Tommy Zoom

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Tommy Zoom

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The BBC's animated children's show Tommy Zoom aims to positively influence kids to be more environmentally responsible humans. Tommy Zoom and his dog Daniel join forces to save the Earth from the destructive Polluto and his cat Smogg.


Tommy: Tommy is like any other young boy. Learning and living an ordinary life with his family and his pet dog, Daniel. He tries to the right thing must often needs help in doing so.

Tommy Zoom: Tommy Zoom is Tommy's animated alter ego (a similar manner that was used in TV shows such as Lizzie McGuire) who saves the world from danger and destruction.

Daniel the Dog: Daniel is ofcourse Tommy's faithful pet dog. Daniel often has to teach Tommy the bad things in life that he is doing. Animated Daniel can talk as well!

Polluto: Polluto is a destructive, dastardly and just plain evil alien who dreams of a world full of destruction, chaos and dispair. He and his sidekick Smogg are always defeated by Tommy Zoom and Daniel.

Smogg the Cat: Smogg the Cat is Polluto's sidekick in crime. As a running gag he never appears to talk, only make little grisly laughing once and a while. He is the main enemy of Daniel.

Theme Tune Lyrics:

Tommy Zoom! He's saving the planet With no-one to help him but Daniel the dog Tommy Zoom! He's looking for trouble But there's trouble to be found A sniff-a-wiff of a man and a mogg It's the evil Polluto and his sidekick Smogg Trying to put the planet into gloom But he can save the world Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Zoom!


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AIRED ON 2/17/2007

Season 1 : Episode 14