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"Improv" Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

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    Please use this thread for discussion of the episode "Improv."
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    And then there were 3 not surprised Jonathan left his performance has been falling off and I knew eventually it would catch up with him. The challenges were good I usually don't like the improv thing but they did well with it this time around and the qf soup switcharoo was top chef fun as usual.

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    Quickfire Challenge - make a dish from one of the other competitor's cookbook. Everything looked yummy to me. Rick was right, he did need some more broth in his soup. I guess I had to taste it to judge correctly. In order, very closely were Marcus, Susur, Rick and Jonathan.

    The group went to the Groundlings for an improv session. Then, low and behold, there was a board where random words were written down: color, emotion and food. Yikes! That would be the Elimination challenge. Rick led off with red, anger, bacon. His dish had oysters, bacon, pork loin and beer. Judges complained that the pork was undercooked and Rick feared that it would put him out of the competition. Marcus presented violet, pleasure, salmon. It looked wonderful and the judges loved it.

    Susur made a dessert with chocolate, lust, peanut butter. It was to die for. Yes, there was some sexual connotation to the dish, but that made it a lot of fun.

    Jonathan had the most sympathy from everyone with burnt sienna, depression, avocado. There was chicken, French fries and avocado with pink grapefruit. Good but not great.

    Before it even started, I knew Susur and Marcus would be in the finals. It would come down to the two chefs that did not quite have it this week. It was very sad to see Jonathan go home, but he was in the bottom for the last few weeks. I was sorry but not surprised.

    I saw a clip of the finals with the judges at the table. I saw Hubert and Rick Bayless. Wow, two of the finalists from last year.
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