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PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1976 In Season


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  • News and information you won't find elsewhere

    I stay up late to see this show. 6am is too early to get up on Sunday! This is the only Black Talk Show to feature (pardon the expression) high brow discussion. I am far more interested in serious issues that affect the African-American community than the trash featured elsewhere. Some of Tony's guests are famous intellectuals, some are wing nuts and (alright I admit it) some are downright boring, but most of them never appear anywhere else on TV. Almost all his guests are of African ancestry, but he might, for example, feature a white author of a biography of an unknown (to me) scientific pioneer like Benjamin Benneker. Mr. Brown treats everyone with respect (even if what they say is total nonsense), and offers exposure to a Black Culture that is beyond pop culture. If you want to hear Black people discuss topics that range beyond music, sports and "relationships." this is the only place to find it.