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"Dietary Restrictions" Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

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    [1]Aug 5, 2009
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    Please use this thread for discussion of the episode "Dietary Restrictions."
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    Good episode bout the only surprise was Hubert not doing better but I exptected Anna to go home she looked spent and not able to continue.
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    BURGER TIME!!! I really did expect Hubert to win this part. I have had Roquefort inside of a hamburger and it is divine! The judges loved Michael's burger on roids and, to his surprise, Rick's. It was odd that they did not appreciate the nuances of the three different guacamoles (You had me at guacamole, one judge said). Anita basically had a soup that no one liked.

    The trick - Zooey Deschanel wanted a vegan meal with no soy or gluten. WHAT! The dishes were inventive. Hubert had a refreshing white gazpacho in a tall glass. Anita served eggplant. Zooey swooned over the non gluten quinoa pasta that Michael made, not having pasta in ages. Rick made a homemade corn tamale. Art made strawberries with store bought rice ice cream, which he admited tasted horribly. The almond brittle laced with chocolate may have saved him.

    The judges decided that Anita and Art's dishes were not up to snuff. Art even said he should have made a strawberry sorbet and been done with it. Using prepared ice cream was what put him out of this competition. We will miss you, Art. The semifinals are next!

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