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Noggin (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Puddle loses his good luck charm before the beanbag toss and believes he has no chance of winning./Toot & Puddle take a trip to NYC and realize the best way to celebrate their friendship is by exploring famous sights together.
    • Episode 1: Walking home late at night, Toot and Puddle explore all of the spooky sights and sounds in and around the Pocket and realize that they all have a harmless and logical explanation. Episode 2: In London, Toot and Puddle help a local friend solve a mystery.
    • Episode 1: The Pocket Players are putting on their annual spring show, but when the star, Lilly, gets laryngitis on opening night, Opal pushes past her own stage fright to save the day. Episode 2: Toot and Puddle go to space camp at Cape Canaveral, Florida to learn about a whole new world of experiences from former astronaut, Commander Betty Bean.moreless
    • Tumble Pandas
      Tumble Pandas
      Episode 19.2
      Toot travels to China and subs for a performer in a group of tumbling pandas.
    • It's Mine
      It's Mine
      Episode 19.1
      Lilly finds a blueberry bush and decides to keep it to herself and spends time guarding it.
    • It's Mine/Tumble Pandas
      When Lilly lays claim to a blueberry bush, she soon realizes that having a special treat isn't much fun if you don't have anyone to share it with.
    • A Painted Pot
      A Painted Pot
      Episode 18.2
      Toot and Puddle visit Tuscany; Toot wants to play soccer while Puddle would rather make pottery.
    • Leap Frog
      Leap Frog
      Episode 18.1
      Lilly becomes nervous about her event in the park games.
    • Leap Frog/A Painted Pot
      There is a long jump competition in Woodcock Pocket.
    • Desmond's First Snow
      Toot's weather forecast gets Opal's hopes up that she can be there for Desmond's first snow!
    • Episode 1: Toot's weather forcast gets Opal's hopes up that she can be there for Desmond's first snow until an unpredictable change in weather means the snow might not come in time. Episode 2: Puddle's resolve gets tested when he and Toot set out to see the sunrise from atop Mt. Haleakala and are faced with unexpected obstacles along the way.moreless
    • Recycle Cycle
      Recycle Cycle
      Episode 16
      Come join our friends Toot and Puddle as they discover a pollution problem.
    • 4/22/09
      Episode 1: When Toot and Puddle discover a pollution problem in Pocket Pond, the whole gang rallies to clean up their neighborhood. Episode 2: Toot and Puddle visit Uncle Bertie in Scotland to attend his latest art show and find how one pig's trash can be another pig's treasure.
    • Episode 1: Puddle and Lilly help Otto overcome his fear of the dark. Episode 2: When Puddle wins a trip to Brussels to cook up his delicious waffle recipe at a cooking school, he learns that making mistakes can often lead to yummy surprises.
    • Episode 1: Opal has a hard time saying goodbye and letting go when her friend, a monarch butterfly, leaves for the yearly migration. Episode 2: Toot and Puddle travel to Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and help their friend Arara, a blue and yellow macaw, find a float idea for the Samba Parade.moreless
    • The Scarecrow / Which Ways Which
      Toot heads to London, while Puddle and Opal prepare for a costume party.
    • Episode 1: While Toot is away on a trip, Opal and Puddle learn to ask permission before using something that doesn't belong to them. Episode 2: In Holland, Toot and Puddle have trouble fulfilling a promise when they can't find a blooming tulip field to take a picture of for their favorite parrot friend at home.moreless
    • Episode 1: While Toot is away in Mexico, Puddle and Opal learn that planting a vegetable garden requires lots of patience and hard work. Episode 2: Taking a trip to the Belize rainforest, Toot and Puddle discover that if they can't do a better job of listening to each other, they're never going to get where they want to go.moreless
    • Episode 1: Opal learns from a famous Russian ballerina that mastering difficult dance moves requires lots of practice. Episode 2: Toot visits the African Congo and discovers that when you stop and listen, music is all around you every day.
    • Year of the Pig / Robinson Toot
      It's New Years in Woodcock Pocket and the gang is celebrating. All are happy and excited except for Dr. Ha Song, who is now a bit homesick missing his family in China.
    • The Great Cheese Chase / Swing Swift
      Toot & Puddle take in the sights and smells of France while searching for a cheese shop; Puddle's efforts at building a tire swing for cousin Opal are stymied when the swing keeps mysteriously disappearing from the spot where it was hung.
    • Free Falling Friends: Seeing Tulip the parrot flying and zipping through the air, Toot finds himself inspired to take to the sky. He signs up for skydiving lessons and invites Puddle to join him. Puddle feels a bit afraid, but agrees to at least watch. Together, the two learns the ins and outs of skydiving from an instructor who advises them to "flip, flop, fly-- life's a giggle!" Both face a big decision and provide each other with encouragement. Curried Favors: Toot takes flight for India, hoping to see the many great sights that it offers. Forgetting to take things slow, he soon finds himself exhausted by a busy pace of activities and the sweltering summer heat. He discovers that riding by elephant is a fun and relaxing way to travel and makes some new friends in the process.moreless
    • Party Pride / The Race
      When a rainstorm comes to Woodcock Pocket, Toot & Puddle improvise an indoor beach party; Toot & Puddle travel to Spain and meet new friends while preparing for a soapbox derby.