Tom Goes to the Mayor

Season 2 Episode 1

My Big Cups

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Jun 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Overall a quirky tale of creative tragedy with a comedic flavor.

    My Big cups, another odd and tacky idea from main character Tom Peters. This episode featured a muscial from the infamous Sir Mix alot,and his interest in things that are rather large. The short promo rap done by Mix was the best part for me. The man has got the rythm. The rest of the episode had random tid bits of awkward humor and the occasional 1 second laugh. Voices were as always well done, and colorful. Guest appearance by mix alot made the episode most notable. Overall a quirky tale of creative tragedy with a comedic flavor. The banter between Tom and the Mayor is dependably inept, suiting of the themes of this episode.
    Once again this was a flamboyant trip to Jefferton that managed to capture the imagination of its audience, poking fun at everyday absurdities.
  • I love my big cups! This is the episode that got me hooked to the series.

    I watched this episode on Friday Night Fix, and believe me, it did not diaappoint.
    Complete with macaroni art, big cups, and Sir-Mix-A-Lot, it was a comedy frenzy.
    The best part?
    I couldn't pick between Married News's corespondent asking a non-talking girl what she felt about losing, or asking random people what they thought of My Big Cups
    I intend on watching this series for a long time.
  • Featuring a special guest appearance by Sir-Mix-A-Lot!

    In this episode Tom Peters takes it upon himself to open a new store in the Jefferton Mall - My Big Cups. These cups hold 1.8 litres of soda, and include a handy disposable paper cup and plastic baggie for the .2 litre left over from a 2 litre bottle. They include special pictures of large national monuments and natural attractions like the Grand Canyon or the Empire State Building.

    Personally, I was fascinated by the idea of big cups. I\'ve always been a big fan of the Super Big Gulp from 7-11, and if given the chance I probably would have picked up a few Mount Rushmore cups for my personal collection. I\'m also a big fan of lots of ice in my soda, so the big cup comes in very handy at keeping things cool.

    Anyway, in the episode things go horribly wrong when the Mayor decides to host a great big party of lizard monsters at the mall and all the cups get eaten. Well, not really, but the monstrously hideous Joy Peters makes an appearance and ruins everybody\'s fun so it\'s kind of close.