Tom Stone

CBC (ended 2003)


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  • A not-so-bad cop goes good to help out an RCMB cop trying to get back to Toronto after being sent to Calgery to help with "special project" cases.

    I really like the concept of "Tom Stone" or "Stone Undercover" as we know it in the United States. Each show had a fairly in depth story line which required Tom and Marina to work together, while often at odds with each other. The other minor characters are what I feel really made up the show. Amy, the secretary in season one, forced to study for the RCMP exam in season two, Jack (played by veteran actor/director Stuart Margolin), who often aided Tom in some of the undercover aspects of cases (which often turned bad by some weird chance) and my favorite character, Grant Davidson, who in season one was a new father, often seen sleep deprived or weating baby spit-up. In season two, the new comander of the unit was constantly trying to move him to other cities, because she felt he was too old to work in "her unit". Unfortunately, this show only lasted for two seasons. I would loved to have seen more.