Tomica Hero Rescue Force

Season 1 Episode 51

You Are Tomorrow's Rescue Force (Kimi ga Ashita no Resukyū Fōsu da)

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 28, 2009 on TV Asahi
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You Are Tomorrow's Rescue Force (Kimi ga Ashita no Resukyū Fōsu da)
It's been a month since Batsu was destroyed as it's almost time for team to move on with their lives. The next team has already been selected. As their final act together, the team plus Ishiguro go to a local school to teach them about fire safety. Meanwhile, the Neo Thera androids escape and release a gas near the school that causes Hikaru and several children to become frightened. Eventually, after saving a girl from the rood, Hikaru overcomes his fear. He then takes Rescue Striker and a gas neutralizer to destroy the remaining gas. Later, the team goes their separate ways with even the androids finding work... Rescue Force... Explosively Completed!moreless

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    Bunko Ogata

    Bunko Ogata




    Sica (voice)



    San (voice)



    Maare (voice)

    Yu Hayami

    Yu Hayami

    Captain General Natsuno Nanbu/RU

    Hiroaki Iwanaga

    Hiroaki Iwanaga

    Eiji Ishiguro/R5

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      • Hikaru: In the final battle, we Rescue Force combined our powers and suppressed a major extreme disaster. It has been a month since then. There are no new extreme disasters and each day passes leisurely. And then, the time came for us to take a step forward.

      • Ishiguro: (handing a folder to Kyosuke) These are the new members appointed to arrive next week.
        Kyosuke: (looking in the folder) He's pretty handsome.
        Juri: (looking in the folder) She has something on her face! A girl who acts like me!
        Rei: You two...
        Hikaru: I see... they'll be my kouhai?
        Nanbu: But are you guys really okay with this? Members Jinrai, Kouzuki, Shiraki?
        Kyosuke: Yes, I thought long before making this decision.
        Rei: We are graduating from Rescue Force.
        Juri: But we are not graduating from the path of rescue. This will be a new challenge.

      • Ishiguro: Kyosuke is joining a local fire department.
        Kyosuke: Yes. I'll fight fires, you guys will explosively put it out. It may seem kind of plain, but I'll still be fighting disasters. I'll join with the city people and work hard in my own way.
        Hikaru: (trying not to cry) Sempai!

      • Ishiguro: Rei will become an instructor at a rescue training school.
        Rei: Yes. I'll work hard to raise out kouhai.

      • Ishiguro: And Juri...
        Juri: (giving Ishiguro her plate of food) Yes! I'll become Nancy's assistant. My goal is to be a future supreme commander. Oh? Why is everyone avoiding eye contact?
        Kyosuke: I didn't think she was serious...
        Hikaru: It'll be okay, Juri, I'm sure you can do it.
        Juri: Thank you, Hikaru. I'm going to work hard. Work hard!
        Nanbu: Ummm, Member Shiraki. Let me tell you now, when in public, don't call me "Nancy". Please address me as "Supreme Commander".

      • Hikaru: (to the out-of-power androids) Everyone, thanks!
        Maare: Actually... we knew... Maen is gone. But...
        Sica: ...this feeling...
        San: ...rescusing isn't that bad.
        Androids: (together) Don don... (batteries fail and they collapse)

      • Kyosuke: Hikaru, even apart, the five of us are a team. Call me anytime if you need me.
        Juri: Yeah. Even if you're a full-fledged member now...
        Rei: To us, you'll always be out kouhai, Hikaru.
        Hikaru: Thank you very much!

      • Hikaru: (to the children) Everyone, you'll be the future Rescue Force!

      • Kyosuke: Alright! Okay, everyone! Let's say that phrase!
        Rei: You know it, right?
        Juri: One, two!
        Everyone & the children: (together) Explosively completed!

      • Maare: (bringing Nanbu tea) It really is hard to find good help. Supreme Commander, thank you for taking us in as your apprentices!
        San: Hey! Who are...
        Sica: talking about!?
        Nanbu: (in perfect English) Take it easy.

      • Hikaru: But I still feel the same as that day. Even today, we fly to disasters around the world. The battle with extreme disasters continues...

      • Tatsuya: I'm Tatsuya Homura! I was assigned to Rescue Fire along with Yuuma and Ritsuka! Large vehicle Fire Dragon will do a lot! Everyone, cheer for us!
        Q-suke: New show: Tomica Hero Rescue Fire! A new enemy! Roar, Fire Dragon! Look forward to it!

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