Top Chef Masters

Season 1 Episode 7

Champions Round Begins

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2009 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • Top Chef Masters Ultimate Fan Challenge:
      Who wrote about an affair with Elvis in her memoirs?
      1. Anita Lo
      2. Cindy Pawlcyn
      3. Gael Greene
      Note: The prize for this contest was $10,000. This contest replaced the fan poll and would run for the next four weeks with no results aired until the final episode. Voters had until August 12, 2009, to cast their votes.

    • Anita was the top Master this week, winning another $10,000 for her charity of choice. Suzanne was the least successful Master, and is out of the competition.

  • Quotes

    • Jay: (droolingly referring to Art's side dish) Those sweet potato fries, umm, I could kill a big bowl of those! Take them away from me, they're dangerous!

    • Gael: (critiquing Art's dish) I was concerned with the egg, which I thought was overcooked.
      Art: (referring to his losing the Mise En Place Relay) I've had issues with eggs, okay? (everyone laughs) I've had so many issues I could lay an egg!

    • Michael: (during the last phase of the relay, beating egg whites) Come on, Art, use that limp wrist to work, brother!
      Art: I'm tellin' you, it's comin'!

    • Art: (attempting to spur on his relay teammate) Michael, you get fried chicken for a lifetime if you get that done fast!

    • Michael: Being back at Top Chef Masters is like your second day at college- you've gotten all your classes, you know who your professors are, you have that kind of thing figured out, so you get a small exhale. And you want to make sure you don't get 'schooled', as they say.

  • Notes

    • The contestants weren't the only ones to sample the chefs' own versions of their signature dishes. The chefs also made a plate for the show's regular judges, in order to allow the critics a sound basis of comparison with the reinvented dishes of the Elimination Challenge.

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