Toonheads - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Toonheads Special - The Wartime Cartoons
    Four complete WWII-themed cartoons, plus some clips from war-related shorts. "Blitz Wolf": A variation of the Three Little Pigs tale, with the pigs as American soldiers and the Wolf as Adolf Hitler. "Scrap Happy Daffy": Daffy Duck proudly guards the biggest scrap pile in the U.S., but when Hitler finds out, he send the nazi troops to destroy it. "Herr Meets Hare": After making (for the first time) the wrong turn in Albuquerque, Bugs Bunny finds himself in Germany being hunted down by Hermann Goering. "Russian Rhapsody": Hitler flies himself a plane to drop a bomb to Moscow, but the "Gremlins from the Kremlin" are there to sabotage his plan.moreless
  • Toonheads Special - The Lost Cartoons
    [This one-hour documentary-style special featured mostly highlights and lengthy, sometimes edited, extracts from some films that were rarely seen or previously forgotten in public.] CARTOONS SHOWN: "Bosko The Talk-Ink Kid" "Crying For The Carolines" "Lady Play Your Mandolin" "Bugs Bunny's Bond Rally" "Spies" "The Return Of Mr. Hook" "Two Guys From Texas" "My Dream Is Yours" "So Much For So Little" "Orange Blossoms For Violet" "Drafty Isn't It?" Tang Commerical [B&W] with Bugs Bunny and Marvin Martian "Philbert" "The Adventures Of The Road Runner"moreless
  • Ants Life
    Ants Life
    Episode 34
    CARTOONS: The Fighting 69th & 1/2: The red and black ants declared war against each other. The Gay Anties: The ants experience the good times in peace. Ant Pasted: Elmer Fudd wants to celebrate the Fourth of July by lighting and throwing firecrackers at the ant hills for fun. The ants declare war against Elmer Fudd.moreless
  • Cartoon Christmas
    Cartoon Christmas
    Episode 33
    The episode plays some of the Christmas cartoons episodes.
  • Salesman Daffy
    Salesman Daffy
    Episode 32
    Three cartoons in which Daffy Duck tries to prove his multiple talents as a salesman. "Yankee Doodle Daffy": Daffy shows talent scout Porky Pig the numerous artistic talents of a little duck he represents, Sleepy LaGoon. "The Stupor Salesman": Daffy won't stop until he manages to sell something to a thug that has recently robbed a bank. "Fool Coverage": Daffy tries to sell Porky an insurance by showing him all the accidents that can happen at home, but of course accidents often backfire...moreless
  • Rocky & Mugsy
    Rocky & Mugsy
    Episode 31
    Bugs and Thugs: Bugs meets Rocky and Mugsy who just robbed the first national bank. Bugsy and Mugsy: Rocky and Mugsy are hiding out in an abandoned apartment where Bugs lives. Bugs pits the two against each other. The Unmentionables: Bugs as "Elegent Mess" tries to capture Rocky and Mugsy, but he gets chased towards the cereal factory.moreless
  • Hobo Flea
    Hobo Flea
    Episode 30
    Hobo Flea is the 29 episode from season 2 of the entertaining Cartoon Network series Toonheads, this episode originally aired on December 3, 1999. This episode featured flea cartoons such as The Homeless Flea and What Price for Fleadom. This episode also contained one edited cartoon, An Inch in Time, for content deemed inappropriate for small viewers.moreless
  • Turkey Toons
    Turkey Toons
    Episode 29
    "Tom Turkey And His Harmonica Humdingers" (MGM) "Jerky Turkey" (MGM) "Tom Turk & Daffy"
  • Crooner Toons
    Crooner Toons
    Episode 28
    Crooner Toons from the show Toonheads is a collection of film clips taken from uncut cartoons made by great film makers such as Warner Brothers. The program focusses on film clips where cartoon characters take on the persona and voice of well known singers from the 1930's and 1940's such as Frank Sinatra, Nelson Eddy and Bing Crosby. The program is narrated by Leslie Fram and Don Kennedy who provide insight into the characters, actors and the film production.moreless
  • Battle of the Bookworms
    Battle of the Bookworms from the show Toonheads consist of the short animations "The Bookworm," "Sniffles And The Bookworm," and "The Wacky Worm." One of the short animations tell the story of a mouse and his bookworm friend caught in a bookshop where book characters can come alive. The other two short animations tell the story of frustrated crows and ravens and their attempts to catch and eat bookworms.moreless
  • One Toon Wonders
    One Toon Wonders
    Episode 26
    "Ghost Wanted"* "The Crackpot Quail"* "One Froggy Evening"
  • Night of 1000 Elves
    Night of 1000 Elves
    Episode 25
    Night of 1000 Elves is episode 25 of season 2 of the lively Cartoon Networks series Toonheads. The episode originally aired on July 25, 1999. The series featured a variety of cartoons from Hanna-Barbera, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer & Warner Bros. along with trivia and background facts. This episode contained cartoon shorts such as Busy Bakers, Holiday for Shoestrings and The Peachy Cobbler.moreless
  • The Musical Cartoons of Friz Freleng
    "Rhapsody In Rivets" "Lights Fantastic" (one edit = Chinatown residents scene removed) "Rhapsody Rabbit" [dubbed version seen on 11/21/2002]
  • Our Man Sam
    Our Man Sam
    Episode 23
    Hare Trigger: Bugs meets Yosemite Sam who is wanted in the old west. Along Came Daffy: Daffy attempts to sell food to two starving Sam twins, but they want just the duck for dinner. Bugs Bunny Rides Again: Bugs and Sam have a battle. Whoever loses has to leave town. Sam loses and aboards a train and finds out it's "Miami Special", and then Bugs wants to leave town.moreless
  • Director Robert McKimson
    Toonheads' own tribute to brilliant draftsman Robert McKimson. "Daffy Doodles": Policeman Porky is on the tracks of Daffy Duck, who is painting moustaches on everyone's faces. "Easter Yeggs": Bugs Bunny replaces the Easter Bunny, and has to deal with an annoying kid and escape from Elmer who wants him for Easter Rabbit Stew. "Walky Talky Hawky": Henery Hawk is out for chickens, while Foghorn Leghorn is busy harassing Barnyard Dog.moreless
  • Toro! Toro!
    Toro! Toro!
    Episode 21
    Bulldozing the Bull: Popeye reluctantly fights a bull in order to impress Olive Oyl. Bull for Bugs: Bugs takes a wrong turn at alberquerque, and finds himself in the middle of a bullfight. Senor Droopy: Droopy and a wolf bullfight both to win the girl of their dreams.
  • The Nice Mice of Warner Bros.
    The cartoons Tex Avery made, but hate. Soft cute cartoons about mice. Awwww.... "Ain't We Got Fun" "A Sunbonnet Blue" [dubbed version debut on 05/12-14/2000] "The Mice Will Play"
  • The Year Elmer Fudd got Fat
    In 1942, Bob Clampett and Friz Freleng decided to change Elmer's appearence to make him look like the actor who voiced him: Arthur Q. Bryan. Wabbit Twouble made in 1942, directed by Bob Clampett. Elmer goes camping, and Bugs wrecks his vacation. Wacky Wabbit made in 1942, directed by Bob Clampett Elmer is looking for gold. The only gold around is Bugs Bunny's gold tooth. Fresh Hare made in 1942, directed by Friz Freleng Bugs is wanted in Canada, and mountie hunter Elmer Fudd is sent to retrieve him.moreless
  • The Evolution of Tweetie
    The Evolution of Tweety from the show Toonheads is an anthology of three Warner Bros. cartoon shorts called "A Tale of Two Kitties," "Tweety Pie," and "Canary Row." All three cartoon shorts feature Tweety Bird (Mel Blanc) fending off the attacks of would-be predators while making sure that the cats get their just rewards.moreless
  • Fight Night
    Fight Night
    Episode 17
    The ToonHeads get ready for an afternoon of boxing and wrestling in this episode. Jerry the Mouse hires a tough alley cat to wrestle Tom the Cat for some prize money. Bugs Bunny boxes an old rival, and Barney the Bear takes some boxing lessons to learn how to protect himself from bullies.moreless
  • Motor Heads
    Motor Heads
    Episode 16
    Cartoons about human-like cars who feel the need for speed. "Streamlined Greta Green"* "One Cab's Family" (MGM) "Little Johnny Jet" (MGM)
  • Goofy Gophers
    Goofy Gophers
    Episode 15
    CARTOONS: The Goofy Gophers: The gophers outsmart the guard dog at the vegetable garden. I Gopher You: The gophers chase the truck that took their vegetables to the factory. Tea for Two: Daffy digs for gold and he finds two gophers at the excavation site.
  • The Dreams of Bob Clampett
    Three Bob Clampett classics, all with nightmare or futuristic themes. "The Old Grey Hare": Elmer Fudd is sent 50 years to the future to hunt an old version of Bugs Bunny, after he gets him, they recall their first meeting as babies. "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery": Daffy Duck dreams he's the great detective Dick Twacy, and he must retrieve his lost piggy bank from a gang of gangsters. "The Big Snooze": Elmer Fudd quits the WB (ironic since this is Clampett's last short for the WB) and when he falls asleep while fishing, Bugs Bunny haunts him in his dream.moreless
  • Egghead
    Episode 13
    A look at "Egghead" the original version of Elmer Fudd. Cartoons Shown: Daffy Duck and Egghead Made in 1938, directed by Tex Avery. Egghead hunts for ducks and runs into Daffy duck. Count Me Out Made in 1938, directed by Ben Hardaway and Cal Dalton Egghead registers to join a boxing class. A Day at the Zoo Made in 1939, directed by Tex Avery. A narration cartoon taking place in the zoo. Running gag of Egghead annoying the lion and the narrator telling him not to. TOONHEADS TRIVIA: What was the company that sent Egghead the boxing equipment? ANSWER: Acme Company.moreless
  • Shut Eye
    Shut Eye
    Episode 12
    Cartoons can't seem to fall asleep in these shorts. "Good Night Elmer": Elmer Fudd is ready for bedtime, but the candle that lights his room won't dissappear. "Back Alley Oproar": Sylvester's singing won't let Elmer sleep, so he'll try anything to shut the cat. "Daffy Duck Slept Here": Daffy Duck and Porky Pig share a hotel room, but Porky won't be able to sleep because of Daffy's continious interruptions.moreless
  • Movie Star Bugs
    Movie Star Bugs
    Episode 11
    This episode featured a brief look at the history of "Termite Terrace", and a little history on Bugs Bunny. The two cartoons shown with this episode were "A Hare Grows in Mathatten" where Bugs talks about an incident that happened when he was a child, and "What's Up Doc", Bugs tells about how he became the popular rabbit he is today. The Toonheads trivia question was "Who are the 4 celebrities who get snubbed off by Elmer in WHAT'S UP DOC? The 4 are Jack Benny, Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, and Eddie Cantor.moreless
  • Future Shock
    Future Shock
    Episode 10
    Future Shock from the show Toonheads is a collection of short animations based on the common theme of the household of the future. The short animations are "Dog Gone Modern," "House Hunting Mice," and "The House of Tomorrow." Two of the short animations are based on the adventures of their protagonists in the household of the future while the third is a comedic telling of future household conveniences.moreless
  • Hollywood Nights
    Hollywood Nights
    Episode 9
    CARTOONS SHOWN: "The Coo-Coo Nut Grove" "Hollywood Steps Out" (w/A.A.P. logo) "Slick Hare"
  • The Many Faces of Robin Hood
    Robin Hood Makes Good: Three squirrels play Robin Hood, the littlest squirrel ends up playing the bad guy, but doesn't want to. Eventually, he becomes the hero when a fox captures the other two for dinner. Robin Hood Daffy: Daffy tries to prove to Fat Friar (Porky Pig) that he is really Robin Hood. Robin Hoodwinked: Jerry and his cousin Nibbles try to rescue Robin Hood from jail, but Tom is guarding the jailcell.moreless
  • Midnight in the Bookstore
    CARTOONS SHOWN: "Speaking Of The Weather" (w/A.A.P. logo) "You're An Education" (w/A.A.P. logo) "Book Revue"* (as "Book Review") [Note: During the weekend of 03/19-21/1999, "You're An Education" was replaced with a hand-colorized print of "I Like Mountain Music" as the first title played. "Speaking Of The Weather" became the second cartoon to be shown, followed by "Book Revue". New wraparound intros were made for "I Like Mountain Music" and "Speaking Of The Weather", now as a "dubbed version", during the weekend of 10/06-08/2000.]moreless
  • Southern Fried Cartoons

    Southern Fried Rabbit: Bugs tries to get into Yosemite Sam's south territory where there are better carrots.

    Backwoods Bunny: Bugs battles wits with two hillbilly eagles who want Bugs for dinner.

    The Dixie Fryer: Foghorn Leghorn travels south and runs into the same eagels from the previous cartoon, and now they want Foghorn for dinner!moreless
  • The Early Works of Chuck Jones
    A show dedicated to the cartoons Chuck Jones made in his beginnings. "The Night Watchman": Tommy Cat has to replace his father as a store's watchman, but a gang of rats decide to take the store for themselves. "Dog Gone Modern": A couple of dogs visit "The House of Tomorrow", and they will be constantly harassed by the modern inventions, specially an automatic sweeper. Toy Trouble": Sniffles and the Bookworm visit a toy store, which will lead to lots of chases and, as the title implies, trouble.moreless
  • Baseball Cartoons
    Baseball Cartoons
    Episode 4
    Baseball, the American sport. Cartoons eventually fell into the popular gig by playing the game themselves in wacky and outragous ways. CARTOONS SHOWN: "Gone Batty" "Batty Baseball" (MGM)-directed by Tex Avery "Baseball Bugs"-directed by Friz Freleng
  • Emily the Chicken
    Emily the Chicken
    Episode 3
    A look at a hen character named "Emily" who wanted to become a star and often fell head-over heels for many male stars, while the rooster who actually loved her often had to get her out of trouble. CARTOONS SHOWN: "Let It Be Me" (w/A.A.P. logo) "A Star Is Hatched" (w/A.A.P. logo) "Strangled Eggs"moreless
  • Travelogue Cartoons
    "Detouring America": A tour of the country of the United States filled with hilarious sight gags, starring the "Human Fly", an acrobat that tries to scale the Umpire State. "Crazy Cruise": We take a cruise around the world and stop on various places, each one with a joke to laugh at. "Fresh Fish": Another tour, this time at the bottom of the seas, introducing us to the various forms of aquatic life.moreless
  • The Twelve Missing Hares
    This episode was a 30-minute special featuring clips from 12 Bugs Bunny cartoons that were not shown during Cartoon Network's "June Bugs: 2001", and explaining why they didn't air them. Because they might be considered offensive to certain races, or were Wartime Cartoons. The 12 cartoons were: What's Cokkin' Doc? Hiawatta's Rabbit Hunt Herr Meets Hare Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips Frigid Hare Mississippi Hare A Feather In His Hare Bushy Hare Which is Witch? Horse Hare Bugs Bunny's Bond Rally All This and Rabbit Stewmoreless