Too Close for Comfort - Season 3

ABC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Family Business
    Family Business
    Episode 22
    After Iris is mugged in the garage of her condominium complex, Henry agrees to go along with Muriel's and Iris' plan to sell the condo and use the proceeds to add a third floor to the Rushes' apartment building. Unfortunately, they select a remodeling company that is going through a personnel transition.moreless
  • Don't Rock the Boat
    Don't Rock the Boat
    Episode 21
    Henry and Muriel travel to the Oxnard marina to visit his old Navy buddy Arthur, who is finally getting remarried after losing his wife 17 years ago. Henry convinces Arthur to cancel the wedding when he discovers Arthur's bride-to-be is only 26 years old, but he has a hard time breaking the news to her.moreless
  • A Portrait of Henry
    A Portrait of Henry
    Episode 20
    Henry receives a mediocre portrait of himself from a friend, and insists on hanging it over the dining room table. It becomes a reflection of his conscience when his overreaction to Monroe's latest screw up results in Monroe sustaining serious injuries.
  • Out to Lunch
    Out to Lunch
    Episode 19
    Just when the Rushes' financial situation seems bleak, Muriel is offered a two-day photo shoot for a beer company. Henry's task of taking care of Andrew hits a snag when Monroe causes him to waste both bottles of Muriel's breast milk, forcing Henry to interrupt her and jeopardize her job.
  • The Adoption Story
    The Adoption Story
    Episode 18
    Iris buys two plane tickets to Paris for Muriel's 43rd birthday without realizing that Muriel will discover she's adopted when she applies for a passport. Henry convinces Iris to finally tell Muriel the truth, and Muriel decides to hire a private investigator to find her real parents.
  • The Courier
    The Courier
    Episode 17
    Henry reluctantly allows a flirtatious substitute courier named Bambi to take a cold shower when she arrives for a pickup extremely hung over. This proves to be an error in judgment when Bambi falls asleep in his bed wearing nothing but his robe just as Muriel arrives home.
  • Girls of the Media
    Girls of the Media
    Episode 16
    Jackie achieves her own fashion line at Balaban's, and Henry's reaction convinces Sara that he treats the two of them unequally. Sara attempts to prove her point by agreeing to do a career-oriented interview and bikini pictorial for an adult magazine, but the plan backfires when the magazine superimposes her face on a naked body.moreless
  • The Separation
    The Separation
    Episode 15
    Jackie and her fiancé Brad separate after Brad demands that she become a housewife. Her parents and grandmother try to help her by each recounting their own versions of a similar situation that occurred while Henry and Muriel were dating.
  • To Buy or Not to Buy
    Sara lets two men posing as furniture refinishers into her parents' apartment who proceed to rob them of all of their valuables. Henry becomes determined to buy a shotgun despite Muriel's objections, leading to a huge fight. Meanwhile, the girls hire Monroe to fix their refrigerator.
  • Briefly at the Counter
    Iris falls in love with a man she meets at a soup shop who claims to be an investment banker, and he invites Henry and Muriel to join them for dinner at an expensive restaurant. When Muriel discovers a dark secret about the man, she and Henry must to come up with a strategy on how to handle the situation.moreless
  • The Yearning Point
    The Yearning Point
    Episode 12
    Muriel is visited by Karen Day, her former singing partner from 26 years ago who has since become rich and famous. Henry becomes increasingly uncomfortable as he wonders if he prevented Muriel from becoming famous too, but Muriel discovers that wealth and fame aren't necessarily the keys to happiness.
  • Mr. Christmas
    Mr. Christmas
    Episode 11
    The Rushes are forced to cancel their plans to spend Christmas at Mammoth Mountain when Andrew comes down with a fever. Henry's day gets even worse when he allows Monroe to help him decorate the tree, and Jackie invites a mysterious man dressed as Santa to spend the day with them.moreless
  • Pressure's Rising
    Pressure's Rising
    Episode 10
    The Rushes are shocked when a good family friend dies of a heart attack in the prime of his life and leaves his family penniless. Muriel pressures Henry to buy more life insurance, but he regrettably takes Monroe along to his physical.
  • A Thanksgiving Tale
    Iris admits to Muriel that she gets depressed around the holidays because she thinks about her deceased husband. The whole family panics Thanksgiving morning when they hear a news report about a woman matching Iris' description who has jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Monroe's Secret Love's Secret
    Monroe falls in love with a coworker of Jackie's named Pat who refuses to go out with him, and Henry's advice causes him to turn into a stalker. Henry is compelled to straighten things out, but finds himself facing a much bigger problem when he discovers Pat is actually a cross-dressing man.moreless
  • Who Was That Baby I Saw You With?
    In an attempt to bring in extra income to buy a new couch for the girls' apartment, Muriel starts a baby photography business in the apartment using Henry and his Cosmic Cow puppet as a prop. She regrettably puts Monroe in charge of scheduling, which results in a tense situation when Andrew is mistaken for another baby and taken by one of their customers.moreless
  • Do You Take This Woman Again?
    Henry and Muriel decide to renew their wedding vows on their 26th anniversary, and allow their daughters to plan a simple ceremony for fifteen guests in the apartment. When Monroe becomes involved and schedules a $3,200 extravaganza for 65 people, Henry and Muriel reconsider their options.
  • The Luck of the Iris
    Andrew accidentally becomes exposed to the chicken pox, which Henry has never had. After exhausting all other options, Henry is forced to move in with Iris, and proceeds to interfere with her social life.
  • A Snip in Time
    A Snip in Time
    Episode 4
    Henry becomes increasingly frustrated as he tries to understand why he hasn't been interested in making love to Muriel in the two months since Andrew was born. He takes a friend's advice and gets a vasectomy, but quickly finds out it doesn't solve all of his problems.
  • Guess Who's Coming Forever?
    Muriel's mother Iris pays an unexpected visit, and she agrees to call a truce with Henry for the sake of the new baby. The peace is short lived, however, when Iris encourages Sara to accept a job as a weekend evening weather anchor despite Henry's objection, causing Henry to move in with Monroe in protest.moreless
  • Break Out the Pampers (2)
    Muriel and Monroe make it safely to the hospital, and are soon joined by Henry and the girls. Not being in a proper state of mind, Henry tasks Monroe with calling Mr. Wainwright, which results in him getting fired just as Muriel begins delivery.
  • Break Out the Pampers (1)
    Henry and his daughters verge on total emotional and physical exhaustion after Muriel experiences one false labor after another. Henry is later called away to meet with Mr. Wainwright, leaving Muriel alone with Monroe, who has just purchased a motorcycle to replace his totaled car.
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