Too Close for Comfort - Season 4

ABC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Henry Bites the Big Apple
    Henry is offered an executive position at a rival comic publisher for double his salary. He lets his enthusiasm get the best of him, however, when he tells off the new editor of Wainwright Publishing before asking where his new job will be located.
  • Cinderella Update
    Cinderella Update
    Episode 22
    After a terrible experience at a single's bar, Jackie considers changing her life by moving to Dallas. However, the change she was looking for unexpectedly comes to her when Sara's date arrives early at the apartment.
  • Divorce Chicago Style
    Muriel becomes depressed after a visit from her friend Sylvia, who has recently gotten remarried and is having the time of her life. She decides to resume her photography career, but she feels uneasy when her employer asks her to travel out of town alone with him.
  • The Return of Mr. Wonderful
    Iris unexpectedly returns to San Francisco to be wined and dined by the shady character she had been dating during her previous stay, and her loved ones once again fear what his motivation is. Meanwhile, Sara gets a credit card.
  • The Sound of Mother
    The Sound of Mother
    Episode 19
    Henry and girls invite Muriel's biological mother, who is stopping in San Francisco before sailing to the Orient, over for dinner behind Muriel's back. While Muriel plans to use the opportunity to tell the woman off, she has a change of plans when the woman turns out to be a nun.moreless
  • The Missing Fink
    The Missing Fink
    Episode 18
    While on a photo shoot at a new art exhibit, Muriel accidentally photographs a man who was about to testify against the mob, and has her camera is confiscated by two government agents. However, she is ordered not to tell anyone the circumstances of what happened, which causes Henry to conclude she is having an affair.moreless
  • Quick on the Draw
    Quick on the Draw
    Episode 17
    Henry breaks his arm when Monroe falls off a ladder and lands on top of him. His nightmare becomes worse when Mr. Wainwright assigns a young and obnoxious artist to assist him, who turns out to have the talent to back up his ego.
  • Hawaii Five-8
    Hawaii Five-8
    Episode 16
    Iris treats Jackie and Sara to a ten day trip to Hawaii, which Henry considers a wonderful gesture. However, his mood quickly changes when Jackie returns and announces she is engaged to a native Hawaiian surfing instructor.
  • No Patsy, This Kelly
    While Henry frets over the possible expiration of his employment contract, he allows Monroe to have a colleague named Kelly spend the night because they have a security guard training class together the next day. However, Monroe fails to specify that Kelly is a Doberman Pinscher.
  • Goodbye, Mr. Chip
    Goodbye, Mr. Chip
    Episode 14
    Monroe uses a loaned computer to pick stocks and horse races, which pays off immediately for him and the Rush girls, but makes Henry extremely upset. However, Henry has a change of heart when the computer picks a horse with 30:1 odds.
  • The Graduates
    The Graduates
    Episode 13
    Monroe becomes depressed when both of his job interviews that Jackie and Sara arranged for him turn into disasters. When he contemplates staying in school to become a nuclear physicist, Henry regrettably talks him into becoming his assistant.
  • The Runaway
    The Runaway
    Episode 12
    Henry reluctantly allows Monroe to have his friend Sam become a temporary roommate to help him with the rent. However, Henry is shocked when Sam turns out to be a runaway girl from Florida.
  • High and Inside
    High and Inside
    Episode 11
    Henry takes it upon himself to schedule Sara to go on a date with a well known baseball player, which she reluctantly agrees to. While the two click almost immediately, Henry demands Sara break off the relationship when he discovers the man is a recovering cocaine addict.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House?
    Henry is excited about the possibility of receiving an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from the University of South Cavena ("The Other USC") if he donates his drawings to the school. However, he is devastated when the selection committee unexpectedly rejects his donation.
  • Shipmates
    Episode 9
    Henry invites his former Navy superior Frank to dinner, only to find out he's been in a gay relationship for the past twenty-five years. When Frank admits that his partner is terminally ill, Henry tells Muriel he has trouble feeling sympathy for them, which disturbs her deeply.
  • Henry Draws a Blank
    Henry fears that he's run out of ideas for his Cosmic Cow comic strip, but he finds unexpected inspiration in the form of a drop-in visit from Mildred Rafkin. However, he soon regrets cutting her visit short.
  • Witness for the Persecution
    Henry witnesses an armed robbery and is the only person who can identify the suspect. He fears for his family's safety when the suspect is bailed out after threatening to have him killed.
  • Son of the Groom
    Son of the Groom
    Episode 6
    Henry is appalled when his 78-year-old father Huey comes for a visit and announces he's going to be marrying a woman half his age. Henry pleads with his father to reconsider, but the argument takes on a different tone when Huey announces his fiancé is pregnant.
  • High Infidelity
    High Infidelity
    Episode 5
    Monroe's father comes to San Francisco on business, and the Rushes invite him to dinner. Monroe's joy quickly turns to devastation, however, when he later goes to his father's hotel room to return his wallet only to discover him having an affair.
  • Home Is Where the Bart Is
    The Rushes are shocked when the city proposes to demolish their entire neighborhood to build a new BART subway station. Henry is conflicted when Monroe informs him that he could have his house declared an historical landmark because it used to be a famous brothel that was visited by a former president.moreless
  • Just Another Pretty Face
    Sara is given the opportunity to audition to become a news anchor at her station, and feels she is a shoe-in if she wears the right outfit, despite the fact Jackie exposes her total lack of preparedness for the job. Henry tries to reign in her expectations after he meets the woman she will be competing with, who is very experienced but not photogenic.moreless
  • Making Mountains Out of Molehills
    Jackie is depressed that she hasn't been on a date since she broke up with Brad, while Sara seems to be dating a different guy every night. She thinks the solution to her problem is to get breast implants, which her parents and Sara try to talk her out of.
  • The Enemy Above
    The Enemy Above
    Episode 1
    The third floor addition to the Rush apartment is complete, but Henry has conflicting emotions when Iris is suddenly offered the opportunity become a partner in a Chicago travel agency. Meanwhile, Monroe is forced to find a new living arrangement when his apartment building is demolished.