Tommy Lee Goes to College

NBC (ended 2005)


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  • A joke

    but not bad. Enjoyed this show. LOVE TOMMY LEE!!! HATE THE CORNHUSKERS!!!!
  • legendary Rocker/drummer of motley crue Tommy Lee attends college in nabraska..

    this show was a personal favourite of mine , i love motley crue and tommy ,it aired late 05 in aus. i was disapointed to discover onli 6 or 7 eps were produced. i think if u make a show u sud make a go out it. the theme GOOD TIMES ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weas quite funni and interested to c hw tommy hopes with homework and hanging with his nerdy roomate and seeing his hot tutor... the over voice/narrator was a gem of a pick,, rock on this show ruled
  • Matt Ellis Tommy Lee Natalie Reidmann

    I loved this show. Obviously it\\\'s nothing deep and intellectual (even though it deals with college...) but it\\\'s hilarious and well worth watching. Finally we get a break from the string of reality dating shows they\\\'ve been pumping down our throats .... guess what, nobody cares if the Bachelor finds a girlfriend!

    This show is a definite guilty pleasure. Tommy is great - he messes up in marching band, correctly answers a question in Horticulture, and says \\\"killer\\\" a lot.

    Give this show a chance. I guarantee you\\\'ll get a good laugh out of it, and maybe like me, you\\\'ll be immediately hooked.

    9/10 (because nobody\\\'s perfect. and I hate the voice-over guy\\\'s voice)

  • Great reality show from the GREAT University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

    This is truly a great reality show. I enjoy watching it over and over and over again. I can watch the same episode 2 or 3 times in a row just so I can catch things that I might have missed. I think I have all of the episodes recorded and I watch them whenever there is nothing good on TV. It is always entertaining to me. I will also have my friends and family watch the episodes with me and try and get them hooked. So far everyone has because it is that good of a show. Look for it on the air or come over to my house and watch my DVD's.
  • Tommy Lee...... IN COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phbbttthhhhh!

    Puting Tommy Lee in college is stupid and I will say it again. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid
  • Saddest part of the whole thing, its going to be the high light of Nebraska!

    Tommy Lee, a party boy, thinks that he can go to a non-party school, and be taken serousily! Well he cannot! And a lot of the students said that the cameras are annoying as heck! Tommy even rejected roommates if they did not have any of his cds! When he found his roommate, he ask him what his GPA was, he said it was a 3.5, which is good, but Tommy thought that he was stupid! So his roommate had to explain it for him! Tommy needs to go to a super easy school. May I suggest pre-school, or is that too hard for him too?!
  • Tommy Lee Goes to College was last summers guilty pleasure of mine.

    When I first heard of this show I thought it was going to be a waste of time and energy to even just watch it. But come that first night I was watching it. And it was wasn't what I expected at all, with Tommy looking like he was actually trying to succed and working hard but all at the same time, funny. I also liked the fact that this show acknowleged that it was a corny reality show, by showing camera crew every now and then and coming off as sarcastic at times.
  • Great show, something new. Lets just say I love tuesday nights.

    I wasn't sure of this show when I first heard about it; however, after I watched the first episode I was hooked. It's not your average reality show, there is something about seeing a rockstar go through college that is interesting. Deffinetly worth a check out at the very least.
  • A completely contrived and pointless exercise. I\\\\\\\'d rather have a camera pointed in the direction of the sun than watch this crud.

    Tommy Lee is an over-aged, has-been from a not-so-good 80\\\\\\\'s rock band that seemed overjoyed that a network would actually entertain the idea that he be the focus of a \\\\\\\"reality\\\\\\\" (yeah right!) show. What\\\\\\\'s next? Alice Cooper going to work at the zoo?

    Ouch! That\\\\\\\'s all I have to say about it. No imagination and no brains. Period...
  • An excellent show with fun antics and a good looking tutor.

    “Tommy Lee Goes to College” is an excellent show that portrays Mr. Lee in an attempt to blend in at University with average American folks. He finds things are not always the same as in his mansion in Los Angeles.

    What makes this show great is that while Tommy Lee has fun at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, he does not make fun of Nebraska, or the University. Some expected the show to be like the one where the Hilton tramp travels around, making fun of everyone who is not a spoiled millionaire living in Beverly Hills. Instead, it portrays the famous rock star as having something to learn from these ‘normal’ people.
  • this show is so funny becuase hes so entirly useless

    Well, considering Motley Crue is my favorite band, i love this show. Tommy lee is old now, but he still tries to keep up with all the younge people at colledge. It was so funny when he tried to do sports. This is a classic show. While it last everyone should watch it.
  • In "Tommy Lee Goes to College," rock star Tommy Lee from "Motley Crue" at last finds time for college after living the fast life for two decades. Now 42, twice divorced and the single father of two boys, Lee could buy cars and date young women in

    This show is so entertaning but its not trying to be. Its very original watching a 42 year-old drumer of a 80's band try and make his way though college.

    But sadly its sad to know that Tommy Lee didn't make it through college, and by the way he is learning this stuff, I think either he is a really good actor or he never really learn it. And well with a hot tutor like that how could you not want to study??

    Its a good humorous show that at first was just a waste of nbc's "news" money, but after I acually saw the show I was trilled to love the show.

    Keep on rocking, old Tommy.
  • It was hilarious watching him do sports...

    Running for track (not very well I might add) or the synchronized swimming. The girls there were completely shocked by his "goods". I was pretty surprised to see Tommy Lee, Rock and Roll drummer do so poorly in band, but the people there could of cut him some slack. It's pretty admirable at his age to go back to school. It just goes to show it's never too late to do anything...or attempt to do something at least. I loved how he was digging the tutor he had. What it must be like to be Tommy's roomnmate...hmm. Hot girls, parties, rockstar...need I say more?
  • Rock dude goes to college!

    I first thought this show was going to be stupid and not worth watching through the commercials. I gave it a chance and watched it and it is the coolest thing! Imagine a famous rock star comming to your school to be your classmate. I find the show very entertaining to watch. If only more celebrities went back to school to learn to appreciate what they already have. My favorite part of the show was him moving in the dorms and the puzzled looks of all the current students. The teachers are pretty funny to because they remind me of some of the past teachers I've had before. Pretty cool show.
  • Way better than I expected.

    My initial thought when I heard about “Tommy Lee Goes to College” was that it would be another worthless piece of mental pornography like “A Simple Life”. I wondered why a decent, upright organization like the University of Nebraska would allow itself to be the butt of a Hollywood joke.

    Upon viewing, I was surprised on several counts. Tommy Lee seems willing to be the focus of the comedy. Rather than Simple Life’s “Look how ignorant everyone who is not a Beverly Hills millionaire” theme, this show goes to more of an “I never realized how much crap people put up with, and they aren’t even celebrities.”

    After putting up with the caustic personalities of reality beings like Gordon Ramsey, Simon Cowell, Richard Hatch and J.D. Fortune, and after suffering through the mindless lack of personality of Paris Hilton, Cathy Hilton, Tommy Hilfiger and Jessica Simpson, it’s nice to get a reality star who comes across as a polite, likable, nice-guy who seems to sincerely want to give it the “old college try”.

    I may be wrong, but as an early prediction, I can see Tommy’s roommate, Matt Ellis, in demand on other reality shows already.
  • Tommy Lee is possibly one of the best MUSICIANS alive.

    The new show is good but I had a hard time believing that he was having such a hard time playing the quads. (actually the ones he plays have 5 drums) Tommy Lee plays a drum set of at LEAST 10 pieces and you're telling me he is having trouble with quads!! No doubt it's hard but I will never believe that the same person who can pull off a 10 minute drum solo with double bass drums and 6 cymbals all while being flipped up-side-down cannot play the QUADS!! Not to mention that his timing is almost perfect. He also plays the guitar, bass, and has awesome vocals. Tommy Lee is what you call a MUSICIAN. There are not that many of those left. But as far as the show, at least he sees a need for school. Maybe it is all really a joke to him since he can probably BUY the University of Nebraska but if he is really there to learn I'll continue to watch. Besides he's pretty to look at and that doesn't hurt either.
  • I would have never have came up for something, in the catgorie of Reality

    As i a bass player, and a idol of many rock bands this would be the show for me. Watching your idol dish it out in what would be torture to the average man, now this kind of reality will keep the genre from dieing (as most people have heard). And i just hope that many people will find this show very satisfying to watch just as there own special college hang over was.
  • Not bad ... but the expected from Tommy

    Overall this show is not too bad, but it is Tommy Lee after all, and his focus on the tutor is kind of repetative.

    I truely believe he wants to get good grades, but did not really know or understand what he was getting into.

    I think the voice over or commentator is different, and that they focus on his popularity too much, but that could be due to a lack of content to put on the show, does anybody actually want to watch someone studing?
  • Tommy Lee goes to Collage to make people think hes smart.

    I personally think this show will Influence many copy cat shows like this show. I find this show Humorous and enjoyable. Its a verry good idea for a tv show. Tommy Lee seems like a good guy and i think he will do pretty well in his classes, expecially when he has that REALLY HOT TUTOR!!!!! I would presonally give this show a 9 out of 10. If your looking for a good show to watch and are tired of all of the other reality show that are not Original(unlike this one)watch this show!
  • Tommy Lee starts college...let the crazy moments begin.

    Im not a very big fan of reality shows, or Tommy Lee for that matter. But this new show was hilarious! It sheds a whole new light on Tommy Lee. The show was funny from the very beginning, from the voice of the narrator to the picking of roommates by Tommy Lee.

    If I had to find a negative point, it would be that there are only 6 episodes and its more than a little scripted. The show made half an hour fly by, and I cant wait till next week.