Tom Stone

CBC (ended 2003)


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Tom Stone

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TOM STONE is the story of a Calgary ex-cop, ex-rig worker and ex-con who gets recruited to work undercover for RCMP Corporal Marina Di Luzio, a commercial crime specialist from Toronto. Between them, they go places that Marina's official counterparts can't, catching the bad guys who usually get away -- criminals with influence and money: the ones who consider themselves above the law. While Tom is happy to be out of jail, he's not so happy under Marina's controlling thumb. And sometimes undercover life deals out a rougher hand than even Tom bargained for. He wants out. And he wants his family land back. He needs money, and he needs to stay out of jail. Unfortunately, to accomplish these two objectives he needs Marina. And Marina needs Tom -- as much as she hates to admit it. She's got confidence, attitude and smarts but she's stuck in Calgary, and the only way out is gaining recognition for solving the high profile cases the city seems to attract. But she's frustrated because no one seems to be cooperating with her desperate agenda to get out of Cowtown. Jack Welsh wants to help them both. Especially if it helps him. And as it turns out, keeping the duo together and working in Commercial Crime in Calgary keeps him on the inside track when it comes to other people's money. And it's always about other people's money for Jack. Though Jack's far from a diplomat, once in awhile his larcenous skill set comes in handy, if there's something in it for him. While Tom and Marina battle each other, Calgary's RCMP Commercial Crime unit is in a whole different kind of physical and emotional turmoil. They've just moved to new offices and nervously await the arrival of their new Officer in Charge. Their worst fears are confirmed when Inspector Alexandra Black strides in and announces her bone-chilling plan to get rid of the deadwood and turn the unit into "a successful and functioning department of the RCMP." Alexandra keeps Sergeant Grant Davidson and unit clerk Amy Matuziak, scrambling as she threatens to send them both to the hinterlands. Their sense of impending doom creates some strange alliances throughout the course of the season ahead.moreless

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Drama, Suspense


Thrillers, Crime, Detectives