Tool Academy - Season 1

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 11, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 3/15/09
    The tools and their girlfriends reunite on stage to face each other and relive fond memories of the good old days back at Tool Academy . Tempers flare, egos clash and old scores are settled along with shocking updates from cast members. Who's broken up? Who's stayed together? Who's gotten a new girl pregnant? Who's got another date with a lie detector? Find out on the Tool Academy Class of 2009 Reunion!moreless
  • Finale
    Episode 8
    Josh, Ashley, Matsuflex and Jenna prepare for their final therapy session. Find out what they're going to discuss!
  • Family Values
    Episode 7
    Parents visit Tool Academy as our three remaining Tools are tested on their "Family Values" with surrogate babies (baby piglets, that is). But one Tool saves his squealing for elimination as he attempts to break back into the academy in protest after his expulsion.
  • Most Romantic Tool
    Most Romantic Tool
    Episode 6
    Only four of the original nine Tools remain, as the boyfriends square off to prove who is the most romantic and deserves to enter Tool Academy's final three. Amid rising tensions, the girlfriends move into a Tool House divided.
  • 2/8/09
    Honesty is the best policy at Tool Academy. Our five remaining Tools strap on lie detectors and answer their girlfriends' most burning questions... leading to an explosive therapy session when one boyfriend can't take the heat. Will the truth set one Tool free? Or just get him eliminated?
  • Husband Material
    Episode 4
    The six remaining Tools struggle to prove they can be stable "husband material" in a "Maturity Challenge." But, in a "Tool Academy" first, therapist Trina begins to suspect the girlfriend as being to blame for one couple's problems.
  • 1/25/09
    Only seven Tools remain -- but just six will pass this week's "Humility Challenge." But an epic meltdown between rival Tools threatens to send one of them packing even before elimination.
  • Fidelity Challenge
    Episode 2
    A hidden camera "fidelity challenge" and the revelation of one Tool's secret "second girlfriend" conspire to shake Tool Academy to its very core -- prompting Tool Academy's first walk out.
  • 1/11/09
    Nine of the world's worst boyfriends think they're competing for the title of "Mr. Awesome" - the search for America's biggest Alpha Male. In fact, they've been secretly enrolled by their girlfriends in "The Tool Academy" -- an institution dedicated to reforming difficult and obnoxious men and turning them into loving, caring boyfriends.moreless