Too Close for Comfort - Season 5

ABC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Freddie Loves it, We Love It, You're Cancelled
    Henry is elated when Mr. Wainwright announces that his Cosmic Cow comic strip is going to be turned into a Saturday morning cartoon series. However, when the network decides to make major changes that could earn Henry a lot more money, his family fears he's setting himself up for disappointment.
  • Henry Enters the '80's
    Sara hits it off with an ad agency partner named Bob who Muriel set her up with on a blind date, and invites him to a special dinner in her apartment for their seventh date. Overprotective Henry decides to invite himself and Muriel as guests, and his worst fears are confirmed when the couple announces plans to move in together.moreless
  • Ars Gratia Iris
    Ars Gratia Iris
    Episode 19
    Iris is put in charge of a committee to select a new logo for her travel agency association, and Muriel inadvertently encourages Henry to create a submission after Iris makes a demeaning comment about his abilities behind his back. Muriel regrets not trying to dampen Henry's enthusiasm when Iris adamantly refuses to submit Henry's logo regardless of its quality.moreless
  • Arrivederci, Jackie
    Arrivederci, Jackie
    Episode 18
    Jackie gets a job offer from a designer in Milan, but tells her father that she is only going to Italy on vacation. She decides to invite her future boss to dinner so he can break the news to Henry, but her plan backfires when Henry mistakenly concludes the man wants to marry her, and throws him out of the apartment.moreless
  • Accused, Confused and Abused
    Monroe brings home a teenage shoplifter named Alan after convincing his store to drop the charges because of the young man's harsh upbringing. Alan immediately hits it off with the Rushes after demonstrating his guitar skills, but Henry's initial suspicions seem to be confirmed when he disappears with Monroe's guitar.
  • Off and Running
    Off and Running
    Episode 16
    Muriel volunteers to be a campaign photographer for a candidate running for state legislature, and Henry decides to have Cosmic Cow endorse her through a series of playful photographs that end up on the front page of the newspaper. However, he is faced with an ultimatum when Mr. Wainwright informs him he has a pending business partnership with the corrupt incumbent.moreless
  • No Deposit, No Return
    While Henry is cleaning out the Rush home, Monroe discovers library books that Henry had checked out five years ago. Henry is determined to avoid paying the enormous fine at all costs, but disposing of the books proves to be much easier said than done.
  • The British are Coming, The British are Coming

    Henry is visited by his woman-chasing British friend Ernie, who he met while in the Navy and hasn't seen in 25 years. Muriel sets him up with her recently widowed friend Helen and they hit it off immediately, but Ernie fails to mention that he didn't make the trip alone.

  • Terms of Endangerment
    Monroe begins dating a woman named Linda, but the Rushes are shocked to discover she is twice Monroe's age. Henry becomes convinced that Linda is married, but he and Muriel soon learn the truth is much more complicated and possibly putting Monroe in a dangerous situation.
  • These Stupid Things Remind Me of You
    While Monroe is away taking care of his ill father, Henry has been feeling depressed. He insists it has nothing to do with Monroe's absence, but his family tries to convince him otherwise through the use of flashbacks.
  • Finders Keepers
    Finders Keepers
    Episode 11
    Henry and Monroe find a bag containing $110,000 of cash under Henry's car while at the mall. However, a tense situation quickly develops when they can't agree on what should be done with it.
  • For Every Man, There's Two Women
    While preparing to leave his security guard job at the mall, Monroe is blindfolded and kidnapped by two large women who then forcibly have their way with him for the entire night. Given the highly unusual nature of the crime, Henry regrettably decides to help Monroe track down his assailants before filing charges.moreless
  • No Mas, Monroe
    No Mas, Monroe
    Episode 9
    Muriel hires a housekeeper named Evon who is on a temporary visa from war-torn Central America and immediately begins a relationship with Monroe. When Monroe announces they are going to get married shortly after her visa expires, Henry fears they may be making a mistake.
  • The Two Faces of Muriel
    Muriel accepts a job offer to do a two week photo shoot in Palm Springs for a friend who has just had a facelift that makes her look fifteen years younger. Henry is shocked when Muriel returns from the trip with her face wrapped up and proclaiming she's just had a facelift of her own.moreless
  • Reconcilable Differences
    Henry and Muriel regrettably decide to forego an evening of romance in order to help Herb and his wife Marsha with their marriage problems. The next day, Muriel comes up with a plan to use that disastrous experience to trick Herb and Marsha into seeking professional help.
  • And Baby Makes Two
    And Baby Makes Two
    Episode 6
    Henry is thrilled that Jackie has begun dating Bill St. George again, and can't keep himself from strongly suggesting the couple consider marriage. However, his forcefulness backfires when Jackie announces that she's decided to have a baby with Bill out of wedlock.
  • Devereaux & Son
    Devereaux & Son
    Episode 5
    While Iris is visiting the Rushes, her scheming former boyfriend Paul shows up and asks her and the Rushes to pose as his wife and family in an attempt to convince his long lost son that he has a stable home life. However, when the man proposes a business venture, Paul soon finds out they both have a lot in common.moreless
  • All in a Day's Unemployment
    Henry is outraged to learn that Monroe took home no pay on his last paycheck due to his employer's frivolous payroll deductions, and convinces him to demand a raise so he can pay the rent. However, the advice backfires when Monroe gets fired, and he becomes a nuisance around the apartment as he makes more money collecting unemployment.moreless
  • My Son, the PhD
    My Son, the PhD
    Episode 3
    Henry and Muriel become excited about the possibility that their son could be a genius when they discover Andrew can read even though he hasn't turned three years old yet. Henry is eager to enroll him in a school for gifted children, but Muriel becomes dead set against it when she learns Andrew would have to live at the school.moreless
  • Nearly Departed
    Nearly Departed
    Episode 2
    Upon returning from his father Huey's well attended and upbeat funeral, Henry makes the realization that his own funeral won't be memorable because he only has one close friend, Herb. He decides to ask Herb to deliver his eulogy, which turns out of be a big mistake.
  • Drawing Room
    Drawing Room
    Episode 1
    Henry is becoming increasing frustrated by Andrew's destructive curiosity, which culminates in him ruining one of Henry's unpublished Cosmic Cow drawings. Mr. Wainwright generously offers Henry his own office, but the transition turns out to be much less ideal than he or Muriel envisioned.