Top Chef: Just Desserts

Season 1 Episode 7

Dessert Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2010 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • Elimination Challenge
      The same teams as in the quickfire challenge have to create the ultimate Dessert Shop. Each pastry chef has to create three desserts, where one must be a bread item.
      Winning Team: Whisk Me Away with Morgan, Eric, Danielle
      Winning Desserts:
      Morgan -- Pretzel Stick with Two Mustards; Chocolate Mousse Cake with a Crème Brûlée Center; Fried Lemon Pie and Salted Caramel Ice Cream
      Danielle -- Pistachio Shortcake with Lemon Cream and Strawberries; Coffee Cream Pie with Hazelnut Brittle; Gingerale Float with Raspberry and Tangerine-Lime Sorbet
      Eric -- Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie; Vanilla Malted Cake with Chocolate Mousse; Banana Loaf with Brown Butter and Tangerine Icing
      Prize: $30.000 for the winning team
      Loosing Team: Pastry Playland with Zac, Yigit, Heather H.
      Eliminated: Heather H.

    • Quickfire Challenge
      The pastry chefs are divided into two teams and they have to compete in a mise en place relay race. First they have to form twelve perfect tart shells, second they must pipe eight butter cream roses, third they have to separate and whisk six egg whites to peaks firm enough that the bowl could be held overhead for 10 seconds without the whites falling out, and finally they have jointly to roll out a strudel dough the length of the table without holes in it and then roll it to a perfect strudel.
      Winning Team: (Red Team) Yigit, Zac, Heather H.
      Prize: $3.000 for each member
      Loosing Team: (Black Team) Danielle, Eric, Morgan

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