Tom and Jerry

Season 1 Episode 11

The Yankee Doodle Mouse

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1943 on CBS
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Episode Summary

It's not an ordinary cat-and-mouse chase between Tom and Jerry now. This time, it's an all-out war! Using everything from hen grenades to cheese graders to wooden boards to dynamite to fireworks, Tom and Jerry battle each other to the very end...
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  • One of the most violent, yet most lovable episodes in "Tom & Jerry" history!

    This episode was soooooooooo amazing and I loved it! I hated the blackface gag because I think that's gross and racist. But I found this episode as one of my top favorites. I love how Tom gets killed in the end, and Jerry urges more cats to bring.
  • Definitely one of the most violent episodes... and one of the most exciting!

    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, and apparently, the mouse is leading him to the "Cat Raid Shelter". As soon as Jerry dashes in, he releases a tomato that hits Tom right in the face! And that's when the ultimate war begins! Tom launches numerous attacks on Jerry, but the clever mouse is always ready for them, backfiring them on Tom! From cheese shreaders, to dynamite, to fireworks, to hen grenades, Jerry eventually wins the intense and violent war against Tom with a final bang of attaching Tom onto an American Flag firewok and blasting him into the sky with an explosion of briliant colors!

    This was most certainly one of my favorite episodes, with all of the violence, action, and excitement you can get! It's definitely no wonder that this episode won an Accademy Award; and it by far deserves it!moreless
  • My review of the first Academy-Award winner Tom and Jerry cartoon

    This cartoon make a hilarious consistent of the Wartime. Instead that playing with really arms, guns and tanks, that's with everything in the house. Overall, The Yankee Doodle Mouse was a violent but interesting Tom and Jerry cartoon because i admire the shadow effects over the characters. Besides, the Tom and Jerry design of this cartoon are a crossover between the 1940-1942 and the 1944-1945. Consequensly, the Tom of this episode start to be more walk with two feets instead to fourth like in the early firsts (That's also similar in The Lonesome Mouse). I love this episode because was considered like a sneak peek for the future years of this series. Is it necessary to repeat that Yankee Doodle Mouse are the first Academy-Award Winner Tom and Jerry cartoon?moreless

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