Too Late With Adam Carolla

Monday 11:30 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Aug 08, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • god awful

    why does anyone find this guy funny. i think he and his good buddy jimmy kimmel are both a couple of idiots. the last i heard this show has been cancelled. as far as i am concerned that is some of the best news i have heard in a long time.
  • Adam Carolla is Funkin Hilarious he has a very dry delivery and they got rid of the audience because they were to stupid to catch a punchline. And As for you uppity opinionated dildos, get a sense of humor.

    Adam Carolla is Funkin Hilarious he has a very dry delivery and they got rid of the audience because they were to stupid to catch a punchline. And As for you uppity opinionated dildos, get a sense of humor. Lifes to short yo get wrapped up in a 30 minute tv show you dont even like.
  • Cleaning lint out of your dryer trap is more fun.

    This show is a fine example of the industry throwing anything that crosses their desk on to your TV. It's called the "if it sticks to the wall principle".
    This show should have never made it to air, much like The Jimmy Show. Don't waste your time. I doubt the audience had to pay to get in, so nobody was severly hurt.
  • Am I supposed to laugh at the "humor" or the fact that the audience isn't laughing?

    This show is the worst comedy that used to be on television. It had no direction. It was just adam complaing about things. If he made a funny joke, he would quickly kill it by overexplaining it to try to squeeze more laughs out. Sometimes he'll make jokes that are funny, but end up so long that the laugh wasn't worth the 5 minutes of explaination.
  • worst show i\'ve ever seen-awkward interviews with second rate guests.

    worst show i\'ve ever seen-awkward interviews with second rate guests. booooo. i d o n o t n e e d t o s a y 5 0 w o r d s a b o u t t h i s s t u p i d s h o w.
  • Too Late = Too Much

    Adam Carolla was great on the Man Show....but on a late night talk show? A man with absolutely no interviewing skills to make things even remotely interesting, he fails at all attempts to be funny. I\'ve watched it about....5 times? Only because I\'m a loyal viewer of the Daily Show, and now the Colbert Report, this falling in the same hour of either of them is just a shame. If you want something to fall asleep to, tune into Comedy Central at midnight EST weeknights.
  • Adam Carolla acquires a new show to vent what angers him. He takes phone calls and usually answers people's questions with a rant. Also, he has segments that convey his creative comedy writing. If you dont't like it, you are probably one of the idiots t

    What a great show! Adam Carolla nevers ceases to amaze me. This show is more Man Show-esque than that of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Since the show is not on one of the "Big 3" (like Jimmy's show), Adam can still talk about the things that made The Man Show and Loveline great shows. Adam's quick wit and animosity towards life's minor annoyances. The segments on the show include the Loveline legend "Germany or Florida?" and multiple new bits that include Adam making up smart-alecky slogans for foreign countries and reviewing TV movies from the late 90's. One recurring segment is called "Adam Explains to 1780's Guy" in which Adam Carolla has the daunting task of explaining modern absurdities such as "Brangelina" and "Steve-O". The bottom line is that this show is one of the funniest late night talk-shows since "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live".
  • Very nice show.

    This show is much like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, this show is interesting and actually worth watching. Adam Carolla is funny and very witty when it comes to jokes and puns. Especially when he had Seth Macfarlane on the show, that made my night, and my day.
  • He is funny sometimes

    I have to admit i said some stuff about adam. About how he is not funny. He has learned well. He is funnier and has better guests. the show is much better now and is one of my favorites. this is a show to see at midnight. But one thing

    Does he have an audence? It doesn't sound like it. but none the less it is worth the staying up late. and it fills the gap between the Colbert Report and Late night with Conan O'Brian.

    SEE THIS show
  • While mildly entertaining at times with interesting guests and funny skits, it can sometimes lose it's charm quickly.

    I've only gotten a chance to catch a few episodes of this mildly entertaining talk show. I've always liked Adam Corolla since his days on The Man Show and all his sex talk show bits on the radio. He's a very funny man and it is very entertaining to listen to his rants. His new show, Too Late With Adam Carolla is actually a step backwards for him, but not by much. The guests are usually quite funny and really help with the show but at times it seems like they're trying to hard.

    My favorite part about the show are the skits they do. I like when they have people call in and ask for advice or maybe a question for either Adam or his guest. This reminds me of the skit they would always do at the end of The Man Show, in which guests had questions. Adam was always good at more or less making fun of the person rather then helping them out. They recently added a new skit called BADvertisement. They play funny or pointless commercials that air on TV while Adam and his guest talk about them.

    Too Late With Adam Carolla is a decent talk show that doesn't really compete with some of the bigger late shows like Conan O'Brien, but it still has it's highlights. Adam Carolla is a funny man and hopefully he can reach higher success with this show.
  • A few things that would make this better.

    Ok, first off, Adam needs a sidekick.

    Give him Spade or something, since Spade's show kinda isn't good. Better yet, give him Norm McDonald.

    Second, Adam needs an audiance again.

    It seems so so so dry without people actually there. Good comedians feed off of laughter, it is their drug, and this just ain't working.

    Third, take more phone calls. I don't care if he takes 1000 phone calls and just hangs up on 3/4ths of them. Interaction is key, ecspecially if they cut out the live audiance.

    There are many ways to make this show better.
  • Adam Carolla hosts this show, with awsome guests and a type of comedy that not every one gets, but the ones who do know it is one of the best shows out there.

    I gave it a 10 out of 10, because there is nothing wronge with it, it is an amazing show. I watch every episode, only an idiot wouldnt. It is the perfect show to be placed after the daily show. Adam, says something funny every 10 seconds, and there is no other show that can touch this...
  • Painful. This show is just PAINFUL.

    It hurts me to watch this show. I'm sitting here trying to watch a show but all i'm getting is some guy making a complete ass out of himself with awkward pauses and an audience that doesnt laugh at anything. I see he also has some show comming soon about building his fathers house. I'm sure that will be just as funny but atleast it wont have the awkward pauses after every joke that fails.
  • Where's the laugh-trak? I've never heard so much silence on a "talk show". Could it be the fact that the audience isn't interested? Or maybe it's just that "un funny".

    Let's find words to replace the word, "Too Late"? How about "Too bad", "Too awful", or "Too boring"? All of the above would fit this talk show. As funny as Adam tries to be, it's almost like you can hear Jimmy Kimmel's voice filling in the dead air when the jokes fail (that's about 95% of the time, for those of you scoring at home).

    Comedy Central would do better to show Reno 911 reruns at this timeslot and save our ears and eyes from that which is "Too Late with Adam Corolla".
  • Unfunny in a way that makes me tired

    I love watching late night television. That's why it's such a pain that there's never anything on late at night. I watch Letterman- more out of habit than anything else these days. I don't always watch Dave, but I'll look in. Later, I'll watch Conan more often than anything else, but again this is by no means a habit.

    The other channels that have talk shows have begun to experiment with them. Have a rotating guest host slot (the awful Jimmy Kimmel) or maybe experiment with brainy high quality talk (The Daily Show). There it is: the yin and yang of late night talk.

    Kimmel needs to light a candle to someone somewhere, since the Adam Carolla show now relieves Kimmel of the burden of being the late hour's worst. Adam Carolla seems to speak as if he's a comedian- or at least a wit- but I've never seen evidence of any of that. It's annoying to see him so unprepared for the taping. The arrogance of this mutt to think that he's funny enough to just wing it night after night is maddening. It's never worked yet, but they refuse to fix this awful insult of a program. He obviously has photos of someone doing something. Blackmail and extortion are the only 2 reasons I can think of that an executive would keep this pile on the schedule.

    Oh, wait! Kidnapping! He could have kidnapped someone dear to the executive in charge of dumping crap onto Comedy Central and that might explain it too. So: blackmail, extortion and kidnapping. Those 3 reasons. Okay.

  • Too Late = Lovelne - Dr. Drew. Have you noticed that the formula for this show is everything that is great about Loveline minus the passionate and level-headed Dr. Drew?

    Have you noticed they took the Loveline radio show, unceremoniously removed Dr. Drew, and called it "Too Late"? I'm a huge fan of the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline, and believe there is no funnier man than Adam Carolla. For example, Adam came up with the idea of crotch-sniffing dogs - This makes the trip to the gynecologist easier. No longer will you have to have a doctor look at you. A dog will sniff you out for STDs!

    So I tuned in to "Too Late" with great anticipation. It is the exact formula that makes Loveline so funny: Adam rants, takes phone calls, and interviews celebrity guests. Strangely, the show comes off a bit forced, like conversation on a first date. It's missing that sane balance of Dr. Drew. The show is still hilarious because now Adam can rant with visual aids, but he still shows the nervousness of a new host. I fear this show isn't going to be a keeper like most shows in that 11:30 time slot (can anyone say Tough Crowd?) so I'll comfort myself with the recordings I've made of the Loveline radio broadcasts.

    UPDATE (9/27/05). After a scant three weeks of episodes Too Late has undergone major network surgery. The moved the show to Midnight and fired the studio audience. Maybe it's because no one was laughing at Adam's jokes, or not laughing hard enough. I predict this show doesn't make it to Thanksgiving 2005.
  • Too Late With Adam Carolla is a bad idea gone good and then horribly, horribly wrong.

    When I first heard about this show, I felt an odd mixture of excitment and disdain. On the one hand, Comedy Central was coming up with a new show to fill in the 11:30 spot in which one of my old favorites had aired. On the other hand, they were giving it to Adam Carolla, not my first pick to give his very own show to do with what he pleases. However, I still had high hopes about the show.

    When I finally saw it I was somewhat surprised. It had turned out better than I had expected. The show is basically Adam talking about what pisses him off. And when he gets on a good rant, it's fun to watch. After his initial rant, he'll take a phone call or two. Why? I have no clue, but the calls are rarely taken seriously, it ever. Mostly he just ends up making fun of the caller, just for the heck of it, and doesn't even respond to their questions. There also a traditional talk show aspect, as he brings out a guest in the later part of the show.

    Unfortunatly, Adam has proved unable to deliver the same calibur show night after night. It seems to me that its has been getting worse and worse since the first week. It's to the point now where it is almost painful to watch at times. I mean you can see that he is trying, and trying so hard. But at the end of the day, he just can't carry a show by himself. Too Late does have it's moments. A few of the sketches are consistently funny and many of his celebrity guests are facsinating and entertaining(How'd of thought a guy like Adam would know "Buzz" Aldrin). And they give us a welcome break from Adam.

    There is some great potential in this show. The host being both a potentially great asset, but at the same time, it's biggest problem. I think he still may have some time to work out the kinks before it is Too Late For Adam Carolla.
  • Adam needs a partner.

    I love Adam Carolla, but he's obviously not used to holding a show on his own. On his previous TV and radio gigs - he had Dr. Drew and Jimmy Kimmel to work with. He almost seems lost during his monologues. The show improves when he has a guest or a caller that he can work off of, but straight comedy is not his thing. (Probably why you don't see any features of his stand up comedy act - if he even has one.)
    So I'm hoping he has at least one more comedy brother out there that he can enlist, because I do enjoy his delivery.
  • Well i watched this show and all it is is unusual comedy with a twist that i still haven\'t found out yet.

    This show is so bad i couldnt believe. There is one person laughing the whole time, i tohught it was very weird. So im warning you that it is horrible. I was watching and adam corola makes weird comments that HE thinks is so funny, but you as the veiwer is like, what the hell? I was just amazed that he even got a show because it only takes up time for comedy central. Im thinking maybe that he is related to some one from comedy central. I dont even want to think of the things he did to get that show.
  • Hard to believe this was part of the team that brought us the original "Man Show."

    " the normal phone calls and Adams usual rants." That's great for a radio show, but this is a TV show. For someone who (along with Jimmy Kimmel) regularly bashed Oprah on "The Man Show," this show is basically rooted in the Oprah talk show mold...with emphasis on the "mold."
  • New show the reminds us who was the less funny half of the man show.

    Now I'm the kind of guy who likes beer jokes and "guy" humor as much as anyone, so thats why I was exited when I first heard that Adam Carolla of the Man Show fame was being given his own talk show. It worked for Jimmy, why not Adam? God was I wrong. From the intro of the show, to the guest interview,Adam shows us why he was the less funny half of the former pair. Repeating the same jokes over and over regardless of what show he's on is not my idea of a good time.Okay, we get it Adam, beer good, Jesus bad, can we move on? Overall, Late Night with Adam Carolla is doomed to be another of comedy centrals summer shows, trying to capitalise on a network where hits are far and few between, and misses the mark completly.
  • Great New Show

    Uh, Well Adam is back on the TV once again. I think there are some pretty rough edges that need to be worked out.. but in the end once people get his style, it will be a hit. If your used to hearing Adam on Loveline, you may find some of his rants very similar on the TV show.
  • a talk show thats is out of the ordinary

    very funny and intereting it the show talks about very odd of the wall topics like explaing what spiners are to a man from the 1700s and why pot should be legal instead of alchol gre reg reg rew er rew er gre reg gre egr egr re egr dfg