Too Close for Comfort

ABC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Lisa Goes Lottery Loco
      Everyone but Henry gets caught up in scratch off lottery fever, and Lisa is excited when her single ticket wins $5. However, things quickly get out of hand when she secretly begins spending entire paychecks on more lottery tickets.
    • Presenting Buddy Ficus

      Monroe decides he wants to be a stand up comedian and invites Mrs. Stinson and the Rushes to his debut performance. However, they are put in a difficult situation when he bombs on stage but doesn't realize it.

    • Acropolis Now
      Acropolis Now
      Episode 20
      Iris pays a visit to announce that she is going to marry a Greek man named Alex who she met on a cruise two weeks ago, and that she has invited Alex and his son over to meet them. Henry has grave reservations about Alex's intentions, without realizing Alex's son has the same suspicions about Iris.moreless
    • Believing is Seeing
      Mrs. Stinson is diagnosed with cataracts and suddenly decides to retire and travel the world. Henry is thrilled to be put in sole charge of the newspaper, but has second thoughts when he finally learns the reason for her decision.
    • Herb Kisses, Henry Tells
      Muriel sees Henry's friend Herb at a restaurant with a woman other than his wife. Herb confides the truth in Henry during a dinner party, but Henry creates a big mess for himself when he inadvertently blurts out the name of the other woman during a toast to the couple.
    • Rock Around Henry
      Rock Around Henry
      Episode 17

      Everyone but Henry is upset that the city council has decided to cancel Rock n Roll Night at the upcoming music festival. Monroe thinks he can convince Henry to write a critical editorial of the decision by introducing him to a couple of touring British rockers who were scheduled to perform, without realizing Henry has already had an unpleasant run-in with them.

    • Family Feud
      Family Feud
      Episode 16

      Muriel is infuriated when Henry passes over her photograph for the front page in favor of a photograph taken by the eight year old daughter of the newspaper's biggest advertiser. In retaliation, she decides to resign from her job as the paper's photographer, forcing Henry to use Monroe as a replacement.

    • Cyrano Henry
      Cyrano Henry
      Episode 15

      Henry helps Mr. Forester, an elderly man who occasionally provides Henry with neighborhood gossip, compose a personal ad to find a female companion. Mr. Forester convinces Henry to write romantic correspondence to a respondent on his behalf, only to become irate at Henry when he interprets a response from her as a marriage proposal.

    • Monroe's Critical Condition

      Henry assigns Monroe to be the entertainment critic for the newspaper, and he receives a threatening phone call after writing a scathing review of a lounge singer. Monroe is consumed with fear as the calls continue to matter where he goes, but he becomes determined not to give in to the intimidation.

    • Ya Gotta Have Heart
      Mrs. Stinson hires her niece Jennifer as an intern, and immediately begins taking her advice over Henry's. He becomes convinced that she is being groomed to replace him, and is faced with a difficult decision when Jennifer wants him to publish her sub-standard front page story.
    • Muriel's Fish Story
      While attending the very first exhibition of her photography, Muriel is offered the opportunity to be the official photographer for a French oceanographer's upcoming five week expedition. Although she has doubts about accepting the offer, she sees the situation differently when Henry presumes what her decision will be.
    • Late, Great Herbert Maxwell
      A local civic leader dies unexpectedly, and Mrs. Stinson tasks Henry with writing a front page story in tribute to him. When he finds a discrepancy in the police report, he and Monroe become determined to find out the true circumstances of the man's death.
    • Henry Gets Taken for a Ride
      Henry agrees to loan Lisa money to buy a used car, on the stipulation that he gets to have final say on which one she chooses. However, this gesture blows up in his face when the car he buys from an elderly woman turns out to be stolen.
    • Henry's Novel Solution
      Henry is excited to discover his favorite novelist subscribes to his newspaper, and eagerly accepts his offer to write an article during a dinner date. However, Henry finds himself conflicted when he discovers the man does all of his writing while he's drunk.
    • Educating Lisa
      Educating Lisa
      Episode 8
      Lisa decides to attend a night class to prepare for her citizenship test, but she suddenly wants to quit, claiming she doesn't like the teacher. Henry prods her to continue the class, but he and Muriel are shocked when Lisa finally admits the teacher is sexually harassing her.
    • Bedtime for Henry
      Henry decides to spend his entire day off relaxing in bed, with strict instructions to Muriel not be disturbed. The odd circumstances cause Lisa, Monroe, and Mrs. Stinson to become concerned about his health, which threatens to ruin his peace and quiet.
    • Garfield the Cat Joins the Marin Bugler
      Henry secures rights to run the Garfield comic strip in the newspaper while at a convention and tasks Monroe with a major role in the promotional effort. However, when he informs Mrs. Stinson of the big news upon her return from a vacation, he is shocked by her response.
    • Miss Marin Bugler
      Henry sponsors a beauty contest to increase circulation of his newspaper, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Stinson. Her misgivings prove to have merit when a man attempts to blackmail Henry with underage nude photographs of the winner.
    • Ho-Ho Ho Chi Henry
      Henry decides to do a human interest story about the proprietors of a new Vietnamese restaurant and their difficult trip to America. However, he is stunned when the story results in several readers attempting to force the proprietors to close down and leave.
    • Four is a Crowd
      Four is a Crowd
      Episode 3
      Henry's friend Herb buys a house in the area, and the Rushes graciously allow him and his wife to spend a few days with them while an escrow problem is cleared up. However, their houseguests quickly wear out their welcome.
    • Front Page Monroe
      While Monroe is alone at the newspaper office, a dock worker storms in wanting to blow the whistle on his employer for dumping chemicals into the Bay. Monroe sees it as his chance to make a name for himself, but has a difficult decision to make when the newspaper is sued and the district attorney demands he name his source for the story.moreless
    • Henry's Change of Life

      Henry and Muriel have sold their San Francisco apartment building and purchase a home about twelve miles north in the city of Mill Valley, which is located in Marin County, and hire a full time housekeeper named Lisa Flores. Henry purchases a 49% stake in the Marin Bugler weekly newspaper and becomes its editor and publisher, but soon finds himself wanting to back out of the deal after meeting the paper's widowed majority owner, Hope Stinson.

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