Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 1 Episode 50

The Last Decisive Battle! Combine All The Vehicles (Saishū Kessen! Subete no Bīkuru o Gattai seyo)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 21, 2009 on TV Asahi
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The Last Decisive Battle! Combine All The Vehicles (Saishū Kessen! Subete no Bīkuru o Gattai seyo)
After Batsu disappears, Rescue Force recovers Maare, San and Sica to analyze their memory files. They come to the conclusion that Batsu is right; humanity will destroy the Earth. Batsu returns all over the globe to begin destroying the world. The main Batsu is located, but their only a slim chance of stopping him; Great God Striker, the combination of all the Rescue Vehicles. All five Rescue Force members and Vehicles form Great God Striker, which successfully destroys Batsu. However, he revives. Unable to use another Super Final Rescue, Great God Striker is forced to retreat until Hikaru rallies everyone into one more try. The others get Hikaru inside Batsu's shield. Batsu is destroyed, saving the world and ending the battle against Neo Thera. The team are reunited, their journey almost over...moreless

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Bunko Ogata

Bunko Ogata




Sica (voice)



San (voice)



Maare (voice)

Yu Hayami

Yu Hayami

Captain General Natsuno Nanbu/RU

Hiroaki Iwanaga

Hiroaki Iwanaga

Eiji Ishiguro/R5

Keiko Sakai

Keiko Sakai

Batsu (voice)

Guest Star

Sayuri Shirai

Sayuri Shirai

Naomi Okamura

Guest Star

Naoko Watanabe

Naoko Watanabe

Ritsuko Kanzaki

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Juri says that she is a beginner vehicle operator, but during the pilot selection phase for Rescue Saver, both she and Rei were considered for the position as they were qualified vehicle pilots.

    • Strangely, Rescue Force has to go to the trouble of extracting video footage of Batsu from the android's memories. As R1 and R2 spoke with Batsu in the previous episode, there should be plenty of video footage already as their helmets are equipped with cameras.

    • Batsu's vessels are shown destroying Tokyo and New York, but also a desert and the polar ice caps, although as natural areas relatively free of human civilisation, there was no reason to attack them.

    • Although Batsu's ships were shown to be attacking New York, when the ship disappeared there appeared to be little to no damage to the skyscrapers beneath it.

    • Although Hikaru and Kyosuke are supposed to be in these vehicles, Rei and Juri appear to be sat in Core Striker Max and Core Diver/Saver respectively as they disengage from Great God Striker (note the bodywork colours as the camera sways; blue for Rei and silver for Juri. They should be red and white for Core Search and Core Aider).

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Naomi: A nano computer from 600 million years ago. That's the true identity of that light form.
      Hikaru: (to Kyosuke) Sempai, nano computer?
      Ritsuko: It's bacteria sized computers.
      Ishiguro: It was so long ago. Just who had such a high level of technology!?
      Ritsuko: Batsu is composed of nano computers. He's not swayed by emotion... as he makes all decisions.
      Naomi: And his calculation ability is beyond the computers we use.
      Nanbu: In other words, you're saying Batsu's results are correct?
      Ishiguro: We humanity will someday destroy the Earth?

    • Ishiguro: (watching Batsu attack the world) It's like the end of the world...
      Ritsuko: The simultaneously occuring extreme disasters around the world are being caused by the light forms which are Batsu's offshoots.
      Naomi: They're all being controlled by the main body of Batsu, which is above Tokyo.
      Nanbu: So if we destroy Batsu, the others would lose control?
      Ritsuko: However, Batsu is protected by a shield.
      Naomi: That shield cannot be broken even if we used all our Final Rescues.
      Hikaru: Then how do we defeat him!?
      Nanbu: Great God Striker.
      Hikaru: Great... God Striker!?
      Ritsuko: Striker, Diver, Saver and all the medium vehicles combioned into the ultimate vehicle. That is Great God Striker.
      Hikaru: Wow!
      Ritsuko: Great God Striker's ultimate Final Rescue... Super Final Rescue should be capable of destroying Batsu's shield.
      Kyosuke: Alright! A glimmer of hope!
      Naomi: But let me warn you... Super Final Rescue... can only be used once.

    • Nanbu: The operation is a failure! Retreat immediately!
      Hikaru: No!
      Ritsuko: The computer's result shows less than 0.1% chance of success!
      Naomi: Now that we can't use Super Final Rescue, we have no chance of winning!
      Hikaru: So what!? Computers!? Calculations!? We have always risked our lives on the slightest hope to save those who are suffering! Even if there's only a 0.1% chance... we'll make up for the rest somehow! That's how we've always done our best! We want to save others. As long as that passion is there, we can exhibit infinate power! That is Rescue Force!

    • Hikaru: Everyone, believe in me!
      Kyosuke: Of course, Hikaru!
      Rei: I will also risk it for you!
      Juri: I'll follow you, Hikaru!
      Ishiguro: Of course, I will too!
      Core Striker Max: It goes without saying, I approve as well!
      Hikaru: Thanks everyone! Alright, let's go!

    • Batsu: My calculations did not predict an attack like this!
      Hikaru: Your calculations were wrong to begin with! Humans have hearts for helping those in need! With that... even 0.1 can be changed into 100 or 1000! That's our Rescue Souls!

    • Ritsuko: Hearts that wish to help others. If everyone felt that way, even the future that Batsu calculated for the Earth... might be changed.
      Naomi: I'm sure the future can be changed.
      Nanbu: As long as Rescue Souls are in people's hearts.

    • Hikaru: Rescue Striker, Rescue Saver, Rescue Diver and all the medium vehicles in an Explosive Gattai. Great God Striker is completed! The ultimate giant vehicle!

  • NOTES (12)

    • Ishiguro's question of who had nano computer technology 600 million years ago would go unanswered, leaving Batsu's origin a mystery.

    • With Ishiguro/R5 already in the field, Nanbu approves the use of the Super Final Rescue.

    • Rescue Striker is apparently destroyed along with Batsu as only Core Striker Max is seen leaving the explosion.

    • Final appearance of Naomi Okamura and Ritsuko Kanzaki.

    • First full appearance of Core Striker Captain on the series, although it served as the cockpit of Zero Fire in Episode 45 and made it's full debut in Explosive Run! Tomica Hero Grand Prix. Here, it forms the cockpit of Rescue Crane.

    • This is the first time that Core Vehicles have been used to directly control medium-sized vehicles.

    • It is not made clear which Core Vehicles Rei and Juri use to pilot their Rescue Vehicles during the mission, but presumably R3 uses Core Search and R4 uses Core Aider.

    • During the mission, Juri/R4 pilots Rescue Shovel and Rei/R3 pilots Rescue Riser.

    • Enemy: Batsu.

    • Rescue Vehicles used:
      Rescue Striker.
      Rescue Diver.
      Rescue Crane.
      Rescue Riser.
      Rescue Shovel.
      Rescue Drill.
      Rescue Turbo.
      Rescue Saver.
      Core Striker Max.
      Core Diver.
      Core Striker Captain.
      Core Search.
      Core Aider.
      Great God Striker.

    • Rescue Cards used:
      Build Up - transforms Hikaru into R1.
      Change - transforms Kyosuke, Rei and Juri into R2, R3 and R4.
      Max Up - transforms R1 into R1 Max.
      Core Striker Max - Starts up Core Striker Max.
      Rescue Diver - Starts up Rescue Diver.
      Explosive Gattai - combines all Rescue Vehicles.
      Super Final Rescue - Great God Striker's Final Rescue.

    • This episode begins with a recap of the previous episode.


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