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"Food of the Gods" Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

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    Please use this thread for discussion of the episode "Food of the Gods."
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    Susar well it's a good thing he's the sauce tasting master lol. Good episode liked the 3 chefs naming ingredients in a row good tension and Rick was funny playing the devil. Not surprised by the outcome but man didn't expect Susan to score that low.

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    Quickfire was the tasting test. Not an easy accomplishment and Susar came out on top.

    This week, the Elimination Challenge was Food of the Gods. Each chef chose a knife with a Greek God's name on it. They had to make a dish for that God. Again, Susar was out of the loop, having no idea who Dionysus or Bacchus is, or the meaning of the word bacchanalian (drunken orgy). He made a nice dish of pork loin with Chinese wine.

    Rick had Hades, God of the Underworld and played it to the max. He used all root vegetables, crimson potatoes and encrusted swordfish. Yes, he had the laugh down pat and was truly enjoying himself.

    Jonathan took Poseidon to heart, a bit reckless and messy. The dish of scallops, cooked 15 at a time for a large group with no help? Oh my goodness sake, that is so hard to make perfectly without overcooking them.

    Marcus was very cerebral as Ares. He used an Ethiopian theory of war without smoke, for fear of being discovered in battle. Wow, that is so intellectual. There were a lot of flavors in his cured beef salmon dish.

    Susan, as the last lady, had Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. She has a sandwich dipped into the yolk of an egg. I thought she has lost her mind. Making fresh eggs perfectly for a large crowd? Yikes.


    The final standings in order were Rick, Marcus, Susar, Jonathan and Susan. What did Susan in was her sandwich. Could you really award the Top Chef Masters to someone who makes a sandwich? The answer was no. I was really happy for Rick because he got voted off last season and I do not think he has won a Challenge until now. The judges loved his dish so much, if the swordfish were cooked perfectly, he should put it on his menu.
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