Toni Twin Time

CBS (ended 1950)




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Toni Twin Time

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Young, unknown Jack Lemmon hosted this weekly low-budget variety/talent show. Acting as hostess were the identically dressed and coiffured "Toni Twins", Arlene and Ardell Terry.

As was sometimes the case in these early years, the show seemed to be more about the program's sponsor than the entertainment. Using the catchphrase "Which twin has a Toni?", sets of twins were used to demonstrate how easy it was to give yourself a home permanent. At the top of the show, Lemmon would explain that one had a Toni home perm, and the other had spent a fortune at an expensive salon. Which was which? The audience, no doubt frothing at their mouths with curiosity, would know by the end of the show. The twin with the sad-looking, wilted and almost destroyed hairstyle was the one who'd gone to the pricey beauty parlor. Funny how that worked.

When not hawking hair products, Lemmon would perform with guest stars in small comedy sketches and songs.

Toni Twin Time aired on alternate weeks with What's My Line?