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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Safados na pista
      Safados na pista
      Episode 28
      Arnaldo is riding his bike in the dark and is run over by Mario Jorge. Meawhile, Copelia is forced to attend a rehab program to fight her sex addiction.
    • O Asilo das Almas Aflitas II
      Trying to escape, the exiled Janio invades Rita and Arnaldo's condo and takes Isadora, Tatalo and Adonis as hostages. Alvara calls the the local underground militia to capture him, while Copelia tries to help Janio.
    • O Asilo das Almas Aflitas
      Claiming the Jambalaya Towers have their sovereignty threatened, Alvara tries to create a new security tax. Janio, one of the tenants, fights her decision, and in result is thrown out of the building. Copelia decides to give him asylum in Celinha's condo, from where he starts a campaign against Alvara.
    • A Gravidez das Coisas
      Mario Jorge starts a new business venture selling tombs, but he ends up selling one that already had occupants. Meanwhile, a halloween party starts to make things turn weird.
    • Eu Também Compro Essa Mulher
      A millionaire who used to be friends with Mario Jorge offers a million dollars to sleep with Rita. He asks for Isadora's help, and Alvara makes up some huge debts of Arnaldo's to help convince his wife.
    • A foca no armário
      A foca no armário
      Episode 23
      The families decide to start a new diet supposed to give them "light"; meanwhile, they inherit a seal from a late circus owner.
    • Cada qual tem seu preço
      Trying to stop a dangerous criminal from moving to the building, Alvara tries to convince the neighbours to vote against his presence. Celinha and Mario Jorge don't think twice before accepting, but Adonis' new girlfriend is the criminal's daughter.
    • As duas faces de Celinha
      Genevieve, Mario Jorge's mother, announces she's going to choose an heir. Isadora and Tatalo join forces to persuade their grandmother to choose them. But things get messy when Celinha, who had always been Genevieve's favorite, suffers an accident that modifies her personality.
    • Tatalo Maos de Tesoura
      Tatalo decides to become a hairdresser, and opens a successful salon. He soon earns the nickname Tatalo Scissorhands. Deise surprises everybody by announcing her impending wedding.
    • Alvara é um show
      Alvara é um show
      Episode 19
      Alvara decides to try her hand at singing, and everybody is forced to go to her show and buy the DVD. Isadora becomes the cultural director of the apartment complex.
    • Bodas de Latão
      Bodas de Latão
      Episode 18
      Celinha and Mario Jorge plan a special dinner to celebrate their 10th anniversary; Rita and Arnaldo announce they're also having their 10th anniversary, and intend to celebrate at the same dinner, spending no money. Meanwhile, Adonis is in love with the daughtger of dangerous criminal.
    • O Melhor Alfredo
      O Melhor Alfredo
      Episode 17
      The families decide to be part of a toilet paper marketing campaign, under Alvara's suggestion. Each of the two couples is supposed to create a new ad for the product, and the best one will get the hefty prize.
    • Repondez Sil Vous Plait
      The famlies are going to a wedding. But trouble begins when the groom finds out his bride has dated Mario Jorge and Arnaldo, and the bride finds out her groom has dated Rita and Celinha.
    • A Bicharada em Festa
      A senator's wife convinces the families to take part in a social project: staging an educational play for children. But there's something behind the apparent good intentions.
    • Entre Quatro Paredes
      Electrical problems cause Rita and Arnaldo to lose their apartment, and the couple is forced to stay with Celinha and Mario Jorge.
    • O anel que tu me deste
      A popular band is invited to perform in the dedication of the Big Alvara, the mini sports arena Alvara is building in the woods behind the building.
    • A alma boa do bloco H
      Isadora gets engaged to the 'guy next door', a very nice but nerdy neightbour who's been in love with her forever. The news take everyone by surprise.
    • Família é Quadrilha
      Adonis is publishing a book about the crazy lives of his families, but Alvara decides to support another teenage writer. The families are surprised by the news that an American producer is coming to choose which of the books will become his next movie.
    • A tal da metalinguagem
      Dr. Percy writes a soap to be starred by Mario Jorge and Rita, what makes Celinha very jealous.
    • Os politicamente esquecidos
      Deise's cousin comes to the Jambalaya to confront her neighbours for treating her with prejudice. Afraid of the repercussions, Alvara hires the woman to lead the new politically corret policies in the building. An announcement from Bozena surprises her employers: she's pregnant, and will now require a special work regimen, besides new clothes and healthier food.moreless
    • Doze horas para salvar seu casamento
      Dr. Percy organizes a meeting for couples, with the purpose of strenghtening marital bonds and reuniting husbands and wives. Copelia is called to help, acting as a sexual therapist. Meanwhile, Tatalo's twins have infected everyone with lice.
    • Só dei falta agora, Dona Álvara!
      The families visit Alvara's home and discover several items that had been stolen from their apartments. Alvara admits she's a cleptomaniac. At the same time, to be ellected building manager one more time, she tries to change the rules by bribing the tenants.
    • O Rouxinol do Jambalaya
      The families will discover Bozena is a fabulous singer, and everybody will try to take advantage of her.
    • A Garota da Capa
      A Garota da Capa
      Episode 5
      A famous topmodel comes to visit the families, but her psychological problems soon become evident.
    • Cada Macaco no seu Galho
      Dr. Percy suggests Adonis should write a book to get rid of his problems. To the horror of the grown-ups, the boy decides to tell everything about the two families. But the book falls into the hands of a gossip journalist, who wants to print all the sordid stories in her paper.moreless
    • A Bolsa ou a Vida
      The economy crisis is still affecting the families. Celinha and Bozena join forces to bake and sell coconut sweets, while Tatalo starts working for Alvara, dealing with illegal gas, power, and water services. Meanwhile, Deise cuts the tires of Arnaldo's car because he was parked out of place. Arnaldo, Rita, Celinha and Mario Jorge decide to sue Alvara.moreless
    • Por Causa da Maionese
      While Celinha prepares a special dinner for Mario Jorge to celebrate their anniversary, Isadora and Tatalo discover there's a terrorist on the run who looks just like Arnaldo - and there's a $5 million reward. The neurotic Dr. Percy joins the Jambalaya crew.
    • Cada Vez Mais Pobres
      The financial crisis reaches the Jambalaya. Arnaldo looses his office and must see his clients at home. Mario Jorge becomes a contractor in the building. A friend of Ladir's brings astonishing news.
    • To be anounced
  • Season 2
  • Season 1