching!!

    Our everyday hectic life puts us under the grinding stone and all of us have nearly forgotten to smile. We really do need episodes such as this to perk up our spirits. Tom and Jerry is in all respects a legendary show and this episode being the diamond among the stones.

    This show reveals us the true meaning of love, selflessness and friendship. On the one hand it is an excellent illustration of how special the festival of Christmas. It momentarily obliterates the arch rivalry between the two hilarious protagonists of the show. The spirit of Christmas is far more special than their perrineal rivalry. The episode starts like any other ordinary Tom and Jerry episode. Jerry notices a cheese shaped gift and he jumps over Tom. Tom is awakened and thus begins the classic cat and mouse chase- so realistic and so funny. Over the course of the chase Jerry is almost run over by a toy train but he escapes. Ultimately however he is thrown out of the room by Tom. The only small sliding portion of the door(used to slide in letters probably) is blocked off by all furniture and poor jerry can no longer enter the room. He is stranded outside on a chilly Christmas Eve night. From now on the special part of the episode begins. Tom is happy. He has the warm room all to himself and he lies down in a luxurious cot. He however can’t sleep with ease. He gets up and bites his nail. Slowly he removes the furniture and with the aid of a sweetmeat stick he leaves the sliding door open. He silently walks back to his bed with his eyes half closed seeing what is to happen. Nothing happens even after a long time. He is now really nervous. He wipes off the dew and looks outside. What he sees shocks him. Jerry is lying frozen outside buried under the snow. He carries him inside and warms him by the fire. Slowly Jerry recovers. Tom then gives him a can of milk and waits. After he is sufficiently normal, Tom finally relaxes and is about to sip his own can of milk when Jerry spills it. Tom gives him a surprised and angry look. Jerry then reveals that the can had a mouse trap and his tongue would have been ripped off if not for him. Both then begin to enjoy candy sticks and the episode ends. Within just five minutes, they succeed in bringing us to tears and the lessons for eternity are taught in those special moments presented in a simple and hilarious yet very very powerful way.

  • MGM's "The Night Before Christmas" are surely the best designs and background in the world of animation. This is also a very special Tom and Jerry episode that you're not regularly watchmoreless

    This cartoon are so beautiful we're like an impression that coming recently, but we're wrong!!! (Thanks my God!) This cartoon is made in 1941 and have the best design and background of all-time in the Animation.

    It's Christmas Eve and for Tom and Jerry, that's a another day for bicker. But this time, he's learn of course without speaking, the true meanings of Christmas after Jerry has frozen outside in the house and that Tom try to forget him. I like also the Tom's "RRrrrrr!" in this film. That's very natural and hilarious.

    This is the first Tom and Jerry cartoon that have a good friendship/relationship and i say and i repeat: I love now the early Tom and Jerry cartoons not only for the main characters, very natural and far of the most-common Tom and Jerry unfortunately most marketing anyway we're we know (just check the horrible censors over him on DVD) but also for the timings (per example in "The Midnight Snack")

    "The Night Before Christmas" worth that receiving a Academy Award nomination but lost by a Walt Disney cartoon named "Lend-A-Paw", a cartoon most refering to this Tom and Jerry cartoon.moreless

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