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Top Cat

ABC (ended 1962)


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Top Cat

Show Summary

The misadventures of a smart-aleck, street-wise alley cat name T.C., and his pals Benny, Choo Choo, Fancy, Brain and Spook; who get into many acts of trouble with Officer Charlie Dibble, and always have each other. Watch Top Cat on Boomerang. Like The Flintstones, Top Cat was another situation cartoon created by Hanna-Barbera Theme song lyrics: Top Cat The most effec-tu-al Top Cat Who's intellectual close friends get to call him T. C. Providing it's with dignity Top Cat The indisputable leader of the gang He's the boss He's the VIP He's a championship He's the most tip top - Top Cat Yes he's the chief He's the king, but above everything He's the most tip top - Top Cat!
Allen Jenkins

Allen Jenkins

Officer Charlie Dibble

Paul Frees

Paul Frees

Various Voices

John Stephenson

John Stephenson

Fancy-Fancy/ Fireman/ Sarge/ Boss of the Dock/ Purser/ Captain

Arnold Stang

Arnold Stang

Top 'T.C.' Cat

Marvin Kaplan

Marvin Kaplan

Choo Choo

Leo DeLyon

Leo DeLyon


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  • Top Cat is a funny and feel good cartoon.

    Top Cat is such a wonderful show. I was in high school when I first watched Top Cat. It was currently being played for several hours every Monday for a while in 2001 on Boomerang. I would set my VCR's recorder to record TC in case I did not get home in time from school. I bought the Top Cat DVD when the complete series was released on DVD. My love for TC didn't end there. In 2004 my sister's cats had kittens. I decided that if I got a boy kitten he would be named Top Cat and call him TC for short. As, it turned out I did pick a boy cat because they are not as moody and more sweet than female cats. I'm a female myself so ladies I just want you to know I'm not being sexiest.

    I am currently working on getting the Top Cat episodes for my iPod. So, I can easily take TC with me.moreless
  • Had potential to be great.

    If you have never seen Top Cat and read the summary tell me does it sound interesting?Well it is interesting.Usually it is nice to see a hanna-barbera cartoon once in a while.But Top Cat is different.Let me tell you it is a really good show.But if it stayed on air a couple more years it today a calssic in the league of such classics like The Flintstones,Scooby-doo and Tom And Jerry.But in stead it was put in the league of crud like Here Comes The Hair Bare Bunch and Three Inch Spy.The only thing I have to complain about is the voice of Top Cat.Bottom line:Top cat was good but could have gotten better.moreless
  • A sly alley cat and his gang cause havoic and mischief during their get-rich-quick schemes.

    This was a very good show. I didn't get to see it when it first aired, but I get to see it on Boomerang. Top Cat and his gang are downright funny. My favorite episodes include the one where T.C gets a million dollars (everyone was nice to him until he tore up the check), the one involving the Maha Rajah and the rubies, and the one with the master of disguise criminal. To tell the truth, I'm pretty much into just about all of them. I hear the series is now on DVD. I'm going to try and get it.moreless
  • a decent show

    a decent show it is very good and is funny however i was very dissapointed that this was cancelled with only 30 episodes and after ended it was vanished from my cartoon knowledge until i got boomerang but it is a good show if you like the origianl cartoon network ( i mean the really old) this is a show for you ( even though i like all eras not thta picky) so yeah feiruefhjdyf dfijjeurh durhjr rfrhjj ran out of things to say so im writing jibberish ( except this and this sentence) fjthf fjggv fgijjuh fjfhjtuf ok im donemoreless
  • Top Cat is a cool show about an alley cat who scamms people and annoys Officer Dibble, which is really fun!

    Top Cat was a really cool show. I always liked how Top Cat and the gang were always coming up with new sceems to make money, annoy Officer Dibble or just have fun. I used to enjoy when Top Cat bashed the lids of the trash cans together to call all of the gang for a meeting because they would all have to leave their activities. I was also really weird how Top Cat and Bennie were bestfriends even though they had two completely different personalities. Bennie was funny because he was always hungry. It was odd how Fancy and Spook looked really similar though - except for their colour, obviously! Don't forget Chooch and Brain (who wasn't very clever for having the name Brain).moreless

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