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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Boys of Kansas City
      FRom the "Termite Terrace Trading Post": Toonheads: The Boys From Kansas City "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile" (WB, 1931) - redrawn "Porky and Gabby" (WB, 1936) - computer-colorized "Porky's Hare Hunt" (WB, 1937) - computer-colorized "Bottles" (MGM, 1936) "The Milky Way" (MGM, 1940)
    • Pepe Le Pew
      Pepe Le Pew
      Episode 34
      Episode shows some of the Pepe Le Pew episodes.
    • The Many Moods of Daffy Duck
      The Many Moods of Daffy Duck from the show Toonheads is a collection of animated shorts that follows the adventures of Daffy Duck and his many different, yet hilarious attitudes. Trivia and unique facts about Daffy Duck are scattered throughout the episode providing a fun, but educational experience with Daffy Duck.moreless
    • Tex's "Red"
      Tex's "Red"
      Episode 32
      Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood animations from the 40s are the main focus in this episode. Narrator Leslie Fram gives audiences a brief look into the director's creative process as he formed a risque character out of a fairy tale. Afterwards, Fram screens carton clips from the infamous showgirl personality that intrigued Americans after World War II.moreless
    • The Early Works of Porky Pig
      In this episode, audiences get a rare look at some early black-and-white animations from Looney Tunes, starring the well-known character, Porky Pig. Before Porky changed into a full-color stuttering animation, director Friz Freleng had other ideas for the cartoon personality. The episode gives viewers a brief biography of Freleng and Joe Dougherty, the voice actor who played him, before screening classic cartoons from 30s.moreless
    • Private SNAFU
      Private SNAFU
      Episode 30
      Private SNAFU from the show Toonheads features five short black and white animated films made by Warner Brothers during World War 11. The films were originally used by the armed forces to show servicemen the dangers they face in combat and everyday life. The film, Spies for example tells the story of Private Snafu who under the influence of alcohol discloses military secrets to a shapely woman. All five films feature bumbling American soldier Private Snafu and show amusing caricatures of the enemy.moreless
    • The Captain and the Kids
      Toonheads Season #3 was originally meant to showcase all of the "worst" cartoons ever created in the series. These classic era cartoons included "The Captain and the Kids" in season 3, episode #29. The Captain and the Kids started off as The Katzenjammer Kids, though after World War 2 began national dislike toward anything German caused a need for a name change. This episode was Mama's New Hat where the 'kids' work together to bring Mama a new hat home. Most episodes end with Mama spanking the kids, though she loved the hat so much it ended with her lifting up cartoon halos and kissing each on top of their little heads.moreless
    • Speedy Gonzales
      Speedy Gonzales
      Episode 28
      The mice call for Speedy when they can't get the cheese because of sylvester guarding it.
    • Director Norman McCabe
      Director Norman McCabe from the show Toonheads is an episode that collects the cartoon shorts directed by the director of the same name. Five shorts are included in the episode, these being "Who's Who In The Zoo," "Daffy's Southern Exposure," "The Ducktators," "Gopher Goofy," and "Hop And Go." Several of the shorts focus on the adventures of Daffy Duck (Mel Blanc) while others tell stories about less iconic characters.moreless
    • The Three Faces of Tom & Jerry
      Mouse Trouble: Tom mail-ordered a guide book on how to catch a mouse.

      High Steaks: Tom tries to keep Jerry from getting the barbeque steaks.

      Purr-Chance to Dream: Tom tries to catch Jerry, but the tiniest dog protects Jerry and beats up Tom.
    • The Movie Parodies of Porky & Daffy
      Drip-Along Daffy: Daffy and Porky travel in the Western town to fight against an outlaw named Nasty Canasta.

      Duck Dodgers in the 24-1/2th Century: Daffy as Duck Dodgers have to find Planet X in order to retrieve the shaving cream atom, but he confronts Marvin the Martian. Deduce, You Say: Daffy as Dorlock Homes have to investigate the mystery of the Shropshire Slasher.moreless
    • Gangster Toons
      Gangster Toons
      Episode 24
      Gangster Toons from the show Toonheads features the three short animations called "I'm A Big Shot Now," "Thugs With Dirty Mugs," and "Bunny And Claude - We Rob Carrot Patches." Each of the three comedic short animations star cartoon animals cast in the role of gangsters and criminals. The first two shorts originated from the Merry Melodies series.moreless
    • Before They Were Stars
      Before They Were Stars from the show Toonheads is about the early beginnings of some of the most famous childhood cartoon characters. Toonheads, an anthology of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros cartoons, not only has hilarious animated shorts on specific topics, but trivia and facts about the show as well.
    • Director Arthur Davis
      Director Arthur Davis is a collection of three Warner Bros. shorts from the show Toonheads. The three shorts are "Mouse Menace," "Bowery Bugs," and "Quackodile Tears." Each of these shorts star an iconic Looney Tunes character. "Mouse Menace" features Porky Pig (Mel Blanc), "Bowery Bugs" features Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc), and "Quackodile Tears" features Daffy Duck (Mel Blanc). All three shorts share the same director.moreless
    • Cartoons in the Real World
      Adventures of Popeye: Popeye teaches a child how to stand up against bullies who pick on him.

      You Ought to Be in Pictures: Daffy tricks Porky into leaving WB to pursue a real career in movie features. meanwhile Daffy tries to talk Leon Schlesinger into having him replace Porky.
    • The Great Race
      The Great Race
      Episode 20
      The Great Race from the show Toonheads is a collection of the five cartoon shorts "Tortoise Beats Hare," "Porky's Road Race," "Tortoise Wins By A Hare," "Porky's Naughty Nephew," and "Rabbit Transit." Three of the shorts feature Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc) attempting to beat Cecil Turtle (Mel Blanc) in a footrace while the other two focuses on Porky Pig's (Mel Blanc) racing exploits.moreless
    • Hubie & Bertie
      Hubie & Bertie
      Episode 19
      The Aristo-Cat: A cat's butler leaves him and now the cat must fend on his own and catch mice. The mice he meets are Hubie and Bertie who help the cat try to catch a mouse (which is actually a dog).

      Mouse Wreckers: Hubie & Bertie drive Claude Cat insane and drive him out of the house so the mice can hace a safe place to live.

      Cheese Chasers: Hubie & Bertie are sick of eating cheese and decide to end it all, and try to make Claude Cat eat them. However Claude Cat refuses to eat Hubie & Bertie.moreless
    • Rabbit Season, Duck Season
      Rabbit Season, Duck Season from the show Toonheads is a collection of short animations consisting of "Rabbit Fire," "Rabbit Seasoning," and "Duck, Rabbit, Duck." Each short features a battle of wits as Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc) and Daffy Duck (Mel Blanc) try to manipulate Elmer Fudd (Arthur Q. Bryan) into shooting the other.moreless
    • Ralph Phillips
      Ralph Phillips
      Episode 17
      The legacy of the little boy with a very overactive imagination from the Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes cartoons is highlighted in this episode, which features all of the classic Ralph Phillips cartoons, including his debut in the Academy Award-nominated cartoon "From A to Z-Z-Z-Z." Watch Ralph fly like a bird, battle numbers on a chalkboard and more in these classic cartoons.moreless
    • Cartoon News Reels
      Cartoon News Reels
      Episode 16
      Cartoon News Reels from the show Toonheads features three cartoons dating back to the late 1930's and early 1940's. The program includes a 1944 film named 'Going Home' that was made to warn soldiers and the public about careless talk that can lead to sharing information about military secrets.. Cartoon News Reels is presented by Leslie Fram and Don Kennedy who provide insight into the making of the films and information about the actors and characters.moreless
    • Tish Tash
      Tish Tash
      Episode 15
      This episode is all about Warner Bros. director Franklin "Tish" Tashlin who would later infuse the cornball antics of "Looney Tunes" into the live action movies that he ended up directing.
    • Baby Boom Toons
      Baby Boom Toons
      Episode 14
      Baby Boom Toons from the show Toonheads is a program that is narrated by Leslie Fram and Don Kennedy who present three historical animated films. The films include Stork Naked that tells the story of a stork who tries to deliver an unwanted baby and Baby Bottleneck Babies featuring a drunken stork that delivers babies to the wrong parents. During the program Lesley Fram and Don Kennedy provide factual information about the films and relate them to issues that were present in America when the films were made.moreless
    • Beaky Buzzard
      Beaky Buzzard
      Episode 13
      Bugd Bunny Gets the Boid: Beaky's mother orders him to get a rabbit. Beaky tries to snatch Bugs. Bashful Buzzard: The mother vulture tells her children to get something for dinner. But, Beaky doesn't want to because he's shy, and not as good at hunting like his brothers. Strife with Father: Beaky's adopted parents, two english pigeons, teach Beaky how to catch food.moreless
    • Sufferin' Succotash!
      Sufferin' Succotash! from the show Toonheads is collection of uncut animated cartoons starring black and white cat with a lisp, Sylvester. The cartoons show Sylvester and other characters such as yellow canary Tweedy Pie and Granny, who is often seen chasing the naughty cat with a large broom.. The program is narrated by Leslie Fram and Don Kennedy who provide interesting facts and information about Sylvester's character and history.moreless
    • Night at the Opera
      Night at the Opera
      Episode 11
      This episode focuses on opera music where the ToonHead characters show off their tuneful talents. Bugs Bunny starts the episode as he tries to sing with Elmer Fudd interrupting him every chance he gets. El Kabong becomes a wacky orchestra conductor, and Ranger John Smith tries to arrange an animal opera production in Jellystone Park.moreless
    • The Early Works of Friz Freleng
      Episode shows old works of Friz Freleng.
    • Before Bedrock
      Before Bedrock
      Episode 9
      Before Bedrock from the show Toonheads is a collection of three cartoon shorts called "Daffy Duck And The Dinosaur," "The First Bad Man," and "Wild Wild World." All three of the cartoons take place in pre-historic settings. The first cartoon features the iconic Daffy Duck (Mel Blanc) while the other two served as inspiration for The Flintstones.moreless
    • Tasmanian Devil
      Tasmanian Devil
      Episode 8
      The history of Tazmanian Deviel creaded by Robert McKimson. Devil May Hare: Bugs tries to outwit the hungry Tazmanian Devil. Ducking the Devil: Daffy Duck finds out if you turn in a tazmanian devil to the zoo you will win $5,000. Daffy also learns the devil is attracted to music. Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare: Bugs plays "doctor" with the devil and attepts to perform an opperation on him. TOONHEADS TRIVIA ANSWER: A fan once nicknamed tyhe devil "Taz Boy".moreless
    • The Great Cartoon Controversy
      In 1946 WB and MGM released two cartoons about a pianoist upstaged by a mouse. Both studios accused each other of coppying their idea. Cartoons Shown: Rhapsody Rabbit (WB cartoon) Made in 1946, directed by Friz Freleng Bugs Bunny is a pianoist entertaining an audience, but gets tormented by a mouse. The Cat Concerto (MGM cartoon) Made in 1946, directed by Willim Hanna and Joe Barbara Same plot as "Rhapsody Rabbit" with Tom & Jerry replacing Bugs and the mouse. TOONHEADS TRIVIA: What WB cartoon broke MGM's 4-year award winning streak? ANSWER: Friz Freleng's cartoon, Tweety Pie. Tweety Pie Made in 1947, directed by Friz Freleng. Sylvester (called "Thomas" in this cartoon), attempts to eat a yellow canary named Tweety, but Sylvester's owner disaproves of it and takes Tweety in as a pet.moreless
    • Moon Toons
      Moon Toons
      Episode 6
      Moon Toons from the show Toonheads is a collection of three cartoon shorts named "Little Buck Cheeser," "The Cat That Hated People," and "Haredevil Hare." The cartoon shorts tell the stories of a little mouse who wants to go to the moon, a cat who is dissatisfied with his home, and Bugs Bunny's (Mel Blanc) first encounter with Marvin the Martian (Mel Blanc).moreless
    • The Early Works of Hanna & Barbera
      The Early Works of Hanna & Barbera is the second episode of the 3 season of the popular Cartoon Network series Toonheads. The episode originally aired on November 11, 2001. This episode predominantly featured cartoons from MGM studios, including To Spring, Puss Gets the Boot, Gallopin' Gals, Officer Pooch and The Yankee Doodle Mouse.moreless
    • The Evolution of Elmer Fudd
      A look at how Elmer Fudd evolved from a character called "Egghead".

      Cartoons showed:

      "A-Lad-In-Bagdad" Made in 1938, directed by Cal Howard and Cal Dalton Egghead plays Aladdin, and tries to impress the salton's princess with the magic lamp he got out of a crane game.

      "The Dangerous Dan Mcfoo" Made in 1939, directed by Tex Avery A two dogs battle in a saloon for the heart of a pretty girl dog.

      "Elmer's Candid Camera" Made in 1940, directed by Chuck Jones Elmer goes to film widlife, but a wild rabbit makes it difficult for him.

      "The Hardship of Miles Standish" Made in 1940, directed by Friz Freleng An old man tells his grandson the real story about how Percilla and John Alden (Elmer Fudd) became married.

      "A Wild Hare" Made in 1940, directed by Tex Avery Elmer Fudd is out hunting rabbits and attempts to capture a VERY early Bugs Bunny.

      TOONHEADS TRIVIA: What's the proof that Elmer evolved into Elmer? In "A Feud There Was" (1938), Egghead's name "Elmer Fudd" is written on the motorscooter.

      Who provided the voice of the dog in Dangerous Dan McFoo? Arthur Q. Bryan. Who eventually became the voice of Elmer Fudd.

      "A Wild Hare" launched the careers of both Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, but what else did it start? It was the first time either character uttered their trademark phrase.moreless
    • The Economy According To Sylvester
      Hans, a German immigrant, comes to New York City to meet with his cousin Willie. Hans doesn't understand the American way, such as everyone driving a car and owning a television. Willie then takes Hans to see a professor and they all talked about the Economy, Capitalism, and Competition. While they do so, Sylvester is there chasing mice all over the University. After Hans tells his family about Mass Production, his aunt says that she's suffering from Mass Production - with little mice scurrying around her feet.moreless
    • Gassamer
      Episode 2
      The big, hairy, red monster named Gassamer is the central focus of the Toonheads season 3, episode 2 show. Narrated by Leslie Farm, the cartoons shown on this episode included "Hair-Raising Hair Water," "Every Hare Duck Dodgers," and "Return of the 24ths and a Half Century." Mel Blanc portrayed voices of the various Looney Toons characters in the cartoons shown.moreless
    • The Worst Cartoons Ever Made
      "The Worst Cartoons Ever Made" is a famous episode from the television series "Toonheads." The show originally aired in 2003 on Cartoon Network. Written by George A. Klein, "The Worst Cartoons Ever Made" stars Leslie Fram and Don Kennedy as they narrate the history behind various unsuccessful cartoons and the reason behind their failures.moreless
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