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  • Was OK for kids, nobody else though.

    Back in '98 when this show was still alive (it was cancelled the same year), it was a mediocre kids' show on Fox Kids (changed to Fox Box, and then to 4Kids TV). Full of potty-humor and sub-par jokes, it was good for kids with nothing to do on a Saturday morning. It was set up like a sketch show with 5-10 minute shorts, recycling the same charaters over and over again. Characters... characters... let's see if I remember. Some or all of them were a Frankenstein-type monster, a mad scientist, a bratty little girl that screamed and shouted a lot (which I knocked over my TV while trying to punch), I'm pretty sure there was a skeleton, and since my childhood is a cloudy memory, that's all I remember. You might be able to see this show on VHS or DVD, but not on TV, as it was cancelled in December of '98. Only lasted a year.