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Tom Goes to the Mayor

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Tom Peters is full of ideas. The Mayor is eager to embrace almost any proposal, as long as it is accompanied by a snazzy Powerpoint presentation or a cool musical number.

Tom Peters is a would-be entrepreneur and civic do-gooder in the eccentric small town of Jefferton. He brings his crackpot ideas to The Mayor, who invariably endorses them. From there, the show explores the comedic possibilities of government machinations, provincial thinking and tragically misguided civic pride.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the show's creators, met in 1994 as college freshmen at Temple University, helping each other out on film and video coursework. After graduation, they continued to work together, working in both New York and Philadelphia on strange short films. One of their first projects, Tom Goes to The Mayor, a short, dry conversation about a proposed buffet restaurant, was included in Penn University's Institute of Contemporary Art and selected by the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema as a short film. In 2001, Tim and Eric compiled "Tom" and several others shorts onto a tape that they sent to all their comedy heroes, including Bob Odenkirk. He liked it. Together, these three developed Tom Goes to The Mayor as a TV series, which they pitched to Adult Swim, while Tim and Eric continued to make short films and perform in comedy showcases. In early 2004, Adult Swim gave the greenlight to the series.

Tom Goes to The Mayor has a unique animation style. Tim and Eric take still photographs of real actors, processing them with a computer filter. The various still poses are strung together to tell the story, in a fashion not unlike a school filmstrip. No "lip flap" and very little actual movement of arms, legs and objects are used. As a result, the series sets a new definition for the phrase "limited animation," and establishes a compelling visual style.

The show was renewed for a 17 episode second season which began on June 5, 2006 and concluded on September 25, 2006.

Season 1 and 2 DVDs are due out by Spring 2007 according to Tim and Eric's website.

Theme Song Jefferton alive! Jefferton alive! The Mayor: (spoken) Hi. I'm the Mayor, and my door is always open for you! Jefferton alive! Tom Peters: (spoken) My name is Tom Peters and I'm full of ideas. Community spirit! The Mayor: (spoken) Hi, how are you? (laughs) Shopping! Food! Free to be, Being free, Jefferton alive!moreless

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  • Ron Lynch

    Ron Lynch

    Voice of City Council Member

    Tim Heidecker

    Tim Heidecker

    Voice of Tom Peters

    Craig Anton

    Craig Anton

    Voice of City Council Member

    Eric Wareheim

    Eric Wareheim

    Voice of The Mayor

    Stephanie Courtney

    Stephanie Courtney

    Voice of Renee the Receptionist / Joy Peters

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    • Grandma is showing some leg in the rocking chair. Nobody has picked up that cat vomit on the windowsill. The baby is eating the TV antennae. WE WATCH AS THE INEVITABLE ENTROPY OF THE SUBURBAN LIFESTYLE PLAYS ITSELF TO DEATH VIA PRIDE, VANITY, AND SLAPSTICmoreless

      This show would never admit its profundity. But it is profound, and it is special, and it is telling the truth in a form that is capable of more truth than anything before it. All of the elements of society are pared down to their base elements of snapshot, jingle, and lingo. All of Tom's heroic intentions are written into silly songscapes, etched in a t-shirt, and talked into paperwork. There is no truth. There is no pity. There are just whispered ideas and the roar of implementation. The visual structure of the show, the snapshots, capture perfectly the banal poses of suburbanites and they act out dust storm after dust storm. The families are dirty and disjunct, the joys are vain and masturbatory, and the conclusions are inevitable. I love this show. And these three guys are in a groove like they would not believe. I consider this show a "DONT MISS."moreless
    • Animation At Its Worst...

      It is bad enough Cartoon Network has relegated the finest Animes to the "dead zone" of late night on weekends, but to put on a show that is so unwatchable, it makes Robot Chicken look like Grey's Anatomy, that's a cardinal offense!

      Tom Goes To The Mayor is a pointless AND humorless show that makes no sense, as if the stoners from "Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle" decided to make a cartoon just out of boredom.

      There is NOTHING funny about this show and the sooner the few "fans" of this trash realize it, the better.

      I hope that this show will get the help it truly needs, by getting canceled!moreless
    • I have never seen a show like this one -- I love it! Even though it may not appeal to everyone, its writing, pacing, and wonderfully twisted style is genius creativity, in my opinion. Bravo!!moreless

      I have never seen a show like this one -- I love it!

      Even though it may not appeal to everyone, its wonderfully twisted style is bordering on genius creativity, in my opinion. The writing, timing, and pacing of these episodes are exceptional. Bravo to Tim, Eric, and everyone else on the show who is responsible for this terrific and loveable madness! For this type of show, Tom Goes To The Mayor speaks to me in every way!!moreless
    • If you don't like it.....

      You need some serious help in the satirical comedy department. go watch some Mr. Show, Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, Ali G and anything else twisted or extremely funny and you will understand this show. The jabs it takes on the mid and lower classes and the utter randomness and craziness are to die for.
    • It's a crude style of animation that must allow for optimum personal spending, since they obviously dont fund the show much. The humor is quick and witty and catchy as well. The long pauses are hilarious, and the skew they put on pronouncing certain wordsmoreless

      It's a crude style of animation that must allow for optimum personal spending, since they obviously dont fund the show much. The humor is quick and witty and catchy as well. The long pauses are hilarious, and the skew they put on pronouncing certain words is also a hit. You mnay get discouraged at first, but it draws you in, and then know.
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