Tom and Jerry

Season 2 Episode 57

Tot Watchers

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 1958 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Babysitter Jeannie, still attached to the phone, unintentionally forces Tom and Jerry to take care of the baby, who still keeps getting into mischief.

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  • This is the last original Tom and Jerry by Hanna/Barbera

    In their final cartoon, Jeannie are in charge to guard the baby during the absence of his mother, but meanwhile Jeannie is too tied up to talk on telephone but often disturbed by Tom that she's believe he's hurt the baby. And so, the baby decided to walk in the street until a construction site. For a last time, Tom and Jerry unite there strenghts to find the baby... if only he's have none unexpected incidents in the construction site and arrested by the police for kidnapping.

    Tot Watchers is a peaceful Tom and Jerry cartoon. I believe the characters developped over the situations often impredictables. In court of the series, Tom and Jerry appeared togheter in all of 114 cartoons, (the end-40's are often considered the bests) seven Academy Award winning, six nominations and a last incursion in widescreeen before a long rest. More, he's returned in 1961 with the direction of Gene Deitch, in 1963 by Chuck Jones and ended in 1967 after the release of fourteenth-seven more cartoons without winning the pleasure of the early firsts.

    I think Tom and Jerry, in occurence, have one of best odd couples of all-time and have a important place in the American Comic Duo with Abbot and Costello and Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis teamsmoreless

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