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Lack of Dramatics

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    [1]Aug 12, 2009
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    One of my favorite features on this show is the lack of drama. No, I'm not talking about the drama of completing the challenges. Everyone is professional towards each other. This show lacks the cut throat attitude of any other reality show, including Top Chef. Thus far, none of the chefs have had a negative thing to say about another and no fights have broken out.

    The respect was especially obvious in "Trick in a Box" when each of the chefs chose ingredients that helped their opponent. It was a perfect opportunity for sabotage, but no one took that road. There is another cooking competition that I watched that also left out the interpersonal drama and concentrated solely on the food, but the result was that I didn't get to know the contestants and it was boring. Top Chef Masters is nothing like that.

    In my opinion, the level of professionalism is refreshing and makes this a higher class of reality show that has ever been done.

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    [2]Aug 14, 2009
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    I agree. I often feel like taking the knives away from the chefs on Top Chef because I am afraid there will be bloodshed.

    Top Chef Masters has been a delight. All the skill, none of the animosity. I am sad it will end next week.

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