Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 2 Episode 49

The Greatest Crisis: Donkaen, Complete Revival (Saidai no Kiki: Donkaen, Kanzen Fukkatsu)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 13, 2010 on TV Asahi
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The Greatest Crisis: Donkaen, Complete Revival (Saidai no Kiki: Donkaen, Kanzen Fukkatsu)
After defeating Joukaen, Donkaen emerges and heads for a lake where he believes a blue dragon lies dormant. He send the Three Commanders to kill it while he goes to find the fifth. Naoshi and Asuka reveal new information on the locations of the blue dragons so Rescue Fire heads out to find them. Tatsuya and the others arrive at Lake Motosu and fight the Commanders and the Jakasts who are trying to evaporate all the water. Fire1 X is defeated by Ukaen, but the blue dragon in the lake appears and saves him. The Commanders combine into a large Fire Majin and attack the blue dragon. Rescue Fire uses Great Wyvern GX to freeze the lake to put out the fires. In Mongolia, the UFDA's chief, Reiji Osakabe, is caught up in Donkaen's attack and fights to protect the locals. Donkaen leaves when he doesn't find the blue dragon. Rescue Fire learns that Asuka's pendant is the fifth dragon so she releases it to help the other dragon and Great Wyvern GX fight the Fire Majin. The two dragons then enter the X Basher with the others. The Commander use the last of their strength to attack Rescue Fire, with Yuma taking a direct hit and the others being badly hurt. Donkaen creates a second sun...moreless

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  • Dragons galore!

    Once again I find myself not so much agreeing with the Jakaen's argument, but I certainly understand it. They see the humans use of fire to cook or make war as an abuse of their species, and quite rightly. They are really only defending themselves. It would only be like all the animals in the world rising up against humans for hunting, eating, making clothes and experimenting on them for centuries. Just because the Jakaen are fire, something we don't consider as being alive, although in many ways it can be said to be, is this situation different. For someone whos appeared in the opening titles since the beginning of the series, Reiji Osakabe sure hasn't done alot to earn that honour until now. Tama sure took her sweet time getting back to Yuma on his marriage proposal. I can't remember how many episodes ago it was, I'd almost forgotten the whole thing. The scene with the two of them just before Yuma leaves on the mission that makes the guy smell of 'dead meat' as when something good is going to happen to him, he'll usually get killed beforehand. True enough, Yuma, and surprisingly four of the others as well, get badly hurt in the Three Commanders final attack. We have to wait until next week to see who makes it. This was a good episode for trivia, such as ancient Japanese goegraphy and the series backstory of the blue dragons and the ancient hero, and also there are some great visuals during the battles, both on land and in the air with Great Wyvern, the dragons and Fire Majin. With the appearance of Donkaen's second sun, things should be hotting up next week!moreless
Masanori Mizuno

Masanori Mizuno

Jun Watari/Fire5

Sho Kubo

Sho Kubo

Tatsuya Homura/Fire1

Yu Kawada

Yu Kawada

Yuma Megumi/Fire2

Yu Nakamura

Yu Nakamura

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire3

Masataka Fujishige

Masataka Fujishige

Riku Taiga

Shizuka Nakamura

Shizuka Nakamura

Tamami Sugiyama

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (0)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Naoshi: A stone slab from the pyramid shows where the ancient hero met the blue dragons.
      Asuka: (working a computer screen) This is it. Four places called Ryuu no Taki, Ryuu no Numa, Ryuu no Sumika, and Ryuu no Mizuumi. The hero met four blue dragons here. In the end, the hero found the fifth blue orb in his home country.
      Tatsuya: So far, that's where we found the other blue dragons!
      Yuma: So that means the fourth blue dragon is...
      Asuka: At Ryuu no Mizuumi.
      (Asuka's map zooms in)
      Taiga: What is this giant lake!?
      Naoshi: It's now known as the Fuji Lakes... the ancient Fuji Lake was a single giant lake but Mt. Fuji's eruption turned it into five lakes.
      Ritsuka: So one of the Fuji Lakes...
      Tsubasa: This might be related to Mt. Fuji's eruption.

    • Tama: Yuma!
      Yuma: Tama!
      Tama: I have something important to say.
      Yuma: I'll hear your reply to my proposal when I get back.
      Tama: Return safely, okay?
      Yuma: Roger!

    • Sakaen: Today is the day that we truly revive!
      Jun: What!?
      Sakaen: In the magma, Donkaen has built up his power. He has revived!

    • Chukaen: The completely revived Donkaen will easily burn up all humans today! We fight for our own self-preservation! We won't lose! This time, we will finish things!

    • Ukaen: Now that Joukaen is dead, the revived Donkaen relies on us! He powered us up!
      Tatsuya: Jou... Joukaen is dead!? Joukaen.
      Ukaen: You will die too!

    • Ukaen: Our wish will now come true! We'll burn up the humans!
      Tatsuya: That won't happen as long as I'm here! Why take revenge on the humans!?
      Ukaen: Why!? It's because you humans use fire for evil! You selfishly use the flames you create!

    • Sakaen: Humans act like they're better than their fellow lifeforms on Earth!

    • Chukaen: You humans use fire to cook your food. Now you will know what it feels like!

    • Ukaen: We are born from the hatred of all those creations! We burn away the corrupt humans from the Earth!
      Tatsuya: Do you actually believe what you're doing is right!?
      Ukaen: Shut up! We will stop humans from destroying the Earth! It's obviously right!
      Tatsuya: Humans... are not that foolish!

    • Osakabe: (looking at the back of his hand) I swear by this wound... I won't let anyone get hurt!

    • Osakabe: (to Taiga) Donkaen has appeared in Mongolia. However, once he learned that the blue dragon was not here, he disappeared.
      Taiga: What do you mean?
      Osakabe: The blue dragon sensed danger to itself, so it changed itself into the fifth blue orb.
      Taiga: Then, that one was in Mongolia?
      Osakabe: Yeah. Apparently, it is something passed down to each generation in this village.
      Naoshi: Ahh! Could it be, that pendant is the fifth blue dragon!?
      Taiga: Brother, what do you mean?
      Naoshi: Asuka's pendant! They gave it to me when I was at that Mongol village! They said it'd be useful for finding the blue dragons!
      Osakabe: I see... So that's what happened.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Final Rescues used:
      Great Wyvern GX's Great Hurricane/Great Wyvern Attack.

    • Rescue Vehicles used:
      Rescue Dash1.
      Rescue Dash2.
      Rescue Dash3.
      Rescue Dash4.
      Rescue Dash5.
      Fire Dragon.
      Dozer Dragon.
      Turbo Dragon.
      Jet Falcon.
      Heli Falcon.
      X Dragon.
      Gaia Leon Beast Mode.
      Great Wyvern GX.

    • The Three Commanders suggest that all fire, especially that created by humans to cook food or to make war, bears an inherent hatred against humans for what they see as the abuse of their species.

    • For the first time, the faces of Rescue Fire, or at least those of Fire2 and Fire3, are visible through their Fire Suit helmet visors.

    • With only four orb slots on the hilt of the X Basher, the fifth orb sits at the tip of the blade.

    • As the fifth blue dragon/orb was located in Mongolia, it can be assumed that the ancient warrior that sealed Donkaen and Joukaen was from that country.

    • It is revealed that Asuka Taiga has been unknowingly carrying the fifth and final blue dragon/orb around with her since the search for them began. She was given it by Naoshi after he visited the Mongol village that Donkaen attacked.

    • The four places that the ancient hero met the blue dragons are all located in central Japan on the largest island, Honshu.


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