Too Cute! Kittens

Saturday 8:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Apr 30, 2011 In Season


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Too Cute! Kittens

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Too Cute! Kittens is the Animal Planet documentary series that follows three separate kitten litters from birth through their first months. Kittens and cats have had a huge resurgence in popularity thanks to the internet, where memes like LOL cats and YouTube videos of cats doing silly and cute things have become popular email-forwarding material. The cell-phone videos aren't always enough for kitty maniacs, and Animal Planet is putting their production skills to work to bring you cute kittens with amazing cinematography and storytelling. We join these kittens from the moment they are born through the first few months of getting to know the world, and heading off to their new lives with their new owners. See the first 8 weeks of these Abyssinians, Bengals, and Persians, as these adorable kittens take on everything from the unsteady first steps to daring pounces and fierce play with the rest of their litter. Tune in to see these kittens come of age in Animal Planet's documentary series Too Cute! Kittens.


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