Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 2 Episode 47

The Hijacked Fire Phoenix (Nottorareta Faiā Fenikkusu)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Feb 27, 2010 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The Hijacked Fire Phoenix (Nottorareta Faiā Fenikkusu)
Rescue Fire defeats Joukaen and his latest Fire Majin. The gravely injured Joukaen vows to defeat Rescue Fire and puts the Three Commanders to work. Tatsuya takes a group of children on a tour of Fire Phoenix with their teacher Mie. The Jakaen appear in the city. As Rescue Fire fights them, Joukaen infiltrates Fire Phoenix and takes the children hostage along with Taiga when he tries to negotiate. Rescue Fire defeats the Commanders but they are prevented from summoning their Vehicles by Joukaen. The Jakaen even take their Rescue Megaphones, Jet Caliburs and Dash Vehicles. Even without their tools, the team continues to try to save trapped people, even inspiring the locals to help out too. With the people safe, the team goes after Fire Phoenix but its Safety Field is up. Tatsuya tries to get in but Joukaen targets him with Fire Phoenix's weapons...moreless

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  • Joukaen's revenge.

    An action-packed episode. Joukaen is now dying as a result of repeated battles with Rescue Fire and comes up with what will probably be his final action. After creating a distraction with the three Commanders, he manages to infiltrate Fire Phoenix by what seems like hitting one unarmed guy and climbing a fight of stairs. Security? Who needs security on a flying fortress that could destroy the world!? Obviously, the situation wouldn't be threatening enough with a group of wide eyed school kids being put in danger as well, resulting another appearance for Mie, Tatsuya's old friend who chocolate dumped him in the previous episode. I liked the scene in which Joukaen got the team to put down their changers, something he's actually managed before, but here he takes their powers and, to add insult to injury, takes their cars as well, so they have a long walk back to Fire Phoenix. In true Rescue Fire spirit, the team continues to try to rescue people even without their powers and inspire the people around to help in a nice touching scene. We get a fair amount of backstory on Joukaen, someone who until now hasn't been much more than a talking thing for Rescue Fire to fight. Mie and Joukaen's discussion raises an interesting point. Both humans and the Jakaen originate on Earth and they both therefore have a right to exist there. The Jakaen are not alien invaders bent on conquest of someone else's home. They are already home. No one has so far even considered why they are fighting and what could be done to stop it. Now, apparently, according to Joukaen, humans were the ones to start this war. A very surprising twist comes with Naoshi's revelation that during the ancient war between the humans and Jakaen, Joukaen had actually tried to stop it by getting both sides to talk. Unusually, this episode ends on a cliffhanger with Tatsuya running at Fire Phoenix's changed weapons. The next episode should be awesome!moreless
Masanori Mizuno

Masanori Mizuno

Jun Watari/Fire5

Sho Kubo

Sho Kubo

Tatsuya Homura/Fire1

Yu Kawada

Yu Kawada

Yuma Megumi/Fire2

Yu Nakamura

Yu Nakamura

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire3

Masataka Fujishige

Masataka Fujishige

Riku Taiga

Shizuka Nakamura

Shizuka Nakamura

Tamami Sugiyama

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • For a flying battleship that could destroy the world, Fire Phoenix has very lax security during a crisis. Joukaen is only shown encountering three unarmed UFDA workers as he enters the base.

    • Joukaen is able to watch Rescue Fire working from Fire Phoenix without there being any recording devices present at the scene.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Joukaen: Damn Rescue Fire! I'll never forgive them! Never! (a feather fall from Joukaen's head) This body... won't last much longer? But... it won't end like this! I swear I will bring down Fire1 and Rescue Fire!
      I will burn up the humans' world!

    • Sakaen: If only Donkaen were revived...
      Ukaen: ...Joukaen wouldn't be as cocky as he is now.
      Chukaen: He's not in command!
      Joukaen: Not in command? You three will work to death today!
      Chukaen: Work to death? No thanks!
      Joukaen: Then you will die here.
      Chukaen/Sakaen/Ukaen: (together) Die here? We will work to death!

    • Yuma: (to the children) At this cafeteria, you can have Japan's... no... the world's best food! But... today, this cafeteria's best... no... the universe's best mascot girl... has the day off and isn't here! Oh, Tama!

    • Tsubasa: Captain, is it really okay to let children come here?
      Taiga: Why not? Look... at those children's shining eyes. One of them might be a future Rescue Fire member.

    • Kid 1: I'm definately joining Rescue Fire.
      Tatsuya: I'll be waiting then.
      Kid 1: I'll use Vehicles or Tri-Basher to beat the Fire Majins.
      Kid 2: I'm also kicking the Fire Majins' butts!
      Tatsuya: Hey, the Fire Suits and Vehicles don't exist for defeating the Majins.
      Kid 2: But you defeat the Fire Majins, right?
      Tatsuya: The Fire Suits and the Vehicles exist to protect people from Extreme Fires. Understand?
      Mie: Even the finest tool would be a terrible weapon in the wrong hands. Instead of defeating Majins, or saving people from fires. Because Tatsuya and the others have these feelings, the Suits or Vehicles can be reliable tools.

    • Joukaen: (watching Rescue Fire try to save people) Without tools, they can't do anything.
      Taiga: You don't understand. To them, the Fire Suits and Vehicles are only a part of their power. They don't believe that there's nothing that can be done. Their faith that something can be done becomes a powerful strength for them. Unlike you guys... who can think of nothing but burning up the world... this is a wonderful power that you will never have.

    • Taiga: Just what are you planning to do next?
      Joukaen: First, I will use this base's weapons to eliminate those eyesores, Rescue Fire and Europe's Rescue Force. Then I'll use the Vehicles to turn the world into a sea of flames. I look forward to seeing the humans suffer.
      Taiga: Rescue Fire's Vehicles exist to save people's lives.
      Joukaen: But... if I use them, they will become weapons for making humans suffer.

    • Mie: Why? Why do you hate humans so much?
      Joukaen: Why?
      Mie: We're fellow lifeforms on Earth, why can't we get along!?
      Joukaen: It was you humans who trampled on that sentiment first!
      Taiga: What!?

    • Naoshi: Saeki, during a second examination in Egypt, I learned a surprising fact. Please tell Riku as soon as possible.
      Saeki: Surprising fact!?
      Naoshi: In the past, during the war between humans and Jakaen, there was someone in the Jakaen who tried to solve that conflict through talks.
      Ritsuka: There was someone in the Jakaen like that?
      Jun: Who was it?
      Naoshi: Joukaen.

    • Joukaen: You humans say nothing but sweet things. But at the bottom of your heart, there are nothing but dirty thoughts. You're cowards! I hate Rescue Fire for saving those humans!

    • Naoshi: I don't know why Joukaen has such a grudge against humans. But... at this rate, our greatest hope, Fire Phoenix...
      Saeki: ...will be humanity's greatest threat.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Tama does not appear in this episode except in Yuma's brief flashback. He mentions that she has the day off.

    • Final Rescues used:
      Super Jet Falcon's Super Aurora Break/Super Falcon Attack.

    • Rescue Vehicles used:
      Rescue Dash1.
      Rescue Dash2.
      Rescue Dash3.
      Rescue Dash4.
      Rescue Dash5.
      Jet Falcon.
      Heli Falcon.
      Super Jet Falcon.

    • Tapping the wheel on the left side of a Fire Suit's helmet cancels the transformation.

    • Fire Phoenix is shown to have a Safety Field barrier much like those previously seen on the Rescue Dash Vehicles.

    • It is shown that several communal areas including Tama's cafeteria are a part of Fire Phoenix, as opposed to being part of the surrounding building complex.

    • Naoshi reveals that during an ancient war between humans and Jakaen, Joukaen had actually been the one to try to stop it using talks. Presumably these talks failed and Joukaen and the rest of the Jakaen were sealed by the ancient warrior who wielded the Ryudouken, now the X Basher.

    • Mie, Tatsuya's friend from the Himawari School previously appeared in Episodes 13, 25, 37 and 38. Since her last appearance, she has become a teacher at the school.


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