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  • Top Cat is a funny and feel good cartoon.

    Top Cat is such a wonderful show. I was in high school when I first watched Top Cat. It was currently being played for several hours every Monday for a while in 2001 on Boomerang. I would set my VCR's recorder to record TC in case I did not get home in time from school. I bought the Top Cat DVD when the complete series was released on DVD. My love for TC didn't end there. In 2004 my sister's cats had kittens. I decided that if I got a boy kitten he would be named Top Cat and call him TC for short. As, it turned out I did pick a boy cat because they are not as moody and more sweet than female cats. I'm a female myself so ladies I just want you to know I'm not being sexiest.

    I am currently working on getting the Top Cat episodes for my iPod. So, I can easily take TC with me.
  • Had potential to be great.

    If you have never seen Top Cat and read the summary tell me does it sound interesting?Well it is interesting.Usually it is nice to see a hanna-barbera cartoon once in a while.But Top Cat is different.Let me tell you it is a really good show.But if it stayed on air a couple more years it today a calssic in the league of such classics like The Flintstones,Scooby-doo and Tom And Jerry.But in stead it was put in the league of crud like Here Comes The Hair Bare Bunch and Three Inch Spy.The only thing I have to complain about is the voice of Top Cat.Bottom line:Top cat was good but could have gotten better.
  • A sly alley cat and his gang cause havoic and mischief during their get-rich-quick schemes.

    This was a very good show. I didn't get to see it when it first aired, but I get to see it on Boomerang. Top Cat and his gang are downright funny. My favorite episodes include the one where T.C gets a million dollars (everyone was nice to him until he tore up the check), the one involving the Maha Rajah and the rubies, and the one with the master of disguise criminal. To tell the truth, I'm pretty much into just about all of them. I hear the series is now on DVD. I'm going to try and get it.
  • a decent show

    a decent show it is very good and is funny however i was very dissapointed that this was cancelled with only 30 episodes and after ended it was vanished from my cartoon knowledge until i got boomerang but it is a good show if you like the origianl cartoon network ( i mean the really old) this is a show for you ( even though i like all eras not thta picky) so yeah feiruefhjdyf dfijjeurh durhjr rfrhjj ran out of things to say so im writing jibberish ( except this and this sentence) fjthf fjggv fgijjuh fjfhjtuf ok im done
  • Top Cat is a cool show about an alley cat who scamms people and annoys Officer Dibble, which is really fun!

    Top Cat was a really cool show. I always liked how Top Cat and the gang were always coming up with new sceems to make money, annoy Officer Dibble or just have fun. I used to enjoy when Top Cat bashed the lids of the trash cans together to call all of the gang for a meeting because they would all have to leave their activities. I was also really weird how Top Cat and Bennie were bestfriends even though they had two completely different personalities. Bennie was funny because he was always hungry. It was odd how Fancy and Spook looked really similar though - except for their colour, obviously! Don't forget Chooch and Brain (who wasn't very clever for having the name Brain).
  • The misadventures of a smart-aleck, street-wise alley cat named T.C., and his pals Benny, Choo Choo, Fancy, Brain and Spook and their run ins with the ever vigilant Officer Dibble.

    This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I couldn't help but be endlessly amused by Top Cat and his endless schemes to get rich quick and preferably without doing a lick of work.

    The funniest parts of the show was always how they always got the better of the hapless Officer Dibble. The poor guy could never get the better of TC and the Gang.. and in the few times he almost did he lost out because he was such a softy at heart.

    The show was more about situational and plot based comedy rather than slapstick and it involved a lot of dry humour and sarcasm, not to mention the absolute immorality of its leading character.

    In a word its exactly the kind of comedy I like.
  • This show was awsome.

    The show Top Cat was a good show.Top Cat was alweese gambling and breaking laws.So the show got more intresting when he broak laws or when they faked identitys.Oficer Dibbel really hated Top Cat(T.C.)for some resone.Top Cat was more a mature show when itwas made.Top Cat(himself in the show)helped people and set good and bad lesons for youger kids.sometimes oficer dibbel(this I do not get.)helps Top Cat and sometimes is forced (this i do get.)to help Top Cat.The voices of Top Cat where not very good.The show was kinde bad because of his voice.He does sometimes sleep in stores.Another thing bad about the show is some cats talk and some do not(I do not get it.).the show only had therty episodes so it did not run for along time.The show had such good creaters and not the best storys.The show also came on to be amovie(top cat and the beverly hill cats).Top cat the show did not have the best ratings since the voices where bad.With a new voice(I bet)the show would have better ratings.
  • For some reason there\'s one episode missing from the list on this site. It is episode #22 \"The Late T.C.\" where Dibble, after overhearing a conversation between TC and a doctor, thinks TC is about to die and TC takes advantage of that.

    For some reason there\'s one episode missing from the list on this site. I\'ll add it as soon as I\'m allowed to if no one does before. It is episode number 22 \"The Late T.C.\" where Dibble overhears a conversation between TC and a doctor in which the doctor tells TC his ticker will soon stop (where the doctor refers to an old watch, but dibble mistakes it for TC\'s heart) and thinks TC is about to die. TC takes advantage of that when he discovers Dibble\'s misunderstanding. Dibble also finds out of his own misuderstanding later on and, enraged, throws TC into the trash.
  • still loved it.

    One thing about a lot of Hanna Barbara\'s cartoons before 1970, most of all of them had live bands performing the music for the intro and ending credits. I particulary liked that best in this shows and other shows by them. this show was great. The show did get a little predictable after a while. However, the characters always had personality and personality always makes the show best. Only thing that was sort of odd was that that one Sarge was the only one patrolling that neighborhood, always sing the same phone every time. none the less, the show was hilarious and other than the fact of repitition, had great storylines.
  • The original Pimp

    I love Top Cat. I LOVE IT! He was just the coolest mutha on the block and he knew it. T.C. didn\'t take s*** from anybody. You messed with him and he will F*** you up//your

    But anyway...If you want a witty, hilarious and entertaining experience, then check out Top Cat.
  • You'll probably never see anything like this again

    "Top Cat" follows the adventures of six cats, each one different, but together they are a family; a family with no home. They live in the alley, sleeping in trash cans, eating whatever they find. Sounds pretty dramatic, huh?
    Well it gets better and better. The show is a comedy!
    "So what's so funny about six hungry cats that don't have a home?" you'll probably ask.
    And the answer is: "Everything!".
    Top Cat is the leader of the gang, a con artist, always planning a scam or trick that should get them food but usually gets him and the others in trouble with the police, especially with their "friend", Officer Dribble... Dibble.
    It's a little hard to describe the uncanny humor used in this cartoon. It's just something you have to see to understand.
  • This is when animation was great, BRING it BACK !!!

    This is truly a great animated show. I enjoy watching it over and over and over again. I can watch the same episode 2 or 3 times in a row just so I can catch things that I might have missed. I think I have all of the episodes recorded and I watch them whenever there is nothing good on TV. It is always entertaining to me. I will also have my friends and family watch the episodes with me and try and get them hooked. So far everyone has because it is that good of a show. Look for it on the air or come over to my house and watch my DVD's.
  • It was like Seinfeld for Kids.

    Here in México, the name of the characters got a little changed and have now become classic: Don Gato, Benito (my father's name), Cucho, Demostenes, Panza and Susto. Which means: Top Cat, Benedict, Cute, Belly and Spooky.
    A show with plots and subplots much like Seinfeld, much time later, were nothing really happened. It was all about keeping the Status Quo.
  • Feline follies a la Sgt. Bilko

    "Top Cat" was the second animated sitcom intended for a non-child audience, after "The Flintstones." Proof? It initially was broadcast in Prime Time, not then a domain for children.

    Its genesis was an alley cat reinterpretation of "The Phil Silvers Show," a.k.a. Sergeant Bilko, what with a charming, charismatic leader amongst a motley posse of "victimless crime" grifters.

    While the vocal impressions, particularly of T.C. himself were excellent and matched the span of oddballs in the Sgt. Bilko prototype, the limited Hanna Barbera animation did not complement more mature content in a way that modern eyes, spoiled by highest quality fare of limited animation like "The Simpsons," or less limited like "Animaniacs," have come to expect.

    Nonetheless, "Top Cat" should remain in the Top 5 pantheon of Hanna Barbera television efforts, if mainly for the success of its vocal talent.
  • Hillarious!

    Top Cat,(T.C. for short) was a combination of the Honeymooners meets The Little Rascals of "Our Gang"in cartoon form.
    Hysterically funny, this gang of cats are street-smart with a big heart.
    Plot lines were simple,but savvy and followed the lead of Yogi Bear and his constant tormenting of Mr.Ranger.
    T.C. and his cohorts were always trying to out-wit Officer Dibble with laugh-out-loud consequences.
    The theme song is one of my all time favorites,with it's snazzy catch tune.
    Sadly,I think this cartoon wasn't on long enough for a lot of people to recognise it like the Flintstones,or Jetsons.I still think of Top Cat as Hanna-Barbera at it's best.
  • A hilarious sitcom cartoon from Hanna Barbera.

    This is one of my favorite classic shows. Top Cat only lasted a year, but it was absolutely hilarious. Each character has their own unique personality, and the situations they get into are absolutely hilarious. From using Dibble's police phone to selling fake lottery tickets, the scheme always involved getting money without having to work, even if it was illegal, and trying to avoid Officer Dibble.