Top Cat

ABC (ended 1962)


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  • Top Cat is a funny and feel good cartoon.

    Top Cat is such a wonderful show. I was in high school when I first watched Top Cat. It was currently being played for several hours every Monday for a while in 2001 on Boomerang. I would set my VCR's recorder to record TC in case I did not get home in time from school. I bought the Top Cat DVD when the complete series was released on DVD. My love for TC didn't end there. In 2004 my sister's cats had kittens. I decided that if I got a boy kitten he would be named Top Cat and call him TC for short. As, it turned out I did pick a boy cat because they are not as moody and more sweet than female cats. I'm a female myself so ladies I just want you to know I'm not being sexiest.

    I am currently working on getting the Top Cat episodes for my iPod. So, I can easily take TC with me.