Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 2 Episode 51

The Final Decisive Battle: Explosively Extinguish Donkaen! (Saishū Kessen: Donkaen o Bakuchin seyo!)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 27, 2010 on TV Asahi
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The Final Decisive Battle: Explosively Extinguish Donkaen! (Saishū Kessen: Donkaen o Bakuchin seyo!)
Director Osakabe sends Rescue Fire on its way to destroy Donkaen. Fire Phoenix and Great Wyvern GX lift off for space. Rescure Fire attempts a Final Rescue on Donkaen but it doesn't work, leaving the Rescue Dash vehicles trapped, but Taiga rams Donkaen in Fire Phoenix, freeing them. After regrouping, Fire Phoenix, Super Jet Falcon and Super Fire Dragon attack Donkaen again, freezing three of his heads. Rescue King then cuts the heads off but it becomes trapped behind Donkaen's sun. The others send their blue orbs to Tatsuya, powering up Rescue King, but tatsuya offers Donkaen a final chance instead of delivering the final blow. Donkaen refuses, so Tatsuya seals him, but doesn't destroy him. Donkaen drifts into space, as Tatsuya vows to help humanity and fire live together. Later, Yuma and Tama get married and Taiga temporarily breaks up the team to allow them to rest. They all go on to do important jobs involving fire safety, with Tatsuya and Q-suke travelling the world to ensure that Donkaen's words don't come true. Rescue Fire... Explosively Completed!moreless

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  • Explosively completed!

    Wow, what an episode. Obviously, this being the final episode of Rescue Fire, and of Tomica Hero for the foreseeable future, it was going to be good. Plus, Takara has already proved it can do epilogue episodes with Rescue Force last year. The first half of the episode simply action packed. We had a good space battle episode before, but this, involving Fire Phoenix and all the other Vehicles is just stunning to watch. The CGI is beautiful as always and only the physics of fighting in space would let it down, but it's not a major issue. After that spectacular fight, theres a surprising twist where instead of destroying Donkaen, Tatsuya gives him a second change and then only seals him when he refuses. This strangely means that none of the enemy leadership is actually destroyed. I liked how it was done though, with all the team using the power of the blue orbs just as the anicent warrior did, thus completely the circle. There's some good dialogue as well, with Donkaen warning Tatsuya that if he fails to make fire and humanity coexist, he will be back. Something to look forward to. The second half is "what they did next", with everyone getting new jobs, although they're all fire related. I've really enjoyed Rescue Fire this year, much more than I thought I would after the awesome Rescue Force. I'm really going to miss having a Tomica Hero Series to watch this coming year, but hopefully there'll be another someday.moreless
Masanori Mizuno

Masanori Mizuno

Jun Watari/Fire5

Sho Kubo

Sho Kubo

Tatsuya Homura/Fire1

Yu Kawada

Yu Kawada

Yuma Megumi/Fire2

Yu Nakamura

Yu Nakamura

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire3

Masataka Fujishige

Masataka Fujishige

Riku Taiga

Shizuka Nakamura

Shizuka Nakamura

Tamami Sugiyama

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    • Osakabe: To the members of Rescue Fire: Earth's fate depends on you. Carry out the mission! Save the Earth! Final mission: bring down the second sun, and explosively extinguish Donkaen!

    • Taiga: But how do we defeat Donkaen in his complete form?
      Tatsuya: We have our Rescue Souls and the power of the blue orbs!
      Jun: But... how!?
      Tatsuya: I have a good idea. Please leave it to me!

    • Tatsuya: Donkaen, why do you hate humans so much? Because they sealed you several thousand years ago!?
      Donkaen: Shut up! There is no lifeform as ugly as humans!

    • Jun: Sempai, no matter what happened, you would overcome it with a smile.
      Tsubasa: Tatsuya, right now you are Rescue Fire's trump card.
      Ritsuka: Tatsuya. It's thanks to you that we made it this far.
      Yuma: Tatsuya. We've faced Extreme Fires. We are always together! (holds up his blue orb) A heart that believes!
      Ritsuka: (holds up her blue orb) A pure heart!
      Tsubasa: (holds up his blue orb) A heart that loves!
      Jun: (holds up his blue orb) A heart of joy!
      Yuma/Ritsuka/Tsubasa/Jun: (together) Blue orbs, go to our friend!
      Tatsuya: (with all the blue orbs) A heart that cares for its friends. It's thanks to everyone being there. It's thanks to everyone supporting me... that Rescue Fire is able to save the people of the world! All this power comes from my friends! It's the power of our five hearts!

    • Donkaen: Why lower your sword? Showing pity to the fallen?
      Tatsuya: No! Donkaen! Why won't you consider coexisting with humans?
      Donkaen: Coexist? Don't make me laugh! I healed my broken body at the bottom of the magma. As I built up my energy, I heard the Earth's screams. Because you humans use fire for the wrong reasons... the Earth is currently being destroyed. There is no way I can coexist with you damn humans!

    • Donkaen: You're sealing me without finishing me!?
      Tatsuya: Humans are not foolish! if used properly, fires and humanity can burn on eternally. I will rescue the Earth from its pain!
      Donkaen: The moment those words become false, I will revive once more.
      Tatsuya: I know. Donkaen.

    • Osakabe: Final mission clear! The Earth's future rests with you now.

    • Taiga: I have something to tell you all. Today, Rescue Fire will temporarily break up. You guys need a break.
      Yuma: But, I'm not tired.
      Taiga: I believe the long battle with the Jakaen has left some damage to the heart. Until the day we reunite as Rescue Fire, each of you shall polish your Rescue Soul!

    • Jun: I'm the helicopter unit captain, Jun Watari! I want to use this newly formed helicopter unit to save many lives. Everyone, let's get along!

    • Tsubasa: Won't you work for the UFDA too? I'll be waiting... for the Final Rescue in your eyes.

    • Ritsuka: You're late! Move faster! Do you think you can rescue people like that!? Go home if you're not motivated!
      Recruit: I'm motivated! I will definately become a rescue worker!
      Ritsuka: If you keep that up, I'm sure you will.

    • Taiga: (giving a lecture) IPPC's report on the Earth... shows that the Earth's average temperature has risne by 0.74C. The speed of this change has never been seen on Earth before. It is believed our energy usage contributes to the Earth's temperature change. We live on the third planet in the Sol System. There is more than just the human race. All life on this planet depends on the Earth.

    • Tatsuya: (in a ltter read by Ritsuka) Hello. Is everyone doing well? Q-suke and I are doing great. Time sure flew by, didn't it? It's been a year since you all saw me off. As I travel the Earth, I've been thinking about Donkaen's final words. "The Earth screams because of the humans' incorrect way of using fire". It's true that I saw it with my own eyes. But... I can't give up. For all life that resides on the Earth, for the smiles of the children. Along with the people I meet, we find new ways to use fire. Together, we think of how we can get along. So tha I can do my best as a Rescue Fire member again I will keep my Rescue Soul burning. I look forward to the day we meet again.

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