Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 1 Episode 52

Tomica Hero Rescue Force Explosive Movie: Rescue The Mach Train! (Tomika Hīrō Resukyū Fōsu Bakuretsu Mū

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Dec 20, 2008 on TV Asahi
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Tomica Hero Rescue Force Explosive Movie: Rescue The Mach Train! (Tomika Hīrō Resukyū Fōsu Bakuretsu Mū
Neo Thera plots to use a scientist, Matarou Madono, who wants revenge to sabotage the new Mach Train. Meanwhile, Rescue Force competes to win tickets for the train's maiden voyage. However, Hikaru and Kyosuke have used up their holidays already, meaning Rei and Juri get to go. While they are away, Ishiguro shows Hikaru and Kyosuke the new Rescue Vehicle, Rescue Diver, under construction. The Mach Train is stopped mid-journey by Madono's Metal Train, who then sends it on out of control. R1 and R2 try to prevent the impending disaster, but are stopped by an army of Axts. However, help comes in the shape of Reiji Osakabe and Zero Fire, who clear the line to stop the train crashing. R1 and R5 save the passengers but one, Miyuki and R1 are trapped on the train. After escaping, R1 and R2 battle the Metal Train with R0 and Zero Fire, eventually destroying it and turning Madono over to the former Madan Warriors.moreless

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  • Rescue Force... The Movie!

    As the first, and so far only, Tomica Hero movie, Rescue Force's big screen debut was always going to be a special event. My only hope was that it'd live up to the series that I'd enjoyed so much. I wasn't disappointed, this movie being exciting from beginning to end. The rescue of the runaway Mach Train certainly allows for plenty of action as the team first tries to get abaoard and then stop the train before it crashes at the end of the line. Watching in HD instead of the usual TV quality made all the difference and really added new depths to the look and feel of the costumes and the highly detailed CGI vehicles. As the movie is out of continuity with the series, certain things don't line up, such the debut of several new vehicles, which also debut in the series later, but that doesn't matter too much. One thing that doesn't however is R0, UFDA Director Osakabe's rescue form. For an old man, he certainly has a lot of fight in him and really makes his presence felt. There's also plenty of trivia and great dialogue throughout, which when combined with the good story and awesome special effects really make this movie a must see. Hopefully there will be more Tomica Hero movies in the future.moreless
Bunko Ogata

Bunko Ogata




Sica (voice)



San (voice)



Maare (voice)

Chiwa Saito

Chiwa Saito

Maen (voice)

Yu Hayami

Yu Hayami

Captain General Natsuno Nanbu/RU

Hiroshi Fujioka

Hiroshi Fujioka

Reiji Osakabe/R0

Guest Star

Ryota Yamasato

Ryota Yamasato

Doktor Madu/Mataro Madono

Guest Star

Kinuyo Kodama

Kinuyo Kodama

Miyuki Maijima

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Although the Mach Train was supposedly seperated between cars three and four, the complete train pulled into Nouvelle Ginza.

    • Core Striker Max's voice sounds different than usual as it announces the target lock for the Final Rescue.

    • It was rather reckless of Hikaru to push the Axt in front of the seperated train cars. A large metal object such as that could have derailed the train and killed everyone they were trying to save.

    • It is unclear how Osakabe got Rescue Riser, Rescue Shovel, Rescue Drill, Rescue Turbo and Rescue Drill out of Rescue Phoenix and into Zero Fire without Ishiguro knowing.

    • As in the series, shots of Core Diver inside Rescue Diver show the vehicle to be silver (Core Saver) not blue as was shown when Rescue Diver launched.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Nanbu: How did it feel to deploy after such a long time?
      Osakabe: Being at the scene really is a good feeling. And so, I... have decided that I want to try flying toward my dream. Working with them on this mission has finalized the decision in my heart.
      Nanbu: Then... that plan is finally...?
      Osakabe: Yes. These youths will surely establish a new era in rescuing. (points to a screen showing the Rescue Fire team)

    • Ishiguro: Everyone, listen carefully. Of the three connected cars, the front two have power cables. If these are separated, the electric system will short circuit. It might cause a fire. So we'll use Rescue Zamber to separate the connector between cars three and four. Car four should naturally stop once separated. First we must move all the passengers into car four. When all the passengers have been moved, we'll commence the operation.

    • Tatsuya: Following on from our Resuce Force sempai... we're Rescue Fire! Pleased to meet you. I'm Fire1, Tatsuya Homura. We're not going to lose to our sempai. We're going to extinguish those Extreme Fires! Let's work hard together. Tomica Hero Rescue Fire! Thanks to the work of out sempai, Rescue Force, the world should be at peace. But evil is at work again. The North Pole, where the evil Jakaen organization was sealed, has melted! Donkaen leads the Jakaen in their plot to burn up the world. They control Fire Majins and cause powerful fires called Extreme Fires in the cities. The UFDA has formed Rescue Fire for dealing with the Jakaen! Carrying on our Rescue Force sempai's sentiment, we use the latest vehicles and tools and our Rescue Souls to explosively extinguish the Extreme Fires!

    • (Ishiguro shows the team his Mach Train tickets)
      Juri: That's... Mach Train tickets!
      Ishiguro: That's right! The dream world express. Mach Train! I've obtained platinum tickets for it!
      Kyosuke: Is that good?
      Rei: That's amazing.
      Ishiguro: As a special reward for your daily hard work, I will give these tickets to you guys!

    • Ishiguro: Hikaru. Kyosuke. There's something I want to show you two.
      (the three enter a construction facility)
      Hikaru: So this day is finally here!
      Ishiguro: New vehicle: Rescue Diver. The manufacturing has entered the last phase of construction.
      Kyosuke: With this, we will be able to fly! We'll be able to fly through the skies!

    • Maddo: To the passengers of the Mach Train! This train will now be driven by the great genius scientist, Dr. Maddo! It will become an out-of-control train of fear! So... let's make this dangerous. Enjoy your unpleasant trip! Depart! Full speed ahead!

    • Hikaru: Sempai, 109 is...
      Kyosuke: ...the train that Rei and Juri are on!
      Nanbu: Those two including 163 other passengers are trapped in the cars. it's out of control because of Dr. Maddo's Metal Train. This train is pulling 109.
      Ishiguro: Dr. Maddo?
      Nanbu: To avoid train collisions, all other trains have been stopped.
      Kyosuke: But if it continues running like this...
      Ishiguro: Mach Train's end station is Nouvelle Ginza. If 109 goes plunging in...

    • Osakabe: (speaking into a radio) Zero Fire go!
      AI: Zero Fire Start Up.
      (Zero Fire arrives on the scene)
      Osakabe: Gate open!
      (Zero Fire's five trailer bay doors open)
      Osakabe: Riser, Shovel, Drill, Turbo, Dozer... Attack!

    • Osakabe: (producing a Rescue Card) Chakusou!
      Rescue Commander: Build Up.
      (a Chakusou Booth emerges from the back of Core Striker Fire and surrounds Osakabe, transforming him)
      Osakabe: R0... is here!

    • Osakabe: Dr. Maddo is actually the influential mechanical engineer, Professor Matarou Madono. He has a grudge against Mach Train for beating him in the bid for world express development.
      Nanbu: The railway company that manages Mach Train is at Nouvelle Ginza station!
      Osakabe: Right. Dr. Maddo's goal is to destroy the end station, Nouvelle Ginza Station! And having the other train go out of control is his way of making his Metal Train more appealing to the world.
      Nanbu: Then I will contact the global police, and have them on standby for arresting Madono.
      Osakabe: I'm heading to the scene. Keep the youngsters safe.

    • San: Considered one of the five fingers in the field of mechanical engineering... the extremely brilliant scientist.
      Sica: We are addressing Professor Matarou Madono, right?
      Madono: Who are you!? (Maen appears) What!? Something weird appeared!
      Maen: Spinning around with the world, the world express. For that project, they were going to use Professor Madono's cool Metal Train at first... But... they used this lame Mach Train instead. How mean!
      Madono: Thats right. I... hate the Mach Train! Someday I will have my revenge!
      Maen: Right! One order of revenge coming up!

    • Nanbu: An extreme disaster has occured. Rescue Force is needed. The out of control train, high-speed express Mach Train 109, departed Nouvelle Tokyo at 7.30.

    • Kenji: (to Dr. Maddo, who is hanging from Rescue Diver) Are you Dr. Maddo, Madono... Ma... Ma... Madono...
      Policeman: It's Mataro!
      Fudou: Mataro!
      Kenji: Mataro Madono, right!?
      Fudou: You are under arrest for driving Mach Train out of control!
      (Koichi rides up on a bicycle)
      Koichi: (ringing his bell for attention) What are you guys doing?

  • NOTES (23)

    • Osakabe's experiences on this mission finalized his decision to create a new team; Rescue Fire, as seen in the next series, Tomica Hero Rescue Fire.

    • Osakabe's mobile Chakusou Booth can be seen as an intermediate step between the fixed booths used by the Rescue Force team and the handheld Rescue Megaphone devices used by the members of Rescue Fire. It is unknown if someone else could use that booth to transform.

    • The radio that Osakabe uses to command Zero Fire and Core Striker Fire is the radio would normally be attached to his R0 helmet.

    • According to the tickets that Ishiguro had, the Mach Train is operated by the Bright Railway Co. Ltd. Bright Railway signage is also visible inside the train itself. The company is based at Nouvelle Ginza, the final destination of Mach Train 109.

    • The Mach Train that Rei and Juri ride is #109, suggesting that there are at least that many of them.

    • During the Mach Train ticket contest, each team member wears a jumpsuit and swimming costume in their respective Rescue Suit colour.

    • The first rock placed on the track resembles an Axt's head. The later rocks resembles Maen, Maare, San, Sica and another Axt.

    • The front section of Zero Fire opens in a similar manner as Rescue Striker to allow Core Striker Fire to exit.

    • Rescue Vehicles used:
      Zero Fire.
      Rescue Riser.
      Rescue Shovel.
      Rescue Drill.
      Rescue Turbo.
      Rescue Drill.
      Core Striker Fire.
      Rescue Saver.
      Core Saver.
      Riser Saver.
      Rescue Diver.
      Core Diver.
      Rescue Striker.
      Jet Vehicle Mode (Rescue Striker & Rescue Diver).
      Super Rescue Max.

    • Rescue Cards used:
      Build Up - transforms Hikaru into R1, Ishiguro into R5 and Osakabe into R0.
      Change - transforms Kyosuke, Rei and Juri into R2, R3 and R4.
      Max Up - transforms R1 into R1 Max.
      Rescue Riser - Starts up Rescue Riser.
      Hyper Up - Rescue Gattai. Combines Rescue Vehicles.
      Rescue Diver - Starts up Rescue Diver.
      Max Hyper Up - Max Gattai. Forms Rescue Max/Super Rescue Max.
      Drill Blaster - Super Rescue Max's Final Rescue.

    • At the end of the movie, the team dances to the second Rescue Force theme song, "The Life" by camino.

    • The movie is set just before Episode 39 of the series but is apparently out of continuity due to the differing introductions of Zero Fire, Rescue Diver and Rescue Zamber.

    • At the start of the movie, the team dances to the original Rescue Force theme song, "Story" by camino.

    • The Mach Train, apparently a supersonic train, travels from Tokyo, Japan, to various cities around the world with 165 people on board using a combination of raised, underwater and overland rail lines. Its final destination is Nouvelle Ginza Station, Tokyo.

    • The map of the Mach Train's route shows stops in Tokyo (Japan), Hawaii, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Miami (USA), Brasilia (Brazil), Durban (South Africa), Cairo (Egypt), Rome (Italy), Paris (France), London (UK), Moscow (Russia) and Beijing (China).

    • Zero Fire responds to commands with the same AI voice as Core Striker Max and the other small Rescue Vehicles.

    • Core Striker Fire, a Nissan 300ZX, resembles Core Striker Captain (which in turn resembles Core Striker) but with the addition of flame patterns on the bodywork. It also contains a mobile Chakusou Booth for Osakabe to become R0 and the Rescue Zamber.

    • The R0 Rescue Suit, presumably a prototype, differs from those of the Rescue Force team in that it has black and yellow accents on the body, gold armour and a red visor. "R0" is also written in red.

    • Here, R0 gives Hikaru the Rescue Zamber. In the series, it is given to him by Nanbu/RU with Ishiguro/R5 piloting Zero Fire.

    • Hiroshi Fujioka, who plays Reiji Osakabe/R0 here, previously starred in Kamen Rider as Takeshi Hongo, the very first Kamen Rider. He would later appear in Rescue Fire as Osakabe.

    • Shogo Yamaguchi, Gen and Kouhei Kuroda all cameo here as their characters from Madan Senki RyuKenDo (Kenji/RyuKenDo, Fudou/RyuGunOu and Koichi/RyuJinOu respectively), Takara Tomy's first series. Takao Handa, who played Dr. Worm in that series, also appears.

    • First appearance of R0 (pronounced R-Zero), Core Striker Fire, Zero Fire, the Rescue Zamber and Riser Saver, the combination of Rescue Riser and Rescue Saver.

    • Full Japanese title: Tomika Hīrō Resukyū Fōsu Bakuretsu Mūbī Mahha Torein o Resukyū seyo!


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