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  • Some great memories and still not on dvd yet.

    Toonheads is a favorite from my childhood and I can't find it on dvd and I wouldn't be happier to have anything else.

    The description on the main page has it all, the show talk about cartoon and where they came from, how they became to be then they'd show cartoons. My only complaint is that it still isn't on the air anymore. Had it returned brand new I'm sure it would be nothing like how it used to be. So I guess I'll have to be thankful for what I got from it. Good old days of CN nothing like today where the channel has no variety in the show it airs and with new shows that just suck.
  • it's great

    who can't not want to watch old cartoons these were the first cartoons and if they didn't exist we might have the show's we have today and toonheads wraps it all up in 30-minutes and I love seeing the old cartoons it's just fun to watch and someone needs to bring it back, it's a great show.
  • A very fun show. Great narration, facts, written well, and of course great pick of classic cartoons.

    This is one of my favorite shows. Where else on T.V can you see a cast of such colourful and enjoyable cartoons? Great cartoons from Warner Bros, Max Fletcher, and MGM. We get to know the directors, writers and storyboards of the cartoons we love so much more. We get to look inside the cartoons and characters them selves. Whoever wrote this show is great at not ruining or "killing things". I enjoy staying up on weekends and watching it at 11:00. I've learned a lot of what may help me with a future career I'm considering...A Film/Animation Historian. Bravo Toonheads.
  • Such a pleasure to watch all different cartoons

    This show was really great. It would pair up different cartoons from the different studios like mgm and warner brothers. It was great to see what themes the show would be. I really loved the franz listz shwo. I loved the bugs bunny one but had never seen the tom and jerry. To see the two shows one after the other was such a huge treat. With this show you are able to learn so much about the making aof the cartoons and what happened back then. It was too bad this was not given a chance. I only learned about it after it ended and was in reruns on boomerang. It is so much fun to watch
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