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"The Lost Supper" Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

How true were the Quickfire scores?

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    Please use this thread for discussion of the episode "The Lost Supper."
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    Good episode Wylie started out bad but came back nicely and he and Graham were funny together. Graham I had never heard of but he put out some beautiful dishes and Elizabeth was no surprise. I've seen her before and she did well and another no surprise Suzanne brought her experiance to play against the younger chefs. I'm starting to really like the show second episode in and it's really distancing itself from Top Chef in a good way. The judges and chef's can hold their own for an hour of tv very enjoyable episode.
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    Master chefs this week were Wylie Dufresne (wd~50 in NYC) working for Autism Speaks, Suzanne Tracht (Jar in LA) working for SOVA Community Food and Resource Program, Graham Elliot Bowles (Graham Elliot Restaurant in Chicago) working for American Heart Assn and Elizabeth Falkner (Orson in SF) working for The Edible Schoolyard.

    The Quickfire Challenge had me laughing hysterically. Make a gift from the chef (a French word that I cannot remember) that is a couple of bites in 30 minutes using food from a vending machine. OMG. There were a couple of Dr. Pepper reductions, since DP has complex flavors. Suzanne got a perfect score, followed by Graham Elizabeth and Wylie. I felt sorry for Wylie. I am not sure he thought his dish out properly nor alloted his time correctly. The one in last place has a real uphill climb.

    For the main competition, the chefs would be like the characters from the TV show LOST. There would be items that would be fresh on a tropical island and there would be canned foods that were marooned on the plane, I suppose. The guest judges? The producers of the show, who are huge Top Chef fans. Another trip to Whole Foods with a list of allowed canned goods from the Dharma Initiative. Ha ha very funny. As last time, the chefs were very cooperative and helpful to one another.

    Apparently, Suzanne and Wylie were both judges before. She stated that the judges were nicer than they were when they judged. Also, Wylie and Graham are good friends. The funniest part was when stuck in the kitchen waiting, Suzanne decided to bake some cookies. For those who do not know, it only takes a few minutes to mix a batch of cookies and about 10 minutes to bake. The order of finish was Elizabeth, Wylie (in a stunning comeback 1/2 point behind second place), Graham and Suzanne. Good for her. There are many community food programs that are in desperate situations right now.

    I sense a pattern here. The winner of the Quickfire with a perfect score ran away with the competition. The finals will be fascinating. Who will join Hebert and Suzanne?

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    I'm really enjoying this new show, but I've noticed the person who wins the Quickfire has won the first two episodes- I'm hoping that trend won't continue and completely remove any mystery as far as who will be going through. It's fun watching the chefs interact and struggle with the same challenges as the regular TC competitors did, but a large part of the fun is also wondering who will make it into the semis. If that's lost I'll still watch, but I certainly won't invest as much interest in rooting for particluar chefs- I'll just wait to see who wins the Quickfire and jump on the bandwagon.
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