Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 2 Episode 17

Fly High, Heli Falcon (Takaku Maiagare, Heri Farukon)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jul 25, 2009 on TV Asahi
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Fly High, Heli Falcon (Takaku Maiagare, Heri Farukon)
Jun tells Tatsuya that he's always wanted to pilot Jet Falcon. Meanwhile, one of the Jakasts suggests making a tiny Fire Majin instead of the usual large ones. Sakaen creates Natsukazeen, a virus Majin. While Yuma and Ritsuka work on a cure, the rest of the team goes to help the peole in the city. The cure is ready, but is must be tested first. Tatsuya exposes himself to the virus, allowing Ritsuka to test it on him. By morning, Tatsuya is cured, allowing Jun and Tsubasa to use Jet Falcon and Heli Falcon to disperse the medication around the city. Natsukazeen is enlarged but Jun and Heli Falcon soon destroy it. Jun comes to respect Heli Falcon despite it's small size.moreless

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  • Heli Falcon to the rescue!

    An interesting episode that turns the normal format of this series on it's head somewhat. Instead of creating ever larger and more powerful Fire Majins to fight Rescue Fire, Sakaen, or rather one of the Jakasts comes up with the idea of creating a small one, so small that it's a virus that can infect humans. Now, Rescue Force viewers may remember that Neo Thera tried viruses a few times, but never really like this. I got a real sense of the danger and race against time to find a cure.

    Although we've heard nothing of it until now, Jun apparently has a man crush on Jet Falcon because... it's bigger than his. His Heli Falcon that is. Anyway, we get some good fight scenes here as the team splits in two to battle and work on the cure. This all culminates in Tatsuya sacrificing himself to the virus so he can act as a test subject for the cure. This is definately what we'd expect from him; doing whatever he needed to protect people. However, as Taiga points out, a rescue worker's life is still valuable and should not be risked on a whim. Tatsuya explains later that it was all he could as everyone else was needed to do other things. Strangely, he's all but saying that he, the leader and main character of the series, is the most expendable member of the team. Regardless, the cure works of course and everyone gets better after it is distributed around the city. I was concerned about the lack of other rescue workers on the scene (paramedics etc) trying to help people. There were some beautiful shots of Heli Falcon dropping the cure on the city and the battle against the now giant Fire Majin was a rare case of it defeating a monster on it's own.moreless
Masanori Mizuno

Masanori Mizuno

Jun Watari/Fire5

Sho Kubo

Sho Kubo

Tatsuya Homura/Fire1

Yu Kawada

Yu Kawada

Yuma Megumi/Fire2

Yu Nakamura

Yu Nakamura

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire3

Masataka Fujishige

Masataka Fujishige

Riku Taiga

Shizuka Nakamura

Shizuka Nakamura

Tamami Sugiyama

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Tatsuya's medical monitor reads "Disease: the cause is uncertain". However, the cause is far from uncertain; it was Natsukazeen.

    • All the infected people in the city were apparently left wherever they fell overnight while Rescue Fire worked on developing the cure.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sakaen: (to a group of Jakasts) Does anyone have any good plans?
      (the Jakasts put their hands up)
      Sakaen: (pointing) Yes, that Jakast?
      (the Jakast gets up and mimes it's plan)
      Sakaen: (translating the mime) Against big vehicles, don't use big things. Try attacking with a small Fire Majin.

    • Sakaen: (having explained the Jakast's plan to Donkaen) ...that's the plan I thought up. I'll give the damn humans a taste of scorching pain.
      Donkaen: Oh, that's a pretty smart plan for you. Very well, I'll leave it to you this time.

    • Jun: I love Jet Falcon!
      Tatsuya: Then you should have piloted Jet Falcon.
      Jun: I can't. I can't replace Tsubasa. Oh, no. It's because Tsubasa in Jet Falcon is just really cool.
      Tatsuya: But why do you like Jet Falcon that much? Heli Falcon is also an amazing vehicle.
      Jun: That's true... Oh! I know I'm taling about myself... but I think it's mre cute than anything. I'm not joking. I've always been short, so I hate it when people call me "cute". Maybe that's why I like Jet Falcon.

    • (Tatsuya wakes up seeing Jun standing over him)
      Tatsuya: Jun...
      Jun: Are you an idiot, Sempai!? Why were you so reckless!?
      Tatsuya: That... was the only thing I could do. I can't nurse... like Yuma can. I'm not smart... like Ritsuka. Or even like Jun or Tsubasa... I can't fly in the sky and disperse the medicine. That's why I... did what I could... in the best way I could.

    • Taiga: (to Tatsuya) We were saved by your recklessness this time. But, Tatsuya, I will not accept this kind of rescue again. Listen, Tatsuya, your life is also a precious life that is worthy of being protected. You can't save the lives of others if you don't value your own. Don't forget that.

    • Tatsuya: Today's disaster prevention course. When playing with firecrackers, be with an adult.
      Yuma: Check to make sure fireworks are okay in that area.
      Tsubasa: Have a bucket with water ready.
      Taiga: When finished, everyone should help clean up.

  • NOTES (8)


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