Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 2 Episode 50

Make A Miracle: The Blue Pearls (Kiseki o Okose: Aoki Tama)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 20, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Make A Miracle: The Blue Pearls (Kiseki o Okose: Aoki Tama)
Rescue Fire lays badly injured after the Three Commanders attack. Donkaen creates a second sun, causing Extreme Fires and widespread panic. Osakabe heads for UFDA HQ where he meets with Tatsuya and tells him that not even Fire Phoenix and Great Wyvern GX can bring Donkaen down. Later, Naoshi spills water on the stone tablet, revealing more information about the ancient warrior and the blue orbs. Tatsuya visits the others in hospital and gives each of them a blue orb, just as the ancient warrior did with his friends. Soon, Tatsuya is forced to fight the Extreme Fires alone. His hard work makes the blue orbs react. The recovered team, sans Yuma, reunites with Tatsuya and helps him to put of the fires. Yuma arrives just in time to save Tatsuya from falling debris. All the fires are put out, but Osakabe orders Great Wyvern GX into space to bring down Donkaen...moreless

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  • Rescue Fire lives!

    Coming from the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode, I wasn't expecting the team to be killed off, although Yuma heading for a happy ending with Tama would have been the prime candidate to snuff it in this episode. He didn't of course, but I do like that they showed a lot of the team in hospital and Yuma getting defibrilated to revive him, agains showing that behind all the glory of saving people and even the flashy CGI of the series, firefighters are real people and can get hurt and die just like everyone else. In between, we get some nice information on the ancient warrior, who wasn't alone in fighting the Jakaen and gave his four friends the blue orbs. I could see where that was going straight away with Rescue Fire being a mirror of the ancient warrior's team, but I really liked the scenes of Tatsuya going to each of the others in turn, pouring his heart out even though they couldn't hear him and giving them each a blue orb. The action was just as good with Tatsuya trying to fight the fires alone, but I wonder how Q-suke can drive without being able to operate any of the car's controls. It was nice, if a little predicatable, that the team would recover and come to help Tatsuya. Finally, Great Wyvern GX sets off into space, setting up the final episode.moreless
Masanori Mizuno

Masanori Mizuno

Jun Watari/Fire5

Sho Kubo

Sho Kubo

Tatsuya Homura/Fire1

Yu Kawada

Yu Kawada

Yuma Megumi/Fire2

Yu Nakamura

Yu Nakamura

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire3

Masataka Fujishige

Masataka Fujishige

Riku Taiga

Shizuka Nakamura

Shizuka Nakamura

Tamami Sugiyama

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Q-suke is able to control Rescue Dash1/Fire Dragon without seemingly being able to reach the pedals or turn the steering wheel. Previously, he has been inserted into the steering wheel to interface with the computer systems, but this may only work when a human driver is present.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Newsreader: The sudden appearance of a second sun is having effects all around the world. In every country, people are collapsing from heat exhaustion. People are panicking. The casualties from Extreme Fires are terrible. All we can do is pray that the badly injured members of Rescue Fire recover quickly.

    • Osakabe: Taiga. How are your members?
      Taiga: Ritsuka, Tsubasa and Jun's wounds aren't life threatening, but they are badly hurt and haven't recovered consciousness.
      Osakabe: And Megumi?
      Taiga: He's very badly hurt. It seems that he's in critical condition. All we can do is believe in Yuma's Rescue Soul.

    • Osakabe: We have identified the second sun.
      (Osakabe shows Tatsuya satellite footage of the second sun forming)
      Tatsuya: Donkaen! So Donkaen is behind this... Director, at this rate, the Earth will be burned up by Donkaen! Let's deploy Fire Phoenix and shoot him down!
      Osakabe: Even if we use Fire Phoenix's main cannon, we cannot shoot him down.
      Tatsuya: Then we'll use Great Wyvern GX!
      Q-suke: We still don't know if that's enough to bring him down. Also, Yuma and the others are still unconscious!
      Tatsuya: Isn't there anything we can do!?

    • Asuka: (translating the stone tablet) The hero collected the five orbs. he kept the Friendship orb for himself. he gave the Faith, Purity, Love and Joy orbs to his four companions. Then they sealed Donkaen.
      Naoshi: So the hero didn't seal Donkaen by himself!?

    • Tatsuya: (to the unconcious Yuma) Sempai... Sempai, you... understood me from the beginning, didn't you? And... you always gave me advice. Sempai, I considered you to be like a big brother. Because Sempai was there for me... because you gave me your support... I was able to succeed as Fire1. Sempai, I believe in your Rescue Soul. (gives Yuma a blue orb)

    • Tatsuya: (to the unconcious Ritsuka) Ritsuka. You have a clear mind and a calm composure... I was saved by all the times you scolded me. At first, I wanted to perfectly complete missions like you... but after being touched by your pure heart, I finally became someone you could respect. (gives Ritsuka a blue orb)

    • Tatsuya: (to the unconcious Tsubasa) Tsubasa. You acted sardonically and didn't acknowledge me as Fire1, but... I acknowledged you, Tsubasa. You were tough yet graceful. You were someone I could always rely on. Plus, despite saying you hated children... seeing Tsubasa work so hard for children; to me, that's true love. Tsubasa... please accept this orb. (gives Tsubasa a blue orb)

    • Tatsuya: (to the unconcious Jun) Jun. When you called me Sempai... do you know how happy that made me? Since then, I've thought of you as a little brother. I don't have a family, so seeing your smile made me happy. Not just me... Your joyous face always healed the five of us. This is for you. (gives Jun a blue orb)

    • Tatsuya: I have to eliminate all the Extreme Fires for everyone! I... I... I will rescue them!

    • Yuma: Fire2 has arrived! Sorry to keep you waiting, Tatsuya! Your fiery Rescue Soul gave me the power to come back from death!
      Tatsuya: Sempai!
      Yuma: Okay! Let's put out this city's fires!
      Tatsuya: Roger!
      Yuma: But first, return my Rescue Breaker.
      Tatsuya: Okay!

  • NOTES (8)

    • Final Rescues used:

    • Rescue Vehicles used:
      Rescue Dash1.
      Rescue Dash2.
      Rescue Dash3.
      Rescue Dash4.
      Rescue Dash5.
      Fire Dragon.
      Dozer Dragon.
      Turbo Dragon.
      Jet Falcon.
      Heli Falcon.
      X Dragon.
      Gaia Leon Beast Mode.
      Great Wyvern GX.

    • The Rescue Eye computer display shows the locations of 24 Extreme Fires in the vicinity of Tateishi City.

    • The newsreader uses the phrase "Extreme Fire" in her report, indicating that the term is commonly accepted and the presence of the Jakaen is widely known amoung the general public.

    • The stone tablet reveals that the ancient warrior did not work alone in his battle against the Jakaen, but he had four companions, each of which he gave one of the blue orbs.

    • The characters that glow on the stone tablet translate as "friendship", "pure" ("purity"), "love", "joy" and "believe(able)" ("faith"), all words that appeared on the five blue orbs when they were found. The sixth word, "braver", refers to the ancient warrior.

    • The full passage from the stone tablet reads "The Braver had the "Friendship" ball, gave his four colleagues the "Believable", "Pure", "Love", "Joy" balls. At last they sealed Donkaen in the glacier".

    • In giving the blue orbs to his comrades, Tatsuya gives "Joy" to Jun, "Love" to Tsubasa, "Purity" to Ritsuka and "Faith" to Yuma. He kept "Friendship" himself, as the ancient warrior did. Whether he intended each person to have a particular orb is unknown as they do not display their words all the time. He may have just distributed them at random.


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